Celebrity Disguises

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Being a celebrity in Club Penguin can be stressful at times, so it is known that some famous penguins disguise themselves to live their lives normally. Some of these penguins can be seen in promotional posters released by the government, but in the background. They can be spotted almost everywhere.

Johnny "Sheep" Pantherninja is a self-professed "expert" on these disguises. Here's what he had to say:

"Heaps o' penguins disguise themselves. Aunt Arctic was recently seen without her hat in a promo comic, caught off guard by the government's hidden cameras in igloos - Uh, I mean, the government's official photographer. Some like G are always recognized when they're in disguise, so he often hides around the island. Mabel herself is often whacked in the street by Explorer supporters, so she is often found hiding in puffle beds. Str00dels are also seen in places around the island. That's all the EPF allows me to say."

He then handed us a photo album, which can be seen below.

Rocket Slug and Agent Meltie[edit]

Since Fire and Ice's journey from a small, school-oriented garage band to playing stadiums filled with 1,000,000,000 adoring fans, sisters Rocket Slug and Agent Meltie will often dress up in all black on their way to the stadiums. They sneak in through the back. A random penguin in the crowd has this to say:

"I like pie. Oh, yeah, these two guys snuck backstage a couple weeks ago during a concert. I thought they were criminals, considering the black clothing. I had a front row seat that night, so I was able to at least see their eyes. That's right. Their hair was peeking out from their black hoods, too. It was Rocketta and her sister Rihanna. I could tell by the cool makeup and how loud their whispers were for someone who's sneaking around."