Cap'n Imitate

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Captain Frank Imitate
Imitate before realising somebody took a photo of him.
Title Cap'n Imitate
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Copier
Health Good
Level 800
Status Copying somebody
Location Copier Gang
Birth date May 20, 1984 (1984-05-20) (age 35)
Occupation Copying
Employer Copier Guy
Interests Copying
Strengths Copying, knowing everypenguin's names
Weaknesses Jail
Fears Prison
Friends Members of the Copier Gang
Enemies The Moderators
Archetype Copier

Cap'n Imitate is a penguin in Copier Guy's gang the Copier Gang, and is a master at copying other penguins. He is the second co-leader, along with Copier Guy's strudel named "Copier Guy Jr.", and has the power to know the name of any penguin just by looking at them. In less than 1 month, he gained the status of a greater member (and was quickly promoted to Aide-de-Campe and Co-Leader shortly afterwards), and is one of Copier Guy's most prized agents. He is the older brother of his two younger sisters, Emily Imitate and Sally Imitate.


Early Life[edit]

Cap'n Imitate hatched from his egg in May 20, 1984, as the name of Frank Imitate, to Vanessa Imitate and Henry Imitate. Being an only chick at the time, he gained full-time attention from Henry (when he wasn't at work) for a full 8 years, until the day when Vanessa laid two more eggs. When the eggs hatched a day after Frank's birthday and the chicks were named, Henry's attention was soon divided and shared between the two youngest chicks, and Frank. Soon after the time of attention was divided and an attention schedule was shared, eight-year-old Frank was told, by his father, the news that he had two younger sisters (he was happy about this), but had less time to give attention to him. Frank accepted the news, and soon began to get used to the chicks. However, he could never get over the fact that he got less attention that his younger sisters, and soon began a habit of sitting in the corner of his room once his attention time was over. When his parents noticed this strange habit, they began to get concerned but calmed down, as he would be going to his first day of school the next week.

On May 29 of 1992, his first day of school began, and soon became popular among the teachers because he was "clever, with a large memory". However, Frank was sometimes picked on by older penguins because of his nerdiness, but because Frank had a lot of attention and had lots of new friends, he ignored them and often insulted them back. He studied by himself and his friends for a full 7 years, until the day in May 30 1999, when he heard from his parents that his younger siblings were old enough to join him. He soon had to put up with their questions on where the classroom was, and getting tired of having to deal with this all the time (even when they went back home) this he ran away from his igloo, and became the adopted brother of his best friend. He lived like this for a year, when he got bored and returned to his real family. When his parents and siblings saw him again, they were all overjoyed to see him again, and had told him that he was presumed lost. He vowed that he would never run away from his igloo again, until he was old enough to do so.

Later Life[edit]

Nothing special happened, and he soon entered university. He studied for many days, and when his younger sisters Emily and Sally had entered high school, Frank had passed university with an A on most subjects, a B on 3 subjects and a C+ on Science. He was now 21, and was soon employed at a small café near his house. As soon as he got in he was robbed by a passer-by and soon complained to his manager. The manager, who was sleepy and forgot to get his cup of tea, said that he would pay for him a ticket to Francterre for an areoplane laving tomorrow, and would send him a return ticket via airmail. Thinking that his boss knew what he was talking about, he packed his bags and left for Francterre. The next day, when he arrived, his manager had completely forgotten what he had said the other day, and forgot about Frank. Frank, in his hotel, was wondering when the ticket would arrive.

