Castle Fullmoon

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Castle Fullmoon, Ithil Pathred Minassë
The castle during the long winter's night.
Key details
Type Residence of the Freezelandian Monarchy
Level 10
Location 1 Phoenix Avenue, Frostborough, Midland, Freezeland
Inhabitants Jackos in office

Castle Fullmoon or Ithil Pathred Minassë in Valnorian, is the royal palace of the Monarchy of Freezeland. Currently King Triskelle and his consort, Lasaralyn and their two chicks live there. It is located off Phoenix Street in Frostborough. It is one of the cities many landmarks and is on the back of the Freezelandian 10ƒ banknote. The Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Antarctica, and has been refurbished, expanded, and sections have been rebuilt over time.


The Fort of Ithil Pathred Minassë (pronounced E-theel Pa-tred Meen-as-a) was founded by High Penguin explorers coming from Valnor. They named it Ithil Pathred Minassë, or in English, Full Moon Castle. This name seemed fitting, because they started building, and finished construction, on a night of a full moon.

Castle Fullmoon was first founded as a major defensive work on the orders of Finwë in 169, shortly after the begining of the High Penguin conquest of Antarctica, when it was commanded that a castle be built as the centre of administration in the new land, and for protection of the spoils that were soon to be sent off to Valnor. It was completed in 184. Sited relatively in the centre of the city, it was well protected, using the River Jadis as a natural means of defence along two of its sides.

Through the High Penguin Confederacy the building evolved and changed, the most significant addition being the Great Hall being changed to be made out of marble instead of rock. The building survived until 1673, when it was damaged by fire and half of the castle had to be demolished shortly afterwards. It was rebuilt a few years later, and the whole building was renovated.

During the Khanzem the Castle was the nerve centre of the Good Guys effort against Khanz separatists. It went under an air raid by the Khanz Fluffenwaffle and was covered in maple syrup. Parts of the castle were sticky for months. (It is rumored that some rarely-travelled sections of the building are still sticky to thus day.)

During Olde Antarctica, it became the home to the King of the Water Kingdom. During Colonial Antarctica, it became the administrative centre of the High Penguin province.

When the country of Freezeland came into being in 1997, Castle Fullmoon ceased to function as the administrative seat. After the Freezelandian Revoloutionaries vacated the premises, the Castle was used for the residence of the head of state. However, the head of state was not decided yet. King Triskelle was chosen King by the majority of people. He had the choice to establish the capital of the country in Ard Mhaca (where the residence would be Mhaca's Havens, a seaside castle outside of town), or Frostbrough. He chose Frostborough and he moved into Castle Fullmoon in April 1998.


Castle Fullmoon is the residence of the Freezelandian monarchy. The castle is also a tourist attraction and, following major refurbishment, is also used as a conference centre. There is now an art gallery, and occasional concerts are held in the grounds of the Castle. The complex of buildings is usually open to the public, except during state functions.


The Royal Family of Freezeland dwells here. There are many servants who have their own quarters, including maids, butlers, chefs, and guards. The guards are specially trained High Penguin knights.