Carl the Fry Thief

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Carl eating the french fries he stole.
Born Carl
Residence Chill Island
Nationality Freezonian
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation Thief
Notable works Stealing the entire frying machine once
Salary At least 35 french fries per robbery
Height 4.2 feet
Known for Stealing French Fries from Mario's Fryz

Carl the Fry Thief is the most renowned criminal in all of Chill Island's history. Each day he breaks into Mario's Fryz to steal french fries from the shop, and gets away with it EVERY time. He is the most wanted criminal according to the CIPF and there is a 500 WB$ award for whoever can track him down.


It was just an ordinary day on August 21, 2015, until suddenly a tragedy would shake the residents of Chill Island. A mysterious masked penguin had broken into Mario's Fryz and started stealing ALL the french fries. The Ed tried to fight him off, but it was already too late. The french fries were gone.

The following morning, Chill had to publicly announce the disaster that happened the day prior. He gave many condolences to all of his citizens. How could anyone do such a thing? But on that day, watching from home with his TV, Carl sat on his couch eating all the french fries that he proudly stole. And from that day forward, he became known as the Fry Thief!


  • He once tried to steal a smoothie machine once. It didn't turn out so great for him when he was almost caught trying to unplug it.
  • He plans on opening his own french fry shop to compete against Mario's Fryz using the french fries he stole from them. He's truly a heartless criminal.
  • Carl showed interest in joining the League of Villainous Evil-doers but its members decided he was too evil for the group.