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Chairman Blizzard Dux

Chairman Dux saluting.
Born Blizzard Commons Dux
April 20 1955
Sky Town, Skulldrome Isles
Died May 17 2014 (age 59)
Shadow City, Skulldrome Isles
Residence Skulldrome Isles
Gender Male
Nationality Culldrom
Other names The Mighty Chairman Dux of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome
Ethnicity Penguin
Citizenship Culldrome Isles
Occupation Head of the Culldrome National Party (CNP)
Chairman of the CIC
Years active 1996 - 2014
Height 4 feet 9 inches
Weight 52 kg
Title Mighty Chairman
Predecessor Steven Snowen
Political party Culldrome National Party
Opponent(s) Steven Snowen

Chairman Dux, officially The Mighty Chairman of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome Blizzard Dux, was a politician from the Culldrome Isles. He was the leader of the Culldrome National Party, primarilly based in the Skulldrome Isles. Dux's major rival was Steven Snowen, the current leader of Culldrome. Under the influence of Porcyal mindcontrol by Gravity, Chairman Dux and Skulldrome were hypnotised and he became responsible for the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome. Dux was used by Gravity as a stepping stone to legitimise his own rule and personal plans. Dux subsequently initiated the Battle of Culldrome and Shadow of Culldrome. He was forcibly killed by Gravity in the final stand in Shadow City as Allied troops began to invade the Confederate capital, after being spent for his plan.


Early Life[edit]

Blizzard Dux was born on the outskirts of Sky Town in the isolated mountains of the Skulldrome Isles. He was born during a major blizzard, hence his name. He was born into a small family of poor farmers. Life was hard in the mountain farms. Most of the time, the food that was grown spoiled and died. Him and his family managed to scrape their way, but life was still difficult. Eventually, at the age of 12, Dux ran away from the small town, hoping to find a better life for himself.

Dux ended up traveling down to Shadow City, the capital of Skulldrome. At the time, it was a bustling city, with many new technologies and ways of life appearing. With no home to go to, he found himself a job at a factory. It offered very little pay, but it was enough for Dux to slowly work his way up. At first Dux lived on the cold streets near the factory, but soon he was able to afford a small, wooden house. Soon, he was also able to afford books and he began to read about government. He got more and more interested about it, but he continued his job anyway.

Political Beginnings[edit]

Dux's beginnings as a polititan occured in 1980. At the time, Culldrome's oil price had recently dropped from a massive spike. The spike caused many factories to shut down. The factory where Dux had worked at for many years was also part of the shut down. With thousands of workers now unemployed, Dux decided to become a member of one of the big political parties at the time, Culldrome's National Party. His fasination of government and desire to help Culldrome for the greater good inspired him to join.

Despite Dux not having any experience and education, he forged documents saying that he had. Dux started off as a government worker and eventually worked his way up the ranks. In 1990, the Porcyal War broke out. Dux, who was now the Deputy to the Party Leader, was embroilled in a vast amount of paperwork resulting from the war. He moved to Culldrome City in exile from his homeland of Skulldrome. There, he attempted to persuade the citizens that he and his party played no role in the war. In reality, he was one of the politicians who helped to plan the war.

Leader of the National Party[edit]

The Porcyal War continued on and eventually ended in 1996. Dux moved back to Skulldrome, now war-torn and in ruins. Dux's predecessor, who was a major planner of the war, was discovered had their job taken away. Dux was asked to step up and replace him, which he did. Dux then became the leader of the National Party.

After the events of the Nightmare of Culldrome, approval of his rival Steven Snowen soared. Distraught, he was sought after Gravity as a prime candidate for his ultimate plan. Weak willed, Dux was placed under the mind control of Gravity, who controlled his every move from the shadows and began to use the power of Porcyals to influence public opinion. Over the next few years, under Gravity's control, Dux began to propose major reforms and changes to Culldrome. Soon, with the massive support of his supporters, he formed the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome and seceded the Skulldrome Isles and Culldrome Yow. With his newly formed nation he declared war on the Culldrome Isles, starting the Culldrome Civil War. Gravity posed as his General and confidant.

Civil War[edit]

Dux, now self-crowned as a Chairman, steamrolled over the Culldrome Isles with a blitzkrieg strategy. Massive swaths of land were taken over in a matter of days. Dux then commanded a final attack on Culldrome City to end the war. However, A Porcyal bomb managed to destroy all of his armies. Seeing the large force of the Culldrome military power, Chairman Dux ordered an armistice. However, many small battles continued, resulting in losses for both sides.

In the second half of the war, in the Shadow of Culldrome, Chairman Dux gains the support of Swiss Ninja and Wu Jiao who then join the war. After undertaking the construction of a Confederate Superweapon, through the help of Dr. Blowhole, Dux begins to settle down for the long run. However, after countless Confederate losses at the hands of Culldrome's Allies, he launches even more battles. All of his efforts culminate in a Confederate loss, with Gravity killing Dux after the end seemed imminent.


Chairman Dux was the dictatorial leader of The Confederacy of Independent Culldrome. He played a big role in the Culldrome Civil War as the Confederacy's leader. Although he has a bad temper, especially when losing his battles, he managed to lead his Confederacy into a good reign, despite a short one. He had very big ambitions and managed to take down most of the Culldrome Isles and tried to do the same to other larger nations.


Opinions of Dux[edit]

Chairman Dux managed to amass a large amount of followers, who supported him as his regime during the Culldrome Civil War. Outside of his following, many heavily disapproved of Dux. Steven Snowen, his political rival, strongly condemned Dux's actions, saying that Dux was a "dictator supporting evil and selfish acts". Other nations around Antarctica also condemned and disapproved of him, instead supporting the Culldrome Isles.

Dux's Opinions of Issues[edit]


Dux was in favor of Imperialism and says that it is important for the growth of the CIC. Dux said that the conquering of smaller, weak nations would help to expand the nation. Dux's reasons for imperialism include monetary growth, land expansion, population expansion and growth political power. This imperialism was seen in the Battle of Culldrome, after the Confederacy took over Daire Isle, Life Island and Lowlaw Island.


Dux believed that a strong military is key to maintain peace in and out of the Confederacy. In his time as Chairman, Dux approved for the construction of 50 large factories, all dedicated to military building, in a 100 billion coin deal. He also had plans in the works for a large Porcyal based weapon, dubbed the Confederate Porcyal Weapon (CPW), built by Dr. Blowhole. The CPW is expected to take several months of building and testing, before being deployed. The weapon, to be carried on a plane, is said to be able to wipe out entire islands.


Dux wanted to strengthen the Confederate economy. He wished to expand and take over the mines on Menap Island, securing his nation a powerful source of exports; mainly iron ore and coal. These exports would give the CIC a massive boost to its economy. Dux also wished to tie his economic plans with his imperialistic plans, wishing to conquer smaller nations, pillaging them for money and using them for income in the long term.


  • "Dux" is Latin for "leader".
    • Ironically, he was a puppet leader, under the control of Gravity.
  • Although he is of Skulldrom origin, Dux has no Japalandese blood in him at all.

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