Card-Jitsu Party 2011

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Card-Jitsu Party
The party's logo.
Official name Card-Jitsu War
Also called CJP
Observed by Ninjas
Begins November 23, 2011
Ends December 6, 2011
Celebrations Card-Jitsu battles
Related to Club Penguin Island

The Card-Jitsu War
An ad for the 'party' in the Club Penguin Times.
Date November 23 - December 6, 2011
(1 week and 6 days)
Location Club Penguin Island
Result Fire and Water make peace
Casus belli Fire Sensei, and Water Sensei turn on each other.
Fire Ninjas Water Ninjas
Fire Sensei Water Sensei
Fire is very hot. Water beats Fire.
None None
The population of Club Penguin thought this was a party.
"Fire vs. Water. Which side will you choose?"

The Card-Jitsu War, or Card-Jitsu Party as known to the public, was a massive war between Fire Sensei and Water Sensei. Fire and Water started to argue with each other a lot, then on November 23, 2011, Fire attacked the Water Dojo. From that moment the two elements went to war, and transformed Club Penguin Island and Antarctica forever. The entire thing was successfully covered up by EBUL and friends for security reasons.


After the war ended, Sensei decided to turn it into a peaceful party. He decided to host it every year, with EBUL's permission. There would be friendly battles at the Stadium, and most of Club Penguin would be redone. The war became a party, and was decided to be celebrated by most countries. Amigopen came to the first Card-Jitsu Party and decided to ruin it in The Sensei and the Engineer.

The Story[edit]

Chapter 1: War Begins[edit]

Sensei was having some tea with Fire Sensei, and Water Sensei. He knew that relations between the other two Senseis were falling, so he decided to fix it. The Fire, and Water got in this position when a Water Ninja tried accidentally broke something in the Fire Dojo. Fire and Water started to hate each other, and relations were only getting worse. Sensei feared that the two elements would forget about the Amulet, and break the Ninja's Rule.

Sensei- "Fire Sensei, why must you be hating towards Water Sensei?"

Fire- "Those ninjas are foolish, with a large ego."

Water- "You and your fancy suits, Water could beat anything!"

Sensei- "Please calm down, senseis. Make peace with each other."

Fire- "We will, when Water dies!

Water- "That is it! I declare war on Fire, the Amulet belongs to us."

Sensei- "No, it belongs to me. Calm yourselves."

Fire- "So it shall be."

The two senseis jumped up, and waddled away. Sensei groaned, then took a sip of his tea. Sensei's servant, Killy, waddled up to the Sensei.


Killy- "What is it, Sensei?"

Sensei- "Fire and Water have gone to war, I now fear the most."

Killy- "Tell me more."

Sensei- "Much to learn, they have."

The Fire Sensei gathered up his Fire Ninjas, and told them to prepare to attack. Among them was the cousin of Killy, and traitor to the Water Sensei. He was a tough penguin, and obeyed orders. His name: Brock. Brock tighten his Fire Helmet, and continued to listen to Fire Sensei. He scratched his beak, then glanced at the water fall. He spotted Water Sensei on top of it, and pointed at him. Fire Sensei saw Brock pointing, and looked at the direction he was pointing. Fire Sensei snarled, and turned back to the troops.

Fire- "Get back to training!"

Ninjas- "Yes, sir!"

The ninjas went to their mats, and trained. Fire Sensei waddled up to his body pillow, and watched the ninjas train. Suddenly a low ranking Fire Ninja came up to Fire Sensei, and in her flippers was a piece of paper.

Ninja- "Sir, my name is Lilly. I have some ideas for a special, new uniform."

Fire- "I am interested, young one. Show them to me."

Lilly showed the designs to her master, and he was pleased.

Fire- "Good, start making those."

Lilly- "Yes, sir."

Water Sensei sat, and watched the Fire Dojo. It was far away, and was about taller than the waterfall. Water Sensei laughed, thinking that Fire couldn't beat Water. It was against all laws of nature. Suddenly a ninja waddled up behind him. The ninja was wearing Fire Slippers, but a Water Robe. Water Sensei noticed the ninja was there, without turning around.

Water- "Do you have anything from Fire?"

Ninja- "Yes, I received these designs from a double agent. Her name is Lilly."

Water- "Show me the designs!"

The ninja handed the designs to Water Sensei, who was instantly pleased.

Water- "We could use this for our own."

Ninja- "Yes, just make it blue."

