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Card-Jitsu logo.PNG
Inspiration(s) Unknown
Developer The Three Masters
Publisher N/A
Release dates
Release in the USA
November 18, 2008
Release in the UTR
November 21, 2008
Release in Dorkugal
January 7, 2009
Additional info
Genre Action Card-Game
Rating E (ESRB)
7+ (PEGI)

Card-Jitsu is a card game started by The Three Masters 1000 years ago. It wasn't well known until introduced to Club Penguin by a mysterious penguin called Sensei and by Japanese-speaking traders to Snowy City in the Osloven Empire. The game populated a few years ago when introduced, and now penguins can go and get 10 starter cards from the master himself - then can go buy some more from the Card Store. But Card-Jitsu is not just a game, it is a stage of your training to become a Ninja. There are three elements to master in Card-Jitsu. You become a normal stage Ninja when playing Card-Jitsu. The other stages are to complete one element at a time. The first element to master is Fire, which is "Card-Jitsu: Fire".


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It is unknown when The Three Masters created the game, but it was known that there were three elements to the game - Fire, Snow & Water. Then when the masters stepped down, Sensei had continued the game and mastered it, taking the game ahead. Sensei had built up the game into the elements that were known, Fire, Snow & Water, and went to Club Penguin to start a new life. Then Sensei stayed up in the Mountains and built the Dojo. Then Sensei had introduced Card-Jitsu to the islanders of Club Penguin in October 2008, and then the game released on November 18, 2008 officially.

Hundreds of years ago, the game has been introduced to the Osloven Empire or present day United Provinces by two Japanese speaking penguins to the port of Snowy City in eastern Snowiny. It wasn't purposefully introduced, however: the two penguins were on a trip to the country to bring some important trade goods such as seaweed, fish and crab. The two penguins were bored after the delivery and decided to stay in the city a bit more. They played Card Jitsu at a park and were watched by many other kids who were interested in this game. Parents then asked the penguins to teach their children how to play the game, and so the game became very popular in Snowy City. It took several hundred years, however, for the game to become popular across the whole country as well as it was popularized by the founding of Club Penguin.

How to Play[edit]

Many believe that the card game is quite easy to play, though it is obvious that newcomers find the game especially hard (possibly because they didn't read the instructions). The first time a penguin goes to play Card-Jitsu, he is given a free Card-Jitsu Starter Pack exclusive, which coins 10 basic cards to play with. The Sensei is always sitting in his cushion in the corner. You go up to him and ask for the Starter Pack. Then when Sensei has given you your Starter Pack, you can ask him to team him up with a penguin that wishes to play which is at the same standards. Then the players get sent to a vacant mat where they play.

Now the way to play is quite simple. You draw 5 cards from your deck (the deck should be face-down) out of your 10 cards. You then choose one card out of the 5 cards. Now the cards will be of different colours - blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, etc. And they will have a number in the top-left corner of the card, which will be in a range between 2-12. Then there will be one of 2 other icons - Fire, Snow or Water. Each element can beat another element:

  • Fire melts Snow
  • Snow freezes Water
  • Water extinguishes Fire

Then if you choose the right card & element, you can beat your opponent's card if your card's element beats theirs. But if you and your opponent choose the same element, you need to rely in the number that is in the top-left corner of the card. If it is higher, then you win that round. The player that gets a Fire, Snow & Water card that are different colours win. Or if they get the same element with the same colours.



  • Though the game only released to the public in late 2008, it had been carried out for generations, and had only started to get especially popular.
  • There was another stage of Card-Jitsu released to master the Fire element called "Card-Jitsu Fire".
    • There is a sequel to this stage, called "Card-Jitsu Water".
      • Snow is also another sequel, which came at May 23rd. It's pretty much different: you don't battle ninjas, you battle three evil snowmen (Scrap, Sly and Tank) and you dont use the power cards alot.
        • There have been rumours that Card-Jitsu Shadow is coming.
  • The master of the game, Sensei, has every Card-Jitsu card known to existence.
  • The game released cards which penguins could use to play outside the game.
  • Today the game is extraordinary popular in the United Provinces thanks to the two unknown traders who arrived in Snowy City a few hundred years ago.

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