Charles Maniaca von Injoface

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Charles Maniaca von Injoface
Charles Maniaca von Injoface image.png
"The misery of others makes for GREAT television!"
Title Host of Absolute Thespian Islet.
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Related to Mabel! ...MABEL'S BROTHER!
Health Incredible
Level Egotistical
Status Causing choas and misery to the fourteen unfortunate campers in his twisted game show.
Location Charles' Key, hosting ATI.
Birth date 1991

Charles Maniaca von Injoface is the sadistic host of the popular television series, Absolute Thespian Islet. Like everyone in the von Injoface family, he loves seeing misery at the expense of others and somehow finds himself in a position of authority. He enjoys messing with the participant's minds and pairing incompatible individuals together. He is Mabel's younger brother. If a bomb shelter is needed, please head down the hall and turn left.


Charles, like all of Mabel's family, stood out among all other puffles. He acted different, had some sort of hair, and displayed a slightly evil tendency. He loved tormenting others, their misery being his joy.

When he was young, his mother and sister forced him to be in television commercials, since that would give them money and Emily wouldn't do it without him. He was very interested in the techniques of making them, and even wrote the script for some commercials themselves. As they grew up, they became more famous and popular. However, Emily realized that Mabel XVIII was getting all of the money and credit, so she got mad and quit. Mabel XVIII didn't take this kindly, and shipped Emily to the Pet Shop, where she wouldn't see her mother or brother for years. Charles was then afraid of his mother and became more obedient, and continued giving her money. In 2008, he decided enough was enough and left Mabel XVIII, leaving her to fend for herself.

Charles needed to get a big break, and he saw auditions to be the host of an upcoming television show, Antarctican Idol. The producers recognized him from the commercials he did when he was younger and let him preform. Charles had a great force of personality and he blew the producers away and got the role. Charles was host for a year, and loved seeing poor singers get roasted by the judges.

After that, he quickly pursued the entertainment business further, making commercials of his own, writing screenplays for existing television shows, enrolling in universities specialized in the entertainment industry, and then creating his own television series from scratch getting the necessary money from his twin's owner, Pizza Penguin. It took a while to get published, since a lot of producers didn't like "crass and low-brow excuses for television". Being a relative of Mabel, Charles took it personally, claiming he was "gracing the television industry with a revolutionary new station unlike any they've ever seen".

Seeing that HollySnow would get him nowhere, he turned to his cousin friend, Director Benny. The Master of the Universe agreed that his show would make good television, that arguing characters expresses "raw emotion" like no other art he knew, and quickly snatched some taxpayer funds from the USA as a government grant for Charles to make his program (despite the fact that he knew that Pizza Penguin already gave Charles enough money and their uncle would have if PP wasn't able to).

Charles sent invitations to several teenagers to get on his show. He made the contract extremely long so they wouldn't have time to read all of it and not know about all the sadistic contests he was going to put them through. As they wanted fame and money, many teens signed up for his show and Absolute Thespian Islet was born. The show was a hit, as many people enjoyed seeing the sadistic torment of the contestants- schadenfreude in action.

Emily heard of Chris's show and decided to meet up with him. They were overjoyed to see each other as they missed each other very much. Later they decided to meet with their other estranged sister, Mabel, who was given away before they were born. Mabel and Charles got along very well as they both were egotistical and sadistic, and worked together to torment Explorer in revenge for hitting Mabel with a shovel all those times. However, Emily and Mabel did not get along and in fact hated each other. Charles did not like seeing his sisters fight, but didn't really want to get involved.


Charles now produces, writes, and directs the ATI series, tormenting the contestants who battle for over ten million coins on his private island. He is currently working on another show called Von Injoface Lifestyles Exposed, which is another reality TV show, but about his family.

Sometime in the mid 2010s he saw several of Kim Karkrashian's viral videos. He was enthralled by how popular they were, and contacted Kim to make a reality television show in the vein of VILE. Charles was initially disapointed by the TV series. It was incredibly mundane, with the Karkrashian family just doing their daily chores and activities. There was little violence or sadism, and Chris found it pretty boring. However the show was a smash hit and had millions of viewers, so Charles did not want to axe the show. Little did he know, Kim was putting subliminal messages into it, and if she ever gained the power she desires she wouldn't hesitate to kill Charles so she would get all the money from the show.

Charles is close to his sisters Mabel and Emily, but not as much to Cabel because she is fat and pretty dim, although he appreciates that she thinks he's cool and watches his TV shows a lot. He has a strained relationship with his mother, since she entered him into the world of television, but their relationship is pretty dysfunctional, mostly because she hates his twin sister and doesn't show unconditional love towards him. He divorced her after he reached adulthood to be independent to her, but they are capable of having a conversation without screaming punctuation. He occasionally goes with Mabel to visit her in prison.


  • Charles is a direct parody of the Total Drama Island host, Chris McLean, but also other hosts like Ryan Seacrest.
  • Charles and Mabel have a very good relationship with one another. Both are egotistical, both scream in punctuation, both view themselves as gorgeous/superior to others, and each are sadistic.
    • Mabel, however, despises Charles' tendency to use slang such as "dude" and improper grammar.
  • He is Emily von Injoface's twin sister. They are extremely close, and he has adapted her views on Fashism, although not as extreme as her.
  • He is also close to his sister Cabel, as she watches his TV shows a lot. This makes Charles the only child in his nuclear family to be close to as well as not dislike all three siblings (Mabel dislikes Cabel, vice versa, Emily dislikes Mabel, vice versa, Cabel dislikes Emily, vice versa [debatable]).
  • He is the only male child of Mabel XVIII. He is also the only one she doesn't love nor despise greatly.
  • He is named after his great uncle Chuck von Injoface.
  • He is the most empathetic of his siblings (unless you count Foamy).
  • He is one of the few people to not be affected by Kim Karkrashian's subliminal messaging in her videos.

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