Frank finally realised that his return ticket would never come, and was soon unable to pay for his hotel. He ran out of coins, and lived homeless and penniless on the streets. He then became a robber to survive, and learned himself French, while he soon became a professional at stealing items and met new robber friends. He continued doing this, until he was arrested in early 2015 after being captured by the police while attempting leaving a scene of robbery, via the window. He soon escaped, however, and soon hid in a disguise for some time. He was sure he was forgotten completely in August 2015, and went out of hiding. On the Halloween of October 2015, while planning his next robbery at 1.00 PM, he overheard an innocent Security Peng that he would tell his companion Casterpenguin's bank number. At the very next day, he began taking money from their account to set up his group of robbers. He did this successfully for 5 months, until the day when he got caught in March 2016 by two Security Pengs, and confessed to them that he escaped prison and needed the money to create his own group. He was then sent to prison by two bumbling detectives sent on a mission to try and do their job properly, and once in prison, when the detectives' backs were turned as their closed the cell door, he ran out and escaped from them very easily. He now knew that he could no longer live in Francterre, and after saying goodbye to his companions, he stowed away on a boat to Club Penguin, and left Francterre forever.

Current Life[edit]

He soon arrived in Club Penguin, and one week later he first met Copier Guy. Having a great idea in mind, Copier Guy hired him as his apprentice to set up his new gang - the Copier Gang. Copier Guy nicknamed Frank "Cap'n Imitate", as he decided that he would be the first true member of the gang. For many days, he worked hard for Copier Guy, until in 2017 Copier Guy had enough money to successfully buy an empty shed on the outskirts on the land on the 2nd of May, and still have enough money for payment. After one day, their first member joined - Old Long Sign, followed by his brother Ald Lang Roccian a few days later. Soon, The Subtractor decided to join, and they all set off into action. They copied and annoyed, but on the 13th of May, Cap'n Imitate had an accident with electricity, and was knocked unconscious. He woke up one day later, but with the power to recognise any penguin by just looking at them. Copier Guy, knowing that this would be great for his gang, promoted Imitate from "Member" to "Greater Member", and because of his sterling work of annoying and copying other penguins, a few weeks later he was promoted once again, to "Co-Leader" and "Aide-de-Campe".

He currently has his own lab in the Copier Gang's HQ, and lives in a medium-sized grey igloo with many to-do lists concerning copying and annoying, and has recipes for many potions. He is also the penguin that helped Edudffupniugnep to be created (and to be part of the gang), which he greatly regrets as she annoyingly always speaks backwards, no matter what he can do.


In the Copier Gang, he is the second most-important member. There are rumours that if he is kidnapped (or arrested) and nobody can get him out, the entire group might fall apart. He is Copier Guy's most trusted member, and to him he does a very good job of copying and annoying penguins. The only thing that both Frank Imitate and Copier Guy is not proud of, however, is that Imitate created Edudffupniugnep with his "clever" idea of shooting a dart at a penguin with many different viruses, and Imitate has risked losing his position a few times because of this.


He is a blue-feathered penguin that usually wears a black-and-red striped shirt, and also wears brown penny loafers. From his Francterran days, he also wears a 18th century French-style pirate's hat, and in his Robber Mode he wears a black cape to hide himself. The striped shirt he wears has a hidden pocket to store things in, on copying expeditions. There are rumours that inside his pirate's hat, there is a jewel that protects anybody from poison. Because Cap'n Imitate doesn't let anybody except trusted friends and himself touch his hat and is definitely not willing to cut it in half, nobody can prove it.


  • "Oh welp, you're being copied."
  • This is a rare quote, and is often said in his sarcastic mode.
  • "*plays golden trumpet*"
  • "Hargnnn..."
  • "What do you think, Copier Guy?"
  • "Heh. I could do better."
  • This is usually said in his Snobby Mode.
  • "Mangerons de la margarine!"
  • This is usually said in his French Mode.
  • According to translators, this means "Let's eat margarine!"


