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As we all know, times change. Mountains wear down, rivers dry up, cities rise up and stars burn out. We all get old and eventually die. Time affects everybody, even the citizens of the Club Penguin Fanon Universe. Here, you will find their futures from 2020 to 2120, and see where their descendants go and do.

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Setting the scene[edit]

In 2020 the most threatening and deadly event rocked the multiverse: the Wikia Catastrophe. An insane freak named Virus thought it his duty to destroy every universe in the Wikia Network and even Wikia itself. A team of dedicated creatures from Club Penguin Fanon set out to stop him, jumping across time, space, even worlds to repair the damage he caused and to end Virus' quest.

However, they failed. In the end Virus unleashed a deletion wave on the whole multiverse, which eventually destroyed everything except a small area inside the Holy Wikia. by the time the dedicated penguins reached Virus, they were whittled down to Willy the Penguin and James Kwiksilver. Willy sacrificed himself getting Kwiksilver into the Wikia Control room. Kwiksilver defeated Virus, who turned out to be his alternate self, then reversed the Deletion Wave so it deleted all living creatures and restored all deleted things. Kwiksilver pulled the switch, and was deleted along with Virus as the multiverse was rollbacked and everything went back to normal.

After the Catastrophe, it became apparent that connected universes won't as safe as they were once thought. Many universes, including Club Penguin Fanon, severed their connections with Wikia and moved into "empty space" where they could never enter Wikia again.*(see Trivia) The Bureau of Fiction continued doing its job as normal.

For the next 100 years, no evil entered Club Penguin Fanon and civilisation flourished. Flying cars, large-scale teleportation and reliable Time Travel became part of regular life. Families also grew magnificently. The only threats were from "nether-beings" that resided in "empty space" and occasionally broke through to CP Fanon. They were dealt with quickly and efficiently by the Bureau.

It wasn't until 2120 that a descendant of the same James Kwiksilver that saved the multiverse rose to power as a dictator of Antarctica. It was then that the golden age ended.

Time Travel Debate[edit]

Now hold on. I don't mind time travel existing, but I don't think it should become a public type of transportation. First off, that's VERY dangerous. If a time machine falls into the wrong hands, the future can be terribly altered, and who knows what will happen. there are a lot of people who would obviously abuse that chance.

I would think taht Time Travel should still continue to be used in secrecy for the safety of others. Just think, We can all look back and look at our mistakes. Penguins such as Swiss Ninja would love to get their hands on a time machine and fix their mistakes. Next thing you know it, the future is altered and SN has all of antarctica. Who wants that? (No one.)

--Swiss Ninja Signature.png User Talk SN.png 01:43, 26 January 2011 (UTC)

Kwiksilver Family[edit]

At the end of the Wikia Catastrophe, James Kwiksilver's good friend Willy the Penguin attempted to bring Kwiksilver back from the Cybervoid. This failed, and instead a young chick was created that resembled Kwiksilver, but was not James himself. Willy agreed to adopt this chick and raise him as his own. He was named Christopher Kwiksilver.

Christopher was taught the secrets of interdimensional travel by Willy, who took on Kwiksilver's role as the Guardian of the Multiverse (also called the Order of Universal Guardians) and was often away helping other universes grow. Willy found a way to secretly connect Club Penguin Fanon to other universes that were in Wikia and had split from Wikia. When Willy retired, Chris became the second Vortex Guardian.

See also: Order of Universal_Guardians#3. Christopher James Kwiksilver 2040-2110

Christopher was the longest serving Vortex Guardian, and was known as "filosofo del tempo" (Philosopher of Time). Chris' research into time travel was further than any other being in history.

For the rest of the time the Order of Universal Guardians was run by the Kwiksilver family.


The Nation of Liguria will be very peaceful and stable for many years to come. Swiss Ninja's rants will not effect it since Liguria is an "ally" with snowzerland, NOT an annex. Peace and prosperity lives in liguria even during the Kwiksilver dictatorship, allied with them too and did not get annexed.

Austin's Future[edit]

Coming soon

XTUX Hun[edit]

XTUX Hun continues his reign of terror over politicians and public figures everywhere until around 20 when XTUX decided to settle down and live a normal life. However the government doesn't trust him and sends out it's best agents to take him out, and XTUX flees to Snowzerland, where he sides with Austin and attempts to take out the gang once more.