Water- "Have some soldiers make this, we need it."

Ninja- "Yes, sir!"

Sensei waddled into the Dojo, and gathered all the ninjas in there together. Sensei sat on his body pillow, and spoke to the surrounding crowd.

Sensei- "Fire and Water have gone to war, my students."

Crowd- "*gasp*"

Sensei- "It is our duty to stop the war, peacefully."

Ninja 1- "Why? They're only going to battle each other in Card-Jitsu."

Sensei- "No, this is a REAL war. It is very dangerous, and breaks the Ninja Law."

Ninja 2- "What do we do, Sensei?"

Sensei- "I am trying to being the two to peace, however, they will not listen."

Ninja 1- "We'll do what we can to stop it!"

Crowd- "YA! Woohoo!"

Sensei- "Yes, before it gets out of hand."

Sensei smiled then laid down on his body pillow, he pulled down his straw hat and fell asleep.


He started to dream about the possible war, and the dream quickly became a nightmare. Fire and Water were in a brutal war, and were destroying each other. It wasn't a vision of the future, but it was what Sensei expected the war to be. Suddenly he woke, and he was sweating. It was now night, and the Dojo was empty. Sensei grabbed a nearby candle stick, and lit it.

Sensei- "I cannot let this happen."

Sensei got up from his body pillow, and waddled out of the Dojo. He looked towards the volcano, and saw that it was very busy. Torches were lit, and ninjas were all over. Sensei waddled down the path, and came up to the volcano. In the Fire Dojo he saw ninjas in a different uniform, one he had never seen. Then he saw Fire Sensei by his body pillow, working on some blueprints. Sensei waddled up the steps, and to his friend.

Sensei- "Brother, what is this?"

Fire- "The future, Sensei. A Fire future."

Sensei- "Are you designing Club Penguin itself?"

Fire- "I will take over the island, and steal it from that Water. Fire will be powerful."

Sensei- "No, no, brother. This is truly wrong, do not do this."

Fire- "Too late, builders are already going into Town."

Sensei- "Wait, the citizens can not no about this war. I will cover this up, and turn it into the Card-Jitsu Party."

Fire- "Good thinking, brother. Citizens will treat it as a party, and game. Water shall fail."

Sensei- "That is not what I was thinking."

Fire- "I would like to see Water stay up this late. I have heard that they have stopped using fire, for everything."

Sensei- "I must go, brother. I will see how you are doing in the morning."

Fire- "Speaking of which, you'll find me in the Ninja Headquarters."

Sensei- "What? That base has been left for years, after the Dojo was built."

Fire- "Well I'm going there again. It is being rebuilt."

Sensei- "Have you lost your mind, Fire Sensei? This war nothing, it will gain you."

Fire- "As long as Water is destroyed, I'm good."

Chapter 2: The Agreement With Billybob[edit]

Thousands of citizens read the Club Penguin Times, and learned about the new Card-Jitsu Party. Everyone was excited, and visited the Dojo to train. Sensei was overwhelmed by all the visitors, but trained them two at a time. He gave out 80,000 Card-Jitsu cards in an hour, and gave three Yellow Belts every two minutes.

Sensei's ninjas, who were told about the war, were in the Ninja Sanctuary discussing the new war. One ninja, Mitchel, was head of a small group. The small group was planning to invite Water Sensei, and Fire Sensei to the same tea party. They wanted to attempt to get the two to make peace. Among the ninjas was Killy, who was helping plan the tea party.

Mitchel- "Do you think this will work, Killy?"

Killy- "Of course, unless the two senseis attack each other."

Ninja 1- "I'll gather up some of my friends, we'll make sure that doesn't happen!"

Mitchel- "Good, the tea party is tomorrow at 4:30pm. If there be any conflict, we'll have some peace-keeping ninjas come out."

Ninja 1- "I'll command the troop."

Killy- "Great, we better prepare."

Killy poured some tea into the cups, as she saw Fire Sensei waddling over to the covering. He sat down on a body pillow next to the table, and took a sip of the tea before he spoke.

Fire- "Why did you call me here, servant?"

Killy- "We just thought we would have you over, for a break."

Fire- "I am much too busy, I must get back to work!"

Suddenly Water Sensei waddled into the cover, and gasped.

Water- "Fire Sensei, what are you doing here?!"

Fire- "The same I would like you to answer for me."

