Charles Island

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This article is about the biggest island in NNE. If you meant the island of Charles, please visit Charles' Key.

Charles Island
The biggest one.
Key details
Type Island
Level 30
Location New North Etana
Inhabitants Etana Penguins

Charles Island is an island in New North Etana. The city of Wentley - the only penguin settlement in the area is located there. The island is inhabited by the Etana rebels penguins, the first inhabitants of the state. Wentley is the biggest city in the state. Located on the southern edge of the island, is a quite large city, and it's quickly grownig bigger. But Mayor Ellisabeta, to prevent destroying the island's natural beauty, Wentley is already large, but it is growing even bigger. Most of the whole penguin immigrants live there. The ruler of the island is a female penguin - the mayor of Wentley - Ellisabeta. It has an airport, and a seaport. Many penguins often visit this place first, on their route to NNE.

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