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The United Republic of Castrolla
Flag of Castrolla
Motto"United forever!"
AnthemOver The Horizon
Royal anthemOver The Horizon
Location of Castrolla
(and )
New Castrolla
Official languages English
Demonym Castrollan
Government Constitutional Presidential Republic
 -  President Agent Isai
 -  Vice-President Vacant
 -  Chief of Country Vacant
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper House House of Fame
 -  Lower House Parliament
 -  Discovery of Land April 4, 1022 
 -  Establishment of own Government October 11, 1122 
 -  Colonization by Great Castrolla June 20, 1566 
 -  Independence War September 14, 1687 
 -  Independence from Great Castrolla November 28, 1688 
 -  2016 census 750,000 
Currency Dollar ($)
Observes it.
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .com (commonly)

.ca (official)
.gov (government)

.edu (education)
Calling code +1

The United Republic of Castrolla, or simply referred to as Castrolla is a country in Antarctica with 750 thousand citizens. The capital is New Castrolla, Castrolla is a Constitutional Presidential Republic.

Castrolla is one of the oldest countries in Antarctican history and has always always had a central democracy. Castrolla is the head of the Castrollan Archipelago.

Castrolla also has many states such as Water States and 8 other islands around it, mainly used as either government islands, manufacturing islands, or as tourist attractions.


Finding of Land[edit]

After the a civil war in Great Castrolla, Great Castrolla needed to find better routes to places like Hindia to trade more with them due to the devastating effect the war had on its economy. During that time, little was known of the shape of the world with common belief being that going too far would lead to one falling off the earth. Jorge Cucumber, son of a famous sailor attempted to debunk such theory and claimed that going East would lead them to Hindia faster. They originally planned on simply going east and attempting to get directions from penguins who were more familiar with the land; however, they encountered a powerful storm which threw them off course and instead threw them west. When the storm finally calmed down, their ship was wrecked on the shore of an island which, unknowingly, was about 30 miles from Great Castrolla. The land they found was surveyed and found to be vacant, they simply named it Castrolla, additionally, 8 mini-islands were found around the main island and the region was named "Castrollan Archipelago". At that time, the government caused great outcry and civil unrest from the public as the King frequently abused his authority. Cucumber and his sailors kept quiet about the island, only telling close family and friends about it, most of them which ended up moving to and establishing a new country. Cucumber told the King of the storm and about being thrown off course and being unable to find Hindia, the King was however more focused with other issued and dismissed him.

Establishment of a government (1122)[edit]

During the first few years of the new country, a temporary government system was established and a central governing article was formed, the Constitution. The first Constitution proved to be ineffective however as it gave the central government very little power in rule over the country. Local town governments could simply chose to follow a law or not with the central government not being able to enforce them, during that time, a Congress was formed to rewrite the Constitution which had it as a goal to establish a more powerful central government more power.

The First Constitution Committee was formed on October 7th, 1127 with each large city sending a delegate, during that time it was agreed a strong central government was necessary for a good country but that a very powerful one would do away with the liberty in mind that the country had been trying to establish. A key point piece of the Constitution was the establishing of a Captial which was a must for the government as government buildings were dispersed throughout the land, it would however prove to be a difficult task with many residents of different cities protesting and petition for the capital to either be in their city or not to be. It was ultimately decided that a new city should be formed, following the example of Water States, an island in the Archipelago which had success doing so.

Construction of the new city started on May 23rd, 1130. Many challenges were faced, especially since the land the new city would be founded on was full of trees and wildlife and was far from established cities and ports like Portside. The Legislative Building was the first building to host the legislative branch which at that time was comprised of the Deciding House and Powers House. A Presidential Place was made, and shortly after construction was finished on the Presidential Place, an election was called. The first president of Castrolla was ultimately decided to be James Cucumber, grandson of Jorge Cucumber. The new government was somewhat fragile with the new Constitution still not giving the government much power over cities and states but still established a better legislative branch and presidential system.

Colonization by Great Castrolla (1566-1685)[edit]

During the mid-1500's, Great Castrolla was about to collapse. Many countries stopped trading with them because of their demanding nature and policies which caused wars with nations in the past, that however caused tensions in Great Castrolla to flare up and a collapse in the economy due to problems trading with other nations. Coups were becoming a more common thing and caused chaos all over the nation with many of the high ranking officials being exiled often or gone missing.