Killy- "We have had enough of your fighting, please make peace."

Water- "Yes, Fire Sensei, surrender."

Fire- "What!? Water is nothing, when compared to Fire."

Killy- "Your elements are both very powerful, equally powerful."

Fire- "No! Water shall die!"

Killy- "0_0"

Water- "It is on, brother."

Water Sensei suddenly threw a water balloon at Fire Sensei, and laughed as he watched him fall over. Fire Sensei grew mad, then threw grabbed his hot sauce bottle. He squirted it at Water Sensei, who leaped into the air to avoid it. Suddenly Mitchel, and five ninjas came out of hiding. They tackled the two senseis, and tried to keep them under control. It was no use, for Fire Sensei just burned them off him and Water Sensei threw them off.

Sensei- "Stop fighting, at once!"

Everyone stopped, and starred down the path. Sensei was slowly waddling up to the covering, and didn't look happy at all.

Sensei- "Stop fighting on my land."

Fire- "Your land? This is the Amulet Land, which not be controlled by..."

Sensei- "I know the law, but do your fighting elsewhere. I will not let you destroy the peace of my land."

Water- "You heard him, Fire Sensei, leave at once."

Sensei- "You too, Water Sensei! Off my land, go elsewhere. Destroy me peace, and I shall destroy you!"

Fire- "Fine, we'll stay off the Amulet Land. As you wish, Sensei."

Water- "You know what, Fire Sensei? You can have the Amulet Land! Water will leave this area, and find new places to conquer."

Sensei- "Water Sensei, that is not..."

Fire- "What, do you mean the rest of Club Penguin?"

Water- "Why not, brother? This is war, and in war there are territorially changes."

Fire- "Oh, like Fire taking over Antarctica?"

Sensei- "No, end this war now, brothers!"

Fire- "Fire will have the back up of Club Penguin, we've already decided to start building new cities! Sensei is on our side, too."

Water- "No, you know Sensei! He is the Amulet owner, he chooses no side."

Fire- "Enough of this, I and Fire are leaving the Amulet Land. We shall find housing elsewhere."

Water- "Fine."

Fire- "Good."

Fire Sensei stormed off, and so did Water Sensei. The two went to their separate dojos, as Sensei stood there angry. His grey face turned the color of red, as his flippers formed into fists.

Sensei- "I should have known, those two were not ready. The elder senseis would be furious to see them now!"

Mitchel- "What will we do, Sensei?"

Sensei- "Nothing, if those two want to destroy each other they shall."

Mitchel- "What? We cannot just stand on the sidelines, Sensei."

Killy- "Mitchel has a point, Sensei. We have to do something."

Sensei- "No, we do not. I have been warned about something like this, I was commanded to stay out of it."

Mitchel- "Sensei, you are just letting the two destroy each other?"

Sensei- "I though I made myself clear, yes."

Sensei waddled away, and didn't look back. Mitchel groaned, and flopped into one of the two body pillows. Killy sat in the other one, and drank some tea.

Killy- "What now?"

Mitchel- "Nothing, Killy, we are to obey Sensei. His every command."

Killy- "Mitchel, thousands will possibly die! We cannot let that."

Mitchel- "Fire Sensei, and Water Sensei must learn their lesson. Rather they like it or not."

Killy- "*sigh* Okay, we will obey Sensei's command."

Fire Sensei waddled into the coffee shop, where he saw the Coffee Shop Barista. She was holding two cups of coffees, and was a little scared to see Fire Sensei.

Barista- "I an the Coffee Shop Barist, you must be Fire Sensei?"

Fire- "Yes! I am here to meet with Billybob."

Billybob- "Over here, Fire Sensei."

Fire Sensei turned around, and saw Billybob sitting down on one of the couches. He motioned his flippers for Fire Sensei to come join him. Fire Sensei waddled over to Billybob, then slightly bowed to him. He sat down on a near by couch, and received a cup of coffee from the barista.

Billybob- "Why did you call me, Fire Sensei?"

Fire- "Well Card-Jitsu has become very popular, sir, and I was wondering if we could host a party."

Billybob- "You mean like a Card-Jitsu Party? That's sound kind of fun."

Fire- "Yes, the island will be split apart. Water will take the rooms from the Cove to the Snow Forts; Fire will take the rooms from the Beach to the Snow Forts."

Billybob- "This sounds very good, we can also re-open the Ninja Headquarters for this. When do you want this to begin?"