This doesn't go so well as XTUX is no longer as young and eventually his computerized brain breaks down completely, leaving XTUX dead. Austin finds his dead friend and takes him to get repaired, giving his brain a major overhall and installing a new OS. After being repaired some of XTUX's violent tendecies are removed, making him a bit less usefull, but his sense of right and wrong is still corrupted, so he remains sided with Austin.

Once the gang is defeated and Austin is killed XTUX somehow gets him a ghost pass (I dunno about XTUX being director, the other admins can decide) and XTUX gets his old friend back. XTUX is later transformed into a complete robot, with all his detoriating organic parts removed and replaced with mechanical parts.

However, even XTUX could not last forever, and eventually, with his memory backup module completely trashed and unreplaceable, XTUX was on the verge of dying, this time without a single way out. He repented of his past sins and spent his last energy asking those who he had wronged for forgiveness. He died with a unburdened conscience and with a smile on his face, a truely happy one for the first time in years. XTUX was given a fine funural and buried right next to his best buddy in life, Austin.

Sancho Monte Captio[edit]

Sancho Monte Captio continues to manage his successful airline, SkyJet Airways. Sancho Monte Captio also retook control of the National Airports Authority, expanding all the facilities at every airport in the United States of Anatrctica.Sancho opened ninety more airports in the twenty years . Sancho Monte Captio also moved to South Pole City, with his wife, Katy, who continues to succeed in the music industry. Sancho's son, Jacob Monte Captio becomes the Cheif Operating Officer of SkyJet Airways and married a girl in Polaris, and had five children, two girls and three boys. He also managed to barely escape being assasinated by XTUX Hun a few times, and one time Sancho managed to survive a fiery helicopter crash while trying to get away from XTUX.

In 2079, Sancho dies of natural causes, and widows his aging wife, Katy. His grandson then takes over SkyJet Airways which still held the top airline position. Sancho is buried in the infield grass of South Pole City airport.

TurtleShroom's Family and friends and companies[edit]

I've already outlined a lot, if I recall.

Agent Meltie, Rocket Slug, Phineas34720's Future[edit]

As you can tell simply by reading the articles, Agent and RS are step-sisters who fight, hit, but although at the same time, love each other dearly. And like every penguin who doesn't die fast, there is a future cut out for them. The outcome may be good or bad. So you should hear what I have planned, or, put more simply, what I have written.

After Agent's wedding, she, her husband James, their daughters (Chanel, Rocketeer), and their son (Joseph) moved into a large igloo-mansion in the newly-expanded South Pole City. Agent's sister, Rocket, moved back to her hometown, Freezeland, and Phineas moved to Happyface State, where he had lived for a short time as a chick.

Agent's igloo was beautiful interior-wise, but built very poorly. The roof leaked. The stairs creaked. Underneath the Victorian rug was a nest of scorpions! (How the scorpions got there is none of my business.) Their lamps (the ones that came with the house, like every 2035 igloo had now) had a potato stuffed inside instead of a light bulb. They really, really, really needed to move out because of high rent fees and the shabby quality of the building. Unfortunately, due to the high traffic all around the city, it was definitely a challenge. Every time they tried to leave, they had to drive more cautiously than ever before.

So they decided to do some home improvements. James repainted. Agent removed the scorpions and replaced the potatoes. The cleanliness of the manor also mattered. Agent washed the dishes. James vacuumed. Chanel, Joseph, and Rocketeer even offered to clean up their bedrooms. Pretty soon, the awful house was even better than what the brochure advertised.

Rocket, meanwhile, continued a lonely musical career. She became a celebic penguin who never found love, in her new deluxe igloo. She wrote mean and Emoguin-based songs, mostly based on the influence of her older sister during chickhood. She became a ghost of the girl she is in the present. She started to randomly walk into walls even when she knew the right direction to go.

She cried a lot. She even stole things. When she gave up this, it left a large hole in her mind that she filled with love for Sye. She always had a crush on the little nerd. She later began dating Sye, despite their conflicted pasts. But they soon began to clash. Sye personally invaded RS' glass figurine collection by replacing each figurine with all sorts of alien tracking devices to "save the world from evil," as he put it. She tossed them across the room, destroying them in a fit of anger, and yelled at Sye to "give up his stupid hobby." He corrected her that it wasn't stupid, and it's for the Greater Good. They broke up in a bitter fight. Once again, there was a large, empty void in Rocket's mind, and it was all Sye's fault. But, I mean, what isn't?