The King, in a desperate state, ordered the burning of cities where objection to the King was high. However, during the burning of a port city called Port Tero'to, a solider found a map which had directions to Castrolla which was not a recognized land at the moment; the solider made copies of the map and showed his friends and family the map. Some of them sailed to check if the land was an actual island or just a hoax and were greeted by some settlers in the island of Island City which wasn't marked in the map due to the age of the map. Those sailors went back to Great Castrolla and started to disperse the news about a new island which they found, eventually more and more people started sailing to the island. At some point, the map made it's way to the press and the king. After the publicity that Castrolla had gained, thousands rushed to it causing Island City and other islands around Castrolla overwhelmed. Due to the mass flock of people, many once populated cities were left desolate and even royal subjects had left to the new land which infuriated the King and ordered the invasion of Castrolla.

On June 18th, 1566, an invasion was started on the weak Castrollan government which had no military. The invasion was started on Island City, which was the first island encountered when entering north on the Castrollan Archipelago. Initially, many Castrollans thought more penguins were arriving and were lined up on the beach ready to greet what they thought were just new settlers. The soldiers however misinterpreted the friendly gesture and started to fire cannons into the coast. They proceeded to attempt to burn the island down but failed due to a snow storm. However, once they realized the island was not actually Castrolla, they proceeded marched into the Castrollan mainland but were lost in the wilderness of the island. Once having found and reached the capital, they proceeded to burn every building and take the president, and other lawmakers hostage and exiled them to an island east of Castrolla, now known as New Water States.

Many more were imprisoned for "treason", including family members of the king. Castrolla was then named a new colony, and its best colony as there were many gold mine and silver; countries were forced to trade with Great Castrolla because of the amounts of spices and gold they had at that time. Soon after, the country was flooded with taxes, with many fleeing back to Great Castrolla to escape the elevated tax rate, the country was in a critical state. The few that decided to stay, were fed up with the cruelty of Great Castrolla and in response organized many protests which resulted in many being imprisoned.

Independence War[edit]

For hundreds of years, the remaining people on Castrolla were subject to intense taxation and injustice. By the 1800's however, many had plotted to stage a coup against the Great Castrollan government and organized a militia with Jorge Washurton being commander, a major battle in the war was at the Battle of Snowshire, as Great Castrolla started realizing the threat that the militia posed they tried to control everything to the point it was considering to changing its name to the Dictatorship State of Great Castrolla and regions but the militia using some strategies fought off Great Castrolla with the help of Batavia (although they claim they didn't help). Great Castrolla signed the Treaty of Parie just shortly before it disappeared without a trace. But its revenge would be nasty.

Burning of New Castrolla[edit]

On April 22, 1824, Great Castrollan troops somehow marched from Port Buren in West Castrolla to the capital, New Castrolla. The Castrollan Army was ready to defend New Castrolla and the White House. First Lady Doll Flournoy refused to leave the White House without taking some precious artifacts such as the painting of the Battle of Water Isailand and the painting of President Washurton, all the items she requested were stored in the 56th Bunker on Houseview Avenue, meanwhile troops marched into New Castrolla and made a turn to Presidential Street. President Frank Flournoy and his wife ran out of the White House and left New Castrolla for Pengicero, the city to the west of New Castrolla. Great Castrollan Troops matched directly to the Castrollan Capitol as it was worthy of noticing and broke into it. They stole the painting of the Fire of Kostmost St and even more items, the attempted to burn down the Capitol but failed when they saw most items were not at all flammable, finally they used a bunch of wooden chairs and furniture they found in the House of Fame and tried to ignite it and they did. From miles away, the flame could be seen, the Capitol exploded into flames and Great Castrollan troops headed down Main Street to the White House. They blew down through the gates and destroyed everything in their way even the royal fountain which was a gift. They broke through the White House Windows and looked for anything to steal but found the empty White House. Infuriated, they used axes to break through the White House walls and set the infrastructure ablaze, they marched out and headed toward the Royal Castrollan Treasury in hopes of finding money but found 1 document saying "We certainly got you, General, haven't we?". The general was infuriated and ordered them to burn down the Treasury. They finally headed towards Powerhouse where the 9 judges were hiding the the left house wing. As troops rushed through Powerhouse, stealing everything they could, a storm suddenly hit New Castrolla out of nowhere. The fires died out and a tornado formed, the tornado literally was following the Great Castrollan troops off the city and was the longest lasting tornado in history as it lasted 3 hours (according to some sources) chasing the troops off of Castrolla and into Port Buren. But the troops haden't given up get! They marched into Isailand, into the capital of Vynland where Parliament was previously hosted and attempted to takeover by assassinating Governor James Patterson but failed and were forced out of the Castrollan Archipelago.


