Captain Antarctica

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Captain Antarctica
Captain Antarctica.png
A Real Antarctican Hero
Title Antarctica's Role Model
Gender Male
Race Born:Adelie Penguin
Faction The Defenders
Health 1000%
Level 500
Status Owning Face
Location Unknown

Captain Antarctica is a patriotic superhero. He lived during the time of Khanzem, and was put in suspended animation in order to save him for Antarctica's next crisis. He is the current leader of the Defenders, after Iron Walrus gave him the title.


During the beginning of Khanzem, Stephen Roggy was given a super-soldier serum. This made him stronger than steel, faster than light, and wittier than wits. He also built a shield made of titanium shaped as a rectangle. In the shield was a circle, which symbolized Captain Antarctica. He then fought the battles of Khanzem, and fought many more.

After Khanzem, he was frozen in time to slow down his aging process. He awoke in 2000, where the base where he was frozen in was abandoned. He became a crime-fighter, and mistook Flystar for his arch-nemesis, Pie-Skull. He ended the battle and apologized.

After the battle, he traveled to Club Penguin, and noticed how much it has changed. He decided he should retire and become a tour guide.

After 3 months serving his new job, Iron Walrus approached him about joining his team, the Defenders. Captain Antarctica reluctantly agreed, and being handed his old shield.

After fighting at South Pole City, Captain Antarctica permanently joined the Defenders, after realizing he still had a country to protect.

Great Darktonian Pie War[edit]

Captain Antarctica's 2nd Shield.

Captain Antarctica recognized the GDPW are the second great war, after Khanzem. He decided to find the descendants of his former squad, and lead them into battle.

During the final battle, however, his trademark shield was destroyed. Iron Walrus built a new shield for him, out of unstable molecules, which let the shield's appearance change. Captain Antarctica asked Iron Walrus to stabilize the molecules when he found the an appearance that suits his needs.


Captain Antarctica is the face of Antarctican military. In many recruitment posters, he is shown pointing to the reader with a caption reading "I WANT YOU TO JOIN THE ARMY."


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