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Careflower brushing her hair.
Title Careflower Rose
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level 100
Location Bluetower Castle
Birth date March 1, 1991 (1991-03-01) (age 27)
Archetype Good

Careflower Rose is an Adelie Penguin who resides in Bluetower Castle in the Culldrome Isles. She is a very proficient cook and also has the skills and knowledge of the land and surviving in it. She is also skilled at tinkering with gadgets as a mechanic. Careflower is the wife of Chub 777, famous astronaut and adventurer, and married after the end of the Shadow of Culldrome. This is her theme song.


Careflower was born on March 1 1991 in Bluetower Castle. Her egg was left in front of the Castle gates a few weeks earlier; the castledwellers took the egg in until it hatched. Due to this, she doesn't know her parents. Careflower was raised in the community of Bluetower. She was very intelligent for her age as she learned how to talk at the age of 1, and then learned how to write soon after.

Although she spent her early childhood in the stresses of the Porcyal War, Careflower's life was quiet and peaceful. Like the others living at the castle, she helped with the farming and care-taking duties of the castle. At an early age, she became interested in cooking. Careflower volunteered to work in the kitchens. At first, due to her age, she was given simple duties such as cleaning the dishes. Then, as she got older, she was eventually given the opportunity to actually cook. Although unsuccessful at first, she eventually developed her skill and became a very experienced cook.

In her teenage years, Careflower developed more interests. She became interested in the outdoors, specifically adventure. In her free time, she would explore the forest around Bluetower Castle. Sometimes she would get into trouble, but as time went on, everyone was used to it. Careflower became familiar with the wild and eventually started to explore even more.


Clareflower first played a major role in Nightmare of Culldrome. She introduced Chub 777, Buhc 777 and Matthias Adelie to Bluetower Castle. However, Chub fell in love with her and so did she. Clareflower helped them around the castle for a short while, before they left to fight in a battle. Several months later, she also became involved during the Battle of Culldrome and, hence, the Shadow of Culldrome. After travelling around with her friends on a quest to look for the mysterious swords of the Twin Heroes, they are entangled in the political and military struggles of Culldrome. She becomes part of the Super Seven, performing several elite missions, and later joins the CSIA after the war. Careflower marries Chub at Bluetower Castle after the war and, with the help of her new father-in-law, becomes skilled at tinkering with gadgets as a mechanic.


Careflower usually wears a red and white dress and can be classified as her iconic appearance. She has pink feathers and golden hair, some of which is formed into a small spike. On occasions, though, she is known to wear headbands, some of which have ears of them.


  • Careflower is based off (but not a parody of) Cornflower Fieldmouse and Mariel Gullwhacker, both of the Redwall Series.
  • She is a pacifist
    • Despite this, she has some basic skill with weapons, often preferring small axes or battle hammers.

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