Like a few other characters (such as Explorer 767), he has modes. In order of frequency, they are -

  • Snobby Mode - The rarest mode. He acts like an extremely annoying prince, and also acts like a complete show-off. If he is near it, he also runs into his private room in the Copier HQ, and re-dresses himself either like a country gentlepenguin, or as an extremely rich upper-class snob. If he isn't in the HQ, he usually runs back into his igloo and returns 5 minutes later looking like (what he calls) a distant cousin of a prince (e.g. less grand than what he usually looks like). The quote usually said in this mode is "Heh. I could do better.", which usually gives him either side-glances, a look of hate (or embarrassment) and the occasional slap on the cheek. Luckily for Copier Guy and his gang, this only happens once a year.
  • Sarcastic Mode - This is the second most rarest mode. Like what it's named, he acts sarcastic even in the most dangerous and action-packed situations. Whenever he says one of his sarcastic comments, Copier Guy or The Subtractor usually faceflippers with embarrassment. Unlike his Snobby Mode, he doesn't dress up to match his style of acting and talking. The sentence usually said in this mode is "Oh welp, you're being copied.". Thankfully for him, the mode also only happens once a year.
  • French Mode - The third most rarest mode, and this mode usually involves in Imitate speaking and acting like a penguin from Francterre. Believed to the caused by the memories of Francterre (which changed his life) in the back of his mind, he becomes obsessed with both sunflowers and (more strongly) margarine. He almost always begins to ask Copier Guy (or The Subtractor) when they can have margarine or sunflower oil in French, and annoys the puffle out of them. He also only speaks and writes (complete with accent) in French, and whenever everybody is too lazy this causes the gang to use Copier Guy's extremely primitive idea of French to decode it. Otherwise, they have to use their HQ's translator to translate it for them. The sentence said most often in this mode is "Mangerons de la margarine!" (meaning "Let's eat margarine!"), and happens only once every 6 months.
  • Freak Mode - Like Explorer's Phreaker Mode, he says weird stuff that make Imitate sound like a str00del. However, even worse, he mixes Spanish, French and English into a completely nonsensical language, and creates words only he can understand (such as "¡Carpristoop!", reportedly a combination of "¡Caramba!", "Sapristi!" and "Poop!"). He also says things like "JELLYFISH ARE LIKEZ PIFFLES DAT EAT PIZZAZ. DO U AGREE?", which greatly embarrasses The Subtractor. Luckily for the sake of the gang, the mode only appears three times a year.
  • Robber Mode - Believed to be the remains of his first career, in this mode he steals and robs. It usually breaks out in short bursts, and usually consists of stealing items. In this mode, he is also somehow given the power to steal other penguins' theme songs. The longest recorded incident of him in this mode is when he began stealing other penguin's theme songs and used them as if they were his for about an hour, then continuously stole the properties of other penguins for a further 18 hours, had a nap for the rest of the 24 hours and began stealing again until 1.00 PM. Out of 3 helpful modes, this is the rarest and most helpful, as his courage to steal again boosts. However, this happens only 6 times a year.
  • Copy Mode - In this mode, he copies nonstop, as if it was vital and annoys the puffle out of penguins he copies. This is the second most useful mode, and is one of the only modes Copier Guy actually admires very much. This usually happens in bursts of 2 to 4 hours, and the longest recorded incident was when he copied for an entire 24 without any sleep (and obviously had to sleep a lot the next day). This only happens 7 times a year, and is in the middle of being rare and being common.
  • Normal Mode - Apart from 20 days in an entire working year, this is the most common mode and he shows his true self. Whenever he does sterling work to Copier Guy, this is mostly the mode he does it in. When he turns back to Normal Mode after any of the other modes, he usually forgets what happened, and if he is changing from Normal Mode into another mode he slowly forgets what he is usually doing. This mode stays for almost entire year, because of the 20 days of his other modes.


  • Nobody knows why he gets obsessed with margarine in his French mode.
  • Sometimes, he steals famous penguin's theme songs and uses them as his own for a day.
  • Whenever he does this, he puts himself in danger of being arrested, but he somehow escapes from it.
  • When his two sisters joined, he was shocked as he never thought that they would ever join and this raised his OCD.
  • Luckily for him, they quickly quitted.