Catherine Tvariench

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Catherine Anne R. Carillo - Tvariench
Title Special Agent
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction EPF
Health non-existent
Level Special Agent
Status deceased
Location South Pole City, USA and Zipline Street, CP Isle
Birth date August 19, 1981 (1981-08-19) (age 38), USA
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Espionage, clinical psychology, political sciences, etc.
Friends EPF agents, Tvarkovs etc.
Enemies Terrorists, Herbert, Klutzy etc.
Archetype Deuteragonist
Catherine Tvariench

Military service
Allegiance Club Penguin, USA
Service/branch EPF,
Years of service August 2002 -
Rank Colonel
Unit Anti-Terrorism Division, Division Epsilon (formerly)
Battles/wars War onTerrorism
Awards Force Star
Head Psychologist of Anti-Terrorism Division (EPF) December 2012 - 2013
Head Psychologist of Division Epsilon May 2010 - June 2012
Assistant Chief Negotiator of the PSA August 2002 - May 2010
Field Agent of the PSA, EPF August 2002 -
Let's do this rationally, people. I don't want another shoot fest.
— Catherine Tvariench in a hostage situation.

Agent Catherine Tvariench (1981-2013) was a Special Agent of the EPF. An agent with a lively personality, she died in the age of 34.


Early History[edit]

Catherine Tvariench was born to two loving parents in Inland ,Eastshield, USA. Her father was a retired officer of the Club Penguin Police Department and her mother a doctor in the Eastshield Hope Hospital. She grew up with a little brother who constantly had to go to the hospital, which marked her journey towards joining the medical field.


Catherine entered the AAE after graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology in a prestigious medicine university in the USA. Under the Sevilla Accords, Catherine was among the many other women who joined the prestigious law enforcement academy. Additionally, she was part of the Eir Program, which specifically trains recruits who have taken a medical course before entering the AAE. In the AAE, Catherine excelled in the subjects that required her psychological prowess, like Persuasion. Though, notably, she hardly reached the bare minimum required to pass her more physical subjects. Nevertheless, she persevered and managed to secure a spot in the honor roll by graduation.

Remarkably during her stay in the Academy, Catherine was a known chess player for the Yellow Chess Team.

PSA Career[edit]

Catherine was almost immediately accepted into the PSA, not long after her graduation. She was initially assigned in Eastshield, USA where she assisted in evaluating PSA applicants and current agents.

The Academy Assignment[edit]

After observing her efforts as one of the first female agents, The Director assigned her to The Academy in order to train students. She first handled Batch 207, which she believed was the destined batch, as she saw their number in her dreams numerous times. She thought them patiently, and with perseverance. She watched them graduate, and soon served as a professor for more batches. In the end, she taught over 40 batches.

EPF Career[edit]

After the Popcorn Explosion, she was one of the first responders. From there, she noticed that her old student, Rogue Tvarkov, was there and on the scene. Instead of helping, she first watched her student work. She was surprised at how quick and nimble her student was. Once HQ was cleared and repaired, she went back to her original job: as a psychologist. From there, she met more of her former students and was pleased to know that they're successful.


In Project Infinite: This Is War, she is captured by Infinitists. As Rogue is to rescue her, she pushes away Rogue from Joshua, who was to shoot at Rogue. On her deathbed, she asks Rogue to take care of her only daughter, Natalia.


In her honor, many important ATD and EPF buildings and things were named after her. Notable examples are:

  • Catherine Tvariench Building - a building wherein ATD trainees are trained on first-aid in terrorist-related injuries. (Example of injuries are blisters, lung puncture, etc.)
  • Tvariench Tactic - a common negotiation tactic used by EPF agents that was famously used by Catherine herself.
  • Catherine 1000 - a prototype speed boat that is currently in Gary's lab.


Catherine is a rather sweet penguin who would never hurt a puffle... unless there is a need, that is. When there is a need, her furiosity is known to have knocked down several men in less than 10 minutes. She has a soft side for Agent Rogue Tvarkov, and would never dare to hurt her.

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