Carl Arnott

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Carl Arnott
Carl Arnott image.png
Carl Arnott before the discovery of Ross Island.
Title Carl "Scallywag" Arnott
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction N/A
Health Deceased
Level 64
Status Deceased
Location Ocean floor

Carl Arnott also known as Scallywag (February 12 1935 - November 16 1999) was an explorer, who lives north of Club Penguin. He was well known for discovering Ross Island in 1990.


Carl Arnott, the first president of Ross Island.

His history was hidden in his journal called "Carl's Journal". Many penguins think that his journal is somewhere in Antarctica, this remains a mystery. Little is known about Carl's history. Penguins think why Carl named the island Ross Island instead of Arnott Island, this also remains a mystery.


Carl's ship.

On November 13 1999 he decided to go to other lands of Antarctica, unfortunately his ship clashed with an iceberg and sank on November 16 1999 in the middle of the day.

Who is the Ross Island Delegate?[edit]

This is one of the few problems that occurred on Ross Island and at the South Pole Council. Luckily the second elected president, Jack McFurry made the new Carl Arnott, despite having metal complexion the new Carl Arnott remains the same.


  • He lives in fear of "tall green reptilian beings with sharp teeth and sharp claws and sharp everything!".