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IT'S OBVIOUSLY A TRAP! Why doesn't everyone think it's a trap?
— Yolo is quite angry at the obvious.

Captain Yolo of the Ed Island Navy

Captain in the Ed Island Navy
In office
May 28, 2013 – N/A
Serving with Commander Ruppert and Captain Laharl
Monarch EDFan

Captain Yolo is the hot-headed, egotistical captain/admiral of the Ed Island Navy, and fierce competitor to Captain Swaggins. Because he is a fish, he is usually confined to a fish tank (which is better than a bowl), which is carted around by two of his deputies.


Originating from the Outback Pond on Club Penguin, Yolo had an ace at dodging fishing lures, while trying to find a bite to eat. At one point, while drifting through the outer edges of the pond, he had been swept out through an outlet that lead to the sea. After realizing that the pond life was terrible, Yolo had departed to find a new, better home. He had met Swaggins while swimming around Shops Island, and the two because friendly rivals. When Swaggins decided to stay at Shops, Yolo had moved on, and decided on a warmer climate to stay at. He eventually found Ed Island, where he decided to settle down.

Using his advanced technique of swimming under fishing lures, he managed to evade capture, until a fishing boat arrived. He was caught in the net, baffled by the strange technology. After nearly being fried by several Royal Chefs, they noticed something strange about the fish. He seemed to be smarter than the average fish. They ended up keeping him in a fish tank, where he was kept as a pet. After his intelligence was noticed, several receptors were added into his brain, along with speakers on his tank, allowing him to "talk."


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