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Charlotte's devious grin.
Title KKF Head Assassin
Gender Female
Faction The Bad Guys
Occupation Mwa Mwa Penguin
Nationality Antarctican

Charlotte is a heartless and cruel assassin who will stop at nothing to help Kim Karkrashian and her followers to take over the universe. She is highly skilled in the art of sword-fighting, but often lets her temper get the best of her. Most the time, she fights through blind rage and not precision. She has a sister and a brother that often help her on her directed murdering sprees against the Anti-KKF.


Early Life[edit]

Charlotte wasn't always so cruel. At a time in the past, she was a normal Mwa Mwa, bothersome as usual with her first twin sister, Emma. Emma and Charlotte were inseparable. They played with toys and dolls and begged "mummie moos" to adopt them everyday. They had a perfectly normal life, according to Mwa Mwa standards; until one day, Emma was gone. Charlotte searched everywhere for her lost sister until one day, a shady figure appeared by her in an alley. She was then brutishly knocked out, only to awake in a strange, dark area.

A figure, very feminine, hovered over her. She had the fragrant smell of a poppy field mingled with harsh fragments of blood. The figure was Kim Karkrashian in her true form. She hissed a proposal to Charlotte, telling her to join her in her strife against the universe to see her sister again. Charlotte pleaded yes, just to see her sister again. Kim was very pleased and strode off with a smirk, the grim scent following her. In a flash, a robot replaced Kim's spot. The robot looked just like Emma, but didn't speak. It had a knife for a flipper and a proton blaster for the other. Charlotte was furious that anyone could do this to her poor, innocent sister. Emma was now a war android.

Ever since Kim had left the room, it had a putrid smell of blood. Charlotte got up and went to the wall which had a superfluous amount of knives, swords, and melee weapons of all sorts. The first weapon Charlotte laid eyes on was a light, silver katana with a dark gray handle in a neon purple sheath. Charlotte picked it immediately and followed the poppy scent, only to bump right into her target, Kim. Kim grinned and told her that the only way to see her true sister again was to help her. Rage-filled but fueled by passion, Charlotte nodded yes.

Meeting the Chicks[edit]

Kim brought Charlotte out of the dark room into a pastel colored room. The room had a young Mwa Mwa boy who donned a Christmas-colored scarf and a black hoodie lounging on a couch with the corresponding colors, black, green and maroon. The first thing Charlotte noticed about him was his jagged tooth, protruding from his beak. He was playing a loud and violent video game, effortlessly and rapidly tapping the buttons on his controller. The other side of the room had another young Mwa Mwa girl in a crib, playing with a stuffed bunny that looked normal enough and an ominous looking teddy bear. She spoke cheerfully to the stuffed toys and moved them, as if they were living. Charlotte shuddered. She turned around to Kim, but to her surprise, she was no longer there. Charlotte realized she'd have to get used to living with these two creeps.

Learning Sword-fighting[edit]

Kaitlin and Kolette Karkrashian decided to use the android Little Emma to teach Charlotte how to use her katana to battle. It took many months of practice, cuts and bruises, and chipped teeth for Charlotte to even land the blade on Little Emma's surface. Charlotte was mostly dealing with emotional stress from practically battling her sister and hate of the android for looking just like her sister and not being able to replace her. Everyday, Little Emma silently selected her blade. She would wield it by her head and wait for Charlotte to begin. Charlotte grew tired of the daily routine and just wanted it to stop. Finally, she gathered the strength to push Little Emma's sword down and place her katana's blade to her skin before it was brutishly knocked out of her flippers. It took lots of energy, but she had finally done it.

Current Life[edit]

Charlotte spends most of her time tracking down particularly dangerous Anti-KKF threats and eliminating them, hoping that Kim will spare her twin's life in time for her to see her when she takes over the universe... if she does.

Battles Against the Anti-KKF[edit]

Johnathan Rose[edit]

After being directed to his location by Kim's insanely accurate tracking devices, Charlotte patiently stood in the cold downpour; hidden in an alley waiting for him to walk by. After he spotted her, he immediately drew his weapon, and she did the same, tackling him down to the wet, freezing snow. She almost ended him right then and there with her katana, but he blocked her attack with the handle of his dual-sided lightsaber. She nicked his cheek with the tip of her blade; sliding on the snow, holding her ground. He froze for a moment and swiped his saber up, the bulbs of her antennae fried clean off. In pure rage, she swung her sword, just barely missing his torso. As he turned around to spot her again, Charlotte stabbed him right through the back. She had won the battle.

Melancholy Rose[edit]

Once again by the accuracy of Kim's penguin tracker, she found the location of Johnathan's father who had been pursuing her since his death. Better end him now than later, she thought. It was early in the morning, the giddy chirping of birds ringing throughout air into the quiet alley. And there he was, hopping off the top of a building. She stayed in the same spot, waiting for his move. As he drew his weapon, he told her to draw her's. Obeying, she officially initiated the battle.

They hacked and slashed at each other to no avail, only hitting each others' blades. Finally, Charlotte managed to stab past his dirk and almost stabbed him in the chest, if it weren't for his quick wits. Melancholy skirted around her and almost cut her arm off, saved only by her even faster reflexes. In rage, she slashed his stomach, grinning as her katana shot to the right, the tip dripping red. As it was only a minor streak, he quickly retaliated, but was quickly blocked by her sword, blocking his swings in the blink of an eye.

Charlotte grinned, knowing this would be an easy win. As she planned to make another sharp blow to her determined opponent, she paused, stricken with pain. He had slashed deep across her face. As she held her flipper by her wound, she quickly sheathed her katana and hopped back a few steps. "Woo haven't seen da wast of mwe, Mewanchowy Wose!" With that, she sprinted off. "We not done here!" She called behind herself, as she hopped onto a dumpster in the alley, running across the rooftops. Charlotte lost the duel.


  • "I will do anyting to see mwy wista again."
  • "Who are woo and what have woo done with mwy wista?!"
  • "Woo haven't seen da wast of mwe, Mewanchowy Wose!"


  • She was the killer of Johnathan Rose.
    • She also killed 24 more people.
  • She has very thick eyebrows, which also hint if she weren't a Mwa Mwa, she'd have black hair.
  • She loathes Kim, but is forced to work for her.
  • Like some of the other members of the KKF her irises turned red, but are shaped as hearts.

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