Legislative Branch[edit]

House of Fame[edit]

The House of Fame is the upper house of Castrolla's Government (aka Congress), it controls all laws started by Parliament and has the power to start the impeachment process for ANY government official if 2/3 of the House approve, they can aquit it later if voted, it also has the power to override a presidential deny (veto) and approve war. The President CAN use a forceful adjourn to adjourn any branch of Congress or all of it, in that case, Powerhouse takes over as the temporary legislative branch.


Parliament is not technically a real Parliament but is a branch of the legislative branch, it has the power to start laws and fillbuster any law if they wish, they have the power to override an executive action if 2/3 agree on the case.

Castrollan Assembly[edit]

The Castrollan Assembly, also known as the World Assembly, or the Assembly is a a very low level branch of Congress. All significant cities/town(ships) are represented here and have a voice, citizens of towns can sign petitions for their representative to present an issue in the Assembly. If an issue 2/3 of the Assembly passes an issue, it will be passed to Parliament, and finally the House of Fame. Impeachment may be started here but at least 9.3/10 of the Assembly must agree on that.

Judicial Branch[edit]


The Castrollan Powerhouse is the supreme court in all of Castrolla. It can control any law that may be passed by a lower court or even Congress or the President, it can make changes to laws and order other things, in case the President, Vice-President, Cheif of County, Lieutenant and so cannot take preform their duty to run the country (e.g., they're all sick with I-Love-U Flu); Powerhouse can takeover their duties in an artisocratic style until they can return and preform their duties. They may NOT takeover permanently or order executive actions. In case the President adjourns Congress, Powerhouse will be used as a legislative branch. Powerhouse CANNOT be adjourned and if needed can takeover the country until the next presidential election if passed by Congress.

Executive Branch[edit]

White House[edit]

The White House has total control over everything, they may issue executive actions, deny (veto) laws, declare war and succeed Islands if needed. They CANNOT dismantle Congress or Powerhouse and any action by the White House may be overridden by either Powerhouse or Congress although usually Powerhouse can do it faster but normally no executive actions are issued. They can adjourn Congress and any office in the country, they CANNOT adjourn Powerhouse. If they adjourn Congress, Powerhouse will takeover as the legislative branch.

Law & Order/Services[edit]

Capital Punishment[edit]

Capital Punishment is allowed in Castrolla. Capital Punishment is technically what the title says for it, the convicted person will be sent to the capital, New Castrolla, and there will be killed using a quick and painless technique.


Treason can and usually will be punished by capital punishment. Treason is quite a powerful thing to be found of, if so, the defendant will have to go to Powerhouse and try to defend him or herself, they can be pardoned by Powerhouse, the President, the Assembly if passed will be represented by the House of Fame. If Powerhouse finds them guilty, they can be put in prison for life.


All children are automatically enrolled into the Castrollan School District. All schools in Castrolla are provided by CSD, private schools are not allowed because they tend to "disrupt or not teach the right curriculum".


Crime is VERY low because social policies make schools teach them about avoiding a life of crime and how Castrolla is a soon-to-be dictatorship and how they will be obviously shot by police if they do something wrong.


Welfare is vital in Castrolla, Social Services like welfare are much needed for single mothers/fathers. Services such as PFC (Parental Food Card) and PCS (Parental Coupon Services) are provided, people must be not really in poverty but of working class to apply for this.

Public Health Insurance[edit]

Every person in Castrolla has health insurance provided by the Castrollan Ministry of Liability and Protection, all citizens automatically get insurance when born or when a penguin becomes citizens. Taxes aren't really that high at all for some reason.



Castrolla is a country rich in iron and lead. There are a few diamond caves but Castrolla REFUSES to map them to conserve the naturalness.


Castrolla currently uses the Castrollan Dollar (CD) which is pegged at a whopping 6 Club Penguin Coins by the government in order to make the economy appear better than it is. The Castrollan Federal Money Reserve, Fed or the Castrollan Mint is the Castrollan Money Producer, the government always makes sure they have inflation at a right amount and try to resort from a recession at ANY cost.


The government's offical bank is J.P. Morgano Victoria-Chase. It is the only bank company, branches like PayBro are used as middle-mans between the user and the bank.


Castrolla is in the Castrollan Archipelago, which is west of the Bloodstone Archipelago. Castrolla is EXACTLY in the middle as seen on the name:


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