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IT'S NOT A TRAP! Why does everyone think it's a trap?
— Swaggins is quite oblivious to the obvious.

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Admiral Swaggins of the SIA Navy

Admiral in the SIA
In office
May 27, 2013 – Incumbent
Serving with Malor Vakovlev and General Broseph
President Lavender

Admiral Swaggins is a malevolent, arrogant, yet compassionate admiral in the SIA Navy who prefers to be called "Captain Swaggins". He served in the SIA Navy as a heroic fish captain in the Great Yowien War, from which he was promoted to one of the SIA's head admirals. Swaggins would, in the future, join the rebels in their fight against the Shopper Empire. He is confined to a fish bowl, which is how he stays alive. He has close ties with General Broseph, who of which he stays in close touch with at all times. He is widely regarded as one of the navy's main figureheads, and even though he isn't the supreme naval commander, he still has quite a bit of influence and command compared to other admirals.


Swaggins hatched in 2008, in the waters around Club Penguin, near areas infested with Cream Soda. As still a young fish, he was involved with helping diving crews in cleaning up dumped and leaking cream soda barrels. Though he was only a fish, Swaggins' efforts didn't go unrecognized; he was given many coins for his actions, not that they were very useful.

One day, Swaggins got separated from his school of fellow fish. He sent himself drifting away from Club Penguin Island, around other countries such as Flystonia, Ed Island, and the Finipines. On these travels, he met Yolo, who had much the same idea. They eventually reached Shops Island, where he enjoyed setting up a nice home in a coral reef, and Yolo had swam on. Eventually, someone caught him while fishing off the coast of Chill Island. Chill saw something strange about Swaggins, and decided to bring him in to an SIA medical lab. Doctors concluded that Swaggins had an above-average intelligence level for a fish. He was kept as a pet, and stayed in the medical lab.

As a fish, naturally, he developed an interest in naval activities. During 2013, his proximity to military involvement at all times made his marine interests focused on that of naval warfare. Swaggins tried to express this the best he could. One scientist caught his drift, so the scientist decided to test Swaggins' intelligence by putting him through numerous tests. The little fish performed extremely well, and was deemed a genius by the scientist who tested him.

The scientist who had tested him decided to make a device which would allow Swaggins to talk, via brain receptors. With a new device implanted inside Swaggins, his brain thoughts could now be translated into English via microscopic technology. With his new ability of verbal communication, Swaggins stated his interest in joining Shops' navy. He sought action during the Great Yowien War, where he served valiantly as a fish captain. His skills and bravery was exceptional, and became noted by many. The day after the war ended, he was promoted to being an admiral in the SIA navy.


Arrogant, inconsiderate, condescending, and much more that's needless to mention, Swaggins is an introvert character who is generally ignored and hated by his equals. Though he's also compassionate, it's almost always undermined by his less desirable qualities. His ignorance has led him to make many foolish decisions; Swaggins is infamous for never being able to spot traps or tricks. This has led him to be viewed as rash and stupid more than once. Being a fish, he also has a bad habit of being extremely easy to kidnap.


  • He is the only creature from Shops that the Hochstadt Gang doesn't like. They believe food should be eaten, not played with.
  • He wears a monocle because sunglasses are mainstream.

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