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One of the most famous myths of yore is that of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Supposedly, it contained magical waters that, as long as it is drunk consistently, would grant the user biological immortality. That means that the drinker can not die by natural processes, but rather, only by a serious injury, sickness, or other accident. If one was to stop periodacally drinking from the Fountain, though, the effect would cease as well, and if the user has drank it for long enough (e.g. past the human maximum lifespan of 120 years), they'd drop dead.

In the real (ancient) world, people believed that the Fountain was located in Florida. Indeed, Florida was actually discovered because its discoverer was seeking the Fountain of Youth. In Club Penguin and Antarctica, meanwhile, the location of the Fountain of Youth is believed to be known by Carter, a relative of Gary the Gadget Guy.

This category contains topics pertaining to both the Fountain itself and the concept and various means of a Lesser penguin obtaining the biological immortality offered by the Fountain of Youth, or of a similar item, be it magical or a product of science.

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