Fire- "Tomorrow, so we must begin construction tonight!"

Billybob- "Fine with me. Rory shall be the head of construction, Fire Sensei. By the way, what does Sensei think about this?"

Fire(lying)- "He loves it, sir."

Billybob- "Great. Well, I better go. I have a meeting at South Pole City, good luck on that party."

Fire- "We will, sir."

Fire Sensei waddled into the Snow Forts, where Fire Ninjas were waiting for him. When he appeared they just stood there, and waited for him to say something. Several ninjas were wearing construction hats, and had jackhammers. Some were moving around, just waiting to hear Billybob's answer. Fire Sensei opened his mouth, then shouted.

"Construction begins now!"

Fire Ninjas- "Woohoo! Yaaa!"

The Fire Ninjas ran from the Snow Forts, and into the Town. They carried supplies with them, and transformed the buildings in the Town. They even transformed the terrain, and made lava pools. They put up a large Ninja Gate too, and a snack booth. They ran into the Night Club and the Coffee Shop, and changed them too. Soon they moved out onto the Dock, and Beach. Fire Sensei just stood there, and looked at the newly redone Town. He smiled at the sight.


Suddenly a penguin in a lab coat ran over to Fire Sensei, and he was gasping for breath. Fire Sensei just stared at the panting scientist, and waited for him to speak up.

Scientist- "Fire Sensei, I'm Dr. Henry. I work for the servers, and need to tell you something."

Fire- "Fine, what is it?"

Henry- "Well the German Servers are questioning the Card-Jitsu Party. They don't want it in their servers."

Fire- "I do not care. Force this party into those servers, no matter what."

Henry- "You don't understand, we just can't do that. Those servers have to allow this party into their dimension."

Fire- "Fine, just make sure that all Fire Ninjas from the German Servers can enter the servers that the party is hosted in."

Henry- "They will need a passport."

Fire- "Okay then, don't do anything I guess."

Water Sensei sat on the body pillow, with his eyes closed. He hum a little, ancient song. He took deep breathes. The Water Dojo was completely clear, Water Sensei was the only one in there. A penguin in a ninja suit waddled up to Water Sensei, and came out of a shadow. Water Sensei's eyes opened, then they grew wide.

Water- "You have a Fire Gem on your Amulet, ninja."

Ninja- "I am Lilly, the double agent who sent you those designs."

Water- "Ah, Lilly. What is Fire Sensei doing?"

Lilly- "He is building a city in Club Penguin, a Fire city! It begins at the Snow Forts, and ends at the Lighthouse."

Water- "How dare he! Fire Sensei should know that this has already happened, and it only ended in destruction."

Lilly- "If Fire Sensei continues to build the city, it will most likely consume the island. What shall we do?"

Water- "Start building a Water city from the Snow Forts, to the Cove. It seems that Card-Jitsu Island will return, just like 蔡, 李, 何, 佛, and 雄 said."

Lilly- "Sir, I will tell the others. Water will not fail to a insect such as Fire."

Water- "Good, build everything the same way that Card-Jitsu Island was. Now go, young one."

Lilly waddled back into the shadows, and disappeared. Water Sensei's face turned red, as he got angry.

Chapter 3: War Under Construction[edit]

Fire Sensei sat in the Coffee Shop, and grabbed today's Club Penguin Times. He took a sip of his coffee as he read the newspaper, then spit out the coffee as he was surprised. On the front cover, there was an image of a construction worker and a Water Ninja building something in the Stadium.


Fire Sensei yelled, then called for his ninjas.

Fire- "Ye, Yo get in here."

Two old Fire Ninjas came the stairs to the Book Room, and ran over to Fire Sensei. They wore identical clothing, except Ye had glasses.

Yo- "What is it, Fire Sensei?"

Fire- "Water Sensei has decided to build a Water city, such as we are building a Fire city."

Ye- "How did they discover that we are building an element city, too?"

Fire- "That does not matter, Ye. Just speed up construction you too, I shall deal with Water Sensei."

Yo- "Yes, Fire Sensei, we will contact Rory right now."

Ye, and Yo ran off.

Fire Sensei took another sip of his coffee, and then crumbled the newspaper into a ball. He threw the ball onto the ground, then burned it using his powers. He got up out the couch, and stomped out of the Coffee Shop.

