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Full Name Charlene Taribum
Status Alive
Born Charlene Taribum
Species High Penguin-Demon Penguin
Race Half-Demon High penguin
Gender Female
Height 1'12" (34 cm)
Weight Unidentified
Residence Unknown
Nationality Freezelandian
Parents Pazuzu
Military Service
Allegiance The Titans
Education Homeschooled

Charlene Taribum, known to her friends as Charlene, is the daughter of the demon king, Pazuzu, making her role as princess, but eventually queen. Though she does not like to be considered "better" by others like her, she is still considered a "smarty," making herself look smart, and often makes herself be the good guy. Her father loves her so much that if she does anything bad, he is okay with it, and let's her be second-in-command of the army that he has. She often is his partner (of course) of planning attacks and raids as well. She is destined to be queen after the possible death of her father, and soon take over the throne.


She hatched intentionally by her father, as she was actually created by him, in which she hatched in 1997, at an unknown date and month, even the time as well. From a young age, she was "daddy's little girl," as she took a lot of care into her, feeding her, and showing her how to be rude and evil as well. As she grew older, she was homeschooled, and often took much credit in math, science, english, etc. that she even became smarter than her father at one one point, though she is still equally smart as her father of course. As she was fifteen, she hang out with a lot of other teenage boys her type of course, to which her dad lets her, of course.


She is involved with her father's works and plans.


She is "a good, happy and nice girl," by her fathers and other demon penguins alike, but she is rude, crude, brash, and downright immature. She is known for lying to others, and committing fraud, and also shoplifting.


Though she smaller than her dad, she is still equally strong, and even though she is not a demon like her father, she still has traits, like sharp teeth. She has white feathers and has blonde hair.