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Charlie34 Pie
Fat viking.JPG
He is so obsessed with pie.
Title The Pie Family founder
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Good
Health Deceased
Level Crazy
Status Dead
Location In grave
Birth date January 7th, 1880
Occupation Artist
Interests Art, sculpture, pie, dessert, pie, did we mention pie?
Friends None
Enemies None
Archetype Good Guy

Charlie34 Pie was a crazy Viking Penguin who loves pie. He is Feey1 Pie's great great grandfather, and founder of The Pie Family. He hatched in 1880, and died on March 5th, 1944.


Chick Years[edit]

Charlie was born in the outskirts of the Viking city, Frostize. When Charlie34 was still an egg, his father kept good care of him. His dad always made sure the egg was safe, and warm. However one day Charlie's dad accidentally dropped him in a pumpkin pie that was given to him by a traveller from the modern day city of South Pole City, and part of the egg cracked. A piece of pie got into the egg before Charlie's dad got it out. When Charlie hatched he was a cute, and fluffy chick. When his mom returned with food, Charlie refused to eat fish. His parents tried to get him to eat it, but he refused to. After one dinner, his mom put an apple pie on the table. The smell was amazing to Charlie, and he instantly jumped into the foreign food called pie. Vikings hardly ate it back then, and it was quite a delicacy for him. He ate ALL the pie, and when he was done he asked for more. When he was five years old he took an interest in art, and started to draw abstract art in preschool. His first drawing was very weird, and when he showed it to the teacher she took it from him. Later that day she had a meeting with the parents saying: 'Your chick has drawn a bad thing.' Charlie was grounded for two weeks, and tried to tell his parents he didn't mean to draw a bad thing.

Teenage Years[edit]

When Charlie34 turned thirteen he had a lot of Fat, and was a award winning artist. Several of his pieces got into a museum, and fans wanted autographs from him. He became very rich, and soon very rude. At age 15 he was rich, fat, and rude penguin. He yelled at people that didn't agree with him, slapped annoying fans with Fish. When he was sixteen he got really mad at his parents, and ran away. He got a job at a car wash, but didn't make enough money there. So after he quit he sold he last few pieces of art he had. He used his last money to go to Viking military school.

Adult Years[edit]

After a year in Viking Military school, Charlie went to work at the school's cafeteria, and began baking pie for his fellow students, who eventually liked pie almost as much as he did. About five years later, Charlie graduated the Viking Military School as the rank of a captain and owner of a ship, but he was still pretty fat and was considered one of the laziest warriors on the school, yet he was an exceptionally good fighter. However, before he embarked on his journey into the unknown, he had some buisness to take care of. He was so obsessed with pie that he changed his last name to PIE! A year after changing his last name he fell in love with a famous musician, and they married within a year. Then, the two sailed away from Frostize, only to get into a storm and their ship crashed onto the shores of the Antarctic Peninsula about a mile away from Shiverpool, where they decided to settle down since Charlie hardly had any money, and he built his home out of the remains of his ship with his wife. They had a small chick which would soon become Feey1's great grandpa. However Charlie34's wife started to be very rude, and this forced a divorce. Charlie kept their chick, and raised him. When his chick turned six, Charlie's last money went out. So he went and got a job as a waiter at a diner. When Charlie34 was 64 years old, he died of Fat.


Charlie34 is an arrogant penguin that doesn't take others' advice. He is rude to everyone that doesn't do something right, and screams and cusses a lot. He's stated that he'd "turn in a friend for money; no matter the amount." In fact, he did turn in one of his friends who was being chased by knights. As a result, not many liked him.


  • "Give me pie!"
  • "Out of my way, out of my way!"
  • "Serves you right!"
  • "No, I'm right."
  • "I laugh at you. Hahahaha!"


He creates a lot of art work for museums. He hardly ever sculpts, and is more into painting. His best art piece was worth over 5,000,000 coins, but sold at an auction for only 1,000,000 coins.



  • He has never heard about Puffles.
  • He really likes western movies.
  • The only other food he will eat besides pie is a smoothie.
  • He is now dead.

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