He waddled into the Town, and went to the Snow Forts. There he found Water Sensei leading a team of Water Ninjas, and construction workers. Fire Sensei sneaked up behind Water Sensei, then slapped the back of his enemy's head.

Water- "OUCH!"

Water Sensei instantly turned around, and punched Fire Sensei in the beak.

Water- "Weak."

Fire- "Me? You result to stealing my idea, to change Club Penguin into Card-Jitsu Island."

Water- "The past senseis said this would happen, and it is. Now be gone, fool!"

Fire- "You shall not live to see the end of this war, Water Sensei. Do you understand me?"

Water- "Yes, but everything will happen the opposite of what you have just said."

Fire- "I will see you soon."

Fire Sensei waddled away, rubbing his beak.

Killy waddled into Sensei's room in the Dojo, and woke him up. Sensei grumbled, and hid under the covers.

Killy- "Sensei, it is very important. Get up, please."

Sensei- "Is it important enough for me to wake? I think not."

Sensei cover his entire body under his covers, and ignored Killy.

Killy- "Sensei, Fire and Water Sensei have rebuilt Card-Jitsu Island."

Sensei- "Quick, show me."

Sensei jumped out of his bed, and followed Killy into the Dojo Courtyard. There they looked over the balcony, and Sensei gasped.

Club Penguin Island was completely changed, and looked just like Card-Jitsu Island. Sensei rubbed his eyes, and grumbled.

Sensei- "I must deal with the two senseis, immediately."

Sensei waddled back into the Dojo, and sat down on his body pillow. He took off his straw hat, and combed what little hair he had. He brushed his beard, then went to his courtyard. his courtyard was a small yard in the back of the Dojo, and in there was a covering (The same covering where Fire, and Water Sensei began their war). Sensei sat at the small table, and waited for his breakfast.

A few minutes later, Killy came back with a bowl of oatmeal. She placed the bowl on the table in front of Sensei, then gave him a glass of orange juice. Sensei slightly bowed his head to Killy, then went to eat his breakfast.

Fire Sensei sat on his body pillow, in the Fire side of the Ninja Headquaters. He grabbed a fish off his plate, and ate the whole thing in one bite. He hopped off of his body pillow, and waddled over to a small table with papers scattered over it. A young Fire Ninja sat in one of the chairs around the table, and read and wrote stuff on the papers.

Fire- "What are you doing, young one?"

Ninja- "Planning our first battle strategy."

Fire- "Very good. I shall not let Water beat Fire, we must destroy them instantly!"

Ninja- "Do not worry, Fire Sensei, I have the best plan. If we get rid of Water Sensei, Water would collapse."

Fire- "You are right, young one. May I ask, what is your name again?"

Ninja- "Murphy, Fire Sensei."

Fire- "Okay, Murphy, continue your plan. I want it done, and perfected by tonight."

Murphy- "Whatever you wish, Fire Sensei."

Suddenly a Fire Ninja ran into the Ninja Headquaters, breathing heavily. As soon as he came to Fire Sensei he was out of breath, and gasping for air.

Ninja- "Fire Sensei *pant* *pant*, Water Ninjas are *gasp* attacking our *pant* *pant* forces at the *pant* *pant* *gasp* Snow Forts!"

Fire- "What!? Murphy, put down that pencil, you are coming with me. I want you to command some of my forces."

Murphy- "Oh boy! I have never been in a real battle before."

Ninja- "Better hurry, the *gasp* Water Ninjas are *pant* advancing quickly."

Fire- "We are going now! Murphy hurry up."

Murphy quickly put on his Fire Mask, then slid on his Fire Helmet. He quickly ran up behind Fire Sensei, and up into the Dock. The Dock had been transformed into a lava land, with pools of lava everywhere. The hot rocks would burn normal penguins, but it was relaxing to Fire Ninjas and Fire Sensei. Fire Sensei quickly led Murphy through the Town, and hurried into the Snow Forts. The two of them gasped, as they saw 100's of Water and Fire Ninjas battling each other. The worst part is, Water was winning.

Fire- "Murphy, go command the left flank; I will lead the right flank. We shall surround the Water Ninjas, then attack them."

Murphy- "Sounds very good, Fire Sensei."

Murphy, and Fire Sensei ran over to their positions.