Phineas34720's future was a little rocky as well. After he turned 22, he moved out of his parent's old house because it was just getting too uncomfortable for him to still be living with his parents. Using his fantastic building skills, he was able to prepare a small igloo to live in. It didn't seem too small, but it was fortunately large enough to hold all of his things. It was soon defaced with spray paint by some punk penguins, and he became homeless.


In 2022, LuXerra joins Lightwood. In January 2025, LuXerra marries Flywish II. In September 2025, their first child, Blake Christian "Flywish" III is born. In May 2026, their second child, Azaro Thrasher "Luxio" Wish is born. In January 2028, their third and final child, Hikari Martha "Shinx" Wish is born. The younger two were referred under the surname Luxray instead of Wish, although Flywish III used the Wish surname. Both Flywish III and Luxio became wrestlers in CPWE, although Luxio turned out to be better than Flywish III, with Luxio becoming a 4-time world champion. LuXerra died in 2070, at the age of 81. Flywish III had 1 chick, who was named Flywish IV. Luxio had 3 chicks, and Shinx had 5.

Star Kirby12, etc.[edit]


Penquino's Family[edit]

In post-catastrophe fanon, Penquino remains a very successful penguin in the now world-power nation of Shops Island. Not only has he brought forth strength and development to Southern Shops, the state of which he is governor, but he is also on the relatively new Jedi Council in the Shops Island Jedi temple, which he founded almost a decade ago.

His sister Mito is still a successful scientist, but is now renowned around Antarctica for her works, which have not only included her mass amounts of inventions, but also her discovery of the element Squarium, which, since it's discovery has changed Antarctica forever. Her son and daughter are now young adults exploring the world to find out what they like. Unfortunately, Penquino and Mito haven't spoken in years due to an unknown rift and both of their work taking so much of their time.

During the Shops Civil War, Penquino and Mito both contribute in major ways against the soon-to-be Shopper Empire, which is under the control of his former apprentice Djf1107 and his former political nemesis Brook Edward LasVegas, who are both Sith. Penquino is named the president of the rebelling United States of Shops Island after a coin-toss with Chill57181. He not only acted as a combat general, but also as a political negotiator to speak amongst other Shops states as well as other nations, to get them to rally for the rebel's cause. In addition, it was during this event that he was forced to reveal himself as a Jedi after 13 years. Mito was contacted by the rebels in the middle of the crisis, and she joined the cause to not only help the rebels, but her brother as well.

In the aftermath of the Shops Civil War, which ended in the destruction of Shops Island, making it uninhabitable, Penquino was forced to move not only himself but the entire Jedi base which he had established to a new home. Once the order was moved to it's new location, it went back into a bit of a depression. Although it was now revealed to the public, it could not act as an Antarctic peacekeeper just yet, as it retained major losses from the civil war, mostly from the jedi killed in combat and lack of power to be active and still be able to defend themselves from larger powers. Mito moved to the same city as her brother, and they repaired their distanced relationship. Penquino would take this time to help found the Shops Union, and later a Jedi city-state, both to protect his friends and the things he holds dear.

In 2031, Penquino and an unknown penguin will have a force-sensitive son named Penquino II. He will be trained in the ways of the jedi, and will be knighted at age 13 after five years of being a padawan (2044-2045). Also by 2031, Penquino starts to establish the jedi in other nations, reviving or building new Jedi Temples and expanding awareness across Antarctica. Sometime in the 2040s, he meets and marries Felicia Hochstadt. Beyond that, it is assumed he has chicks that become a part of the jedi order, and that he may become a part of the Jedi Council, considering his father's sphere of influence on the rebuilding of the jedi as well as his own skills and accomplishments in the Jedi Order.

By 2120, The Jedi are once again established across Antarctica as a multinational peacekeeping institution. There is at least one temple in every major democratic nation that will allow them to be there, and there are thousands of Jedi spread far across those temples helping citizens however they can and working to keep Antarctica a peaceful place. It is unknown if the Penquino family still play a part in the Jedi Order at this time, but even if they don't, the Order will always remember the Penquino family for their contributions to the order and to the safety of Antarctica. To show this remembrance, a statue of Penquino (1) is located in the grand entrance of the main Jedi Temple.