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Gatekeeper to the Hacker's Underworld
Title Administrative Captain of the Hacker's Underworld
Gender Male
Race Geeco-Dorkugese
Faction The Oar is the only item that can open the Gate to the Hacker's Underworld.
Health Frail (he lives at the entrance to the Hacker's Underworld, its in a cave.
Level haX0r
Status Not laughing.
Location Hacker's Underworld, entrance.
Occupation Gatekeeper
Interests Secretly has a crush on Salina
Friends Hackers
Enemies Pranksters
Archetype Neutral

Charon (Pronounced Kare-on) (Χαράσσονταςφύλακαςπυλών, Geeco-Dorkugese for "Hackers Gate Keeper") is the administrator of the Hacker's Underworld, particularly at its gate. He's also one of the most serious penguins ever known, and has never laughed.

As one hacker put it:
"Charon can only speak in Leet (like Captain Str00del), but unlike Str00del, he has no sense of humor and takes his job very seriously. His emotes are always serious, and he types in >:( , never :) . It's rather depressing."




Charon at his console.

The River Acheron, which is the only way to the HUW, forks near a hill. If you turn right, HUW. Turn left, ocean. He has security cameras there, which monitor left and right turns.

He not only lets people in and out with the oar, he also tracks all e-mails, instant messages, ect., any website visited, all online conversations (like that real-world Skype thing), phone calls, and anything electronic in the HUW, as well as any outgoing traffic to the "Overworld". However, he can not track Overworld electronics.

Charon can follow anyone in the Hacker's Underworld at his console, but only in the Underworld, not the Overworld.

The only way out of the HUW (and to the surface) is through the Acheron River. Charon also administers outbound traffic.


  • Anyone who can make Charon laugh gets a lifetime passage through the gate, an unmonitored IP Address, a special necklace (like the Music Jam VIP card), and gets Charon on their buddy list, no matter who they are.
    • However, no one has ever succeded.

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