Murphy quickly pulled out a 13 power card from his pocket, and threw it at a Water Ninja. The Card-Jitsu card quickly transformed into a fire ball, which burned the Water Ninja's clothes straight off. Murphy jumped on the Water Ninja, and stole his cards. Murphy threw more cards at the Water Ninjas, and seemed to keep a pattern. He made sure that the enemies wouldn't pass an invisible circle he made up, so he would stay far away from the Water Ninjas. Suddenly a high-ranked Water Ninja punched Murphy in back, then grabbed his flipper. The Water Ninja twisted the flipper, and Murphy started to scream. Suddenly Murphy bit the Water Ninja's face, and pulled something off of his head. He gasped when he realized he bit onto a blue headband, that looked exactly like Fire's new uniform! Murphy put the headband in his pocket, then kicked a in-coming Water Ninja in the gut.

Murphy(thinking)- "I got to tell Fire Sensei!"

Murphy pulled out a 12 level Card-Jitsu card, and threw it at two in-coming Water Ninjas. The two enemy ninjas froze in a huge block of ice, and all but their eyeballs couldn't move.

Murphy- "Hahahahaha!"



A Water Ninja tackled Murphy, and pushed him into a pond. The Water Ninja pulled Murphy's head out of the water, then slapped him with a fish. The Khanz penguin continued to slap Murphy with that slimy fish, until a fellow Fire Ninja kicked the Khanz's butt. The Khanz fell into the pond head first, and his head hit a rock. Some blood floated around the pond. Murphy quickly turned to thank the Fire Ninja who saved him, but by then the ninja was gone.

Murphy- "Weird, but anyways I have a war to fight!"

Fire Sensei squirted some hot sauce at a Water Ninja, then kicked him in the beak. Two Water Ninjas ran after Fire Sensei, simply jumped up into the air and kicked them in mid-air. Fire Sensei pulled out a Snow Card, and threw it at five other Water Ninjas. Fire Sensei missed two, but didn't care for a HUGE penguin was running at him. Fire Sensei quickly reached into his pocket, and pulled out a metal pole. He whacked the on-coming penguin in the gut with it, then squirted hot sauce all over them.

Fire- "Feel the burn!"

Suddenly Water Sensei appeared behind Fire Sensei, and jumped on him. Fire Sensei fell to the ground, under Water Sensei's weight.

Water- "We meet again, brother."

Fire- "So it seems."

Fire Sensei punched Water Sensei's beak, then pushed the sensei off of him. Fire Sensei pulled out some hot sauce, and squirted Water Sensei. Water Sensei threw a water balloon at Fire Sensei, and drenched him in water.

Fire- "ARGH! Feel my wrath!"

Water- "OOOHHHH. I am so scared."

Fire Sensei suddenly punched his brother's face, then kicked his stomach. Water Sensei collapsed to the ground, and groaned.

Fire- "Fire shall always beat Water!"

Water- "No, not really."

Suddenly a random Water Ninja tackled Fire Sensei, and drenched him with a water balloon. Water Sensei got up, just as Fire Sensei pushed the Water Ninja off of him. Water Sensei mega kicked Fire Sensei, which sent him flying about 7 feet away.

Water- "Water shall win this war, brother."

Water Sensei waddled towards the Plaza, while calling the Water Ninjas to retreat. All the Water Ninjas retreated to the Plaza, for no reason.

Water- "Water Ninjas, listen to me. Our attack has failed, but I have a better plan! We will strike Fire at their heart, their headquarters!"

Ninjas- "Woohoo! Yeah!"

Water- "We shall destroy their plans, weapons, and anything else we find. Then we will take half of Ninja Headquarters, so we may spy on them."

All the Water Ninjas clapped, and prepared for their next attack.

Sensei was thinking about another possible war two years later.... but this time they will join forces.

To Be Continued...

Room Transformation[edit]

Club Penguin Island is split apart.

During the war, the following rooms were changed:


  • Cove
  • Forest
  • Plaza
    • Pizza Parlor
  • ½ Snow Forts
  • ½ Ninja Headquaters


  • Beach
  • Dock
  • Town
    • Nightclub
    • Coffee Shop
  • ½ Snow Forts
  • ½ Ninja Headquaters

Server SWF's[edit]

The Servers saved the reality data of the 'party', had stored them in their computers. Here are the SWF files of the Card-Jitsu Party.






  • Sensei made the war into a friendly holiday.
  • Only two ninjas were killed during the war.
  • During the war everyone was invited to play Card-Jitsu Water, and Fire.
    • There were so many penguins playing the games that the Servers crashed sometimes.

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