Centro de Tropicalia

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Centro de Tropicalia
Centro de Tropicalia Flag.png

A map of Centro de Tropicalia with cities represented as dots. The size of the dot depends on the city's size (smaller cities have smaller dots, larger cities have larger dots).
National name Centro de Tropicalia
Country Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalis
Capital city Clearings
Largest city Alphis City
Formation 1907
Inhabitants Emperor Penguins
Adelie Penguins
Kanta Penguins
Galapagos Penguins
Other info
Population 3,800,000 (2019)
Governor Phineas Winnipeng
Location Central Island, Tropicalis
Neighbours North Tropicalis Flag New.png Northern Tropicalis
Southern Tropicalis Flag new.png Southern Tropicalis
Western Tropicalis Flag.png Western Tropicalis
Tropicapolis Flag.png Tropicapolis

Republic of Tropicalis
Tropicalis Flag.png
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Tropicalian History
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Provinces, Islands and Territories
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Provinces: Pengstado • Beakily • Arbos Islands • Centro de Tropicalia • Southern Tropicalis • Adelia

Colonies: GernomiaMacarooni

Territories: Tropicalian Extraterrestrial ColoniesTropicalian Ocean TerritoriesLaoPica Tropica
Notable Locations
Wars and Conflicts
Notable People
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Centro de Tropicalia, also referred to as Central Tropicalis, is a province of Tropicalis located on Central Island. Neighbouring Northern, Eastern and Western Tropicalis as well as the national capital, it is the largest province by population, containing more than 6.8 million residents. Due to the fact that the province hosts a significant amount of the country's citizens and is the site of many major events, large cities and businesses, it is also referred to as Core Tropicalis by some Tropicalians, or simply as "The Core".

The province is also home to Mount Sunsavia, the highest point in the entire country and a famed location. It is also home to the Sunsavia National Park, an equally well-known protected conservation area.


The Kingfisher Revolution arose in 1907, bringing the demise of the Imperial Empire of Sphenisdean as well as the merger of all states in the Tropicalian region to a single country, being the current Republic of Tropicalis. The province of Centro de Tropicalia was formed from several local territories after the creation of the republic, as part of an agreement reached at the post-revolution negotiations.

Tropicapolis, a small local seaside town in Centro de Tropicalia was appointed as the capital in the later months of 1907, separating it from the rest of the province and becoming its own federal district. Due to Centro de Tropicalia's proximity to the new capital, the population of the province grew significantly, as did the cities closer to it.

As the introduction of Project Green State ensued in the 1950s, Centro de Tropicalia became one of the leading provinces in terms of converting to more modern and eco-friendly technology, as well as welcoming in the first wave of modern architectural buildings throughout its many cities. The province also became a major center for both business and finance throughout the 60s.


List of Governors[edit]


City Population Mayor Division Notes
Albamontis Sunsasvia Division
Allspice Port Trio Division
Alphis City 450,000 Stanley Santiago Alphis Division
Aria Caves Trio Division
Arbol Azul Sunsavia Division
Artford Rio Rojo Division
Baha Alphis Division
Banks Alphis Division
Beaksledge 700,000 Phineas Winnipeng Rio Rojo Division
Cape Cocoa Rio Rojo Division
Ceiba Town Sunfred Division
Clearings Adamas Division
Chimeslow Deltanus Division
Cinnamons Trio Division
Desmonda Rio Rojo Division
Dorada Rio Rojo Division
Duskwave Falls Alphis Division
Elutia Trio Division
Featherfloat Sunfred Division
Floral Springs Sunsavia Division
Galapgosen Sunfred Division
Goldenpalma Sunfred Division
Greenerplains Adamas Division
Lagoa Alphis Division
Los Cañónes Sunsavia Division
Pengan Park Sunsavia Division
Prince's Springs Sunsavia Division
Pueblo Feliz Deltanus Division
Richwell Deltanus Division
Savannah City Alphis Division
Simonsbird Rio Rojo Division
South Adamas Adamas Division
St. Claws Sunfred Division
Sunfred 87,000 Sunfred Division
Sunnysands Alphis Division
Timsmond Deltanus Division
Trio City 95,000 Vincent de Océano Trio Division

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