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Chase the Penguin

Chase during Operation: Blackout.
Born Chase Sebastian Penguin
April 7, 1988 (1988-04-07) (age 31)
Club Penguin City
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Chase the Grapple Guy
Ethnicity High Penguin
Education Unknown
Alma mater Unknown
Occupation EPF Agent
Years active 2008-present
Notable works Various
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Known for Helping out in Operation: Blackout
Title Chase the Penguin
Spouse(s) None
Children None

Chase the Penguin is a top agent and former PSA Agent. He's a very good agent, and specializes in making quick and silent attacks, leading infiltration missions and is also known for dodging objects quite well. He's one of the two leaders of Antarctica Division 1 and almost always takes his grappling hook with him on missions. He's usually quite serious, but unlike most serious penguins, he does smile and joke. He sometimes works in the South Pole City branch of the EPF, but mostly works for the Club Penguin branch. He is also known as Chase the Grappling Guy due to his skills with a grappling hook.


Chase was born to two penguins in a small igloo in Club Penguin City. His mother died shortly after his egg was laid, and his father had a hard time making money. He was caught trying to steal money to try and survive, but was sent to jail. Chase was taken in by his uncle and aunt who usually confined to the igloo since they were afraid he might follow in his father's footsteps, and tried to steer him away from that path. One evening, while his aunt and uncle were both asleep, Chase managed to quickly and silently leave the igloo and saw his father in jail where he spoke to him. His father greatly regretted his choice, but either way told him to return to his aunt and uncle's house before he was caught. Chase did this whenever his aunt and uncle were asleep, and later found out he was great at doing this.

He was bullied at school, and was infamous and unpopular for having a father that was in jail. He did well in class (even maths), and was bullied more for being a "nerd" which inspired a rumour that he might have been a Dorkugese Penguin. Most penguins didn't want to be his friend, which made Chase feel quite sad and lonely most of the time. After constantly being bullied every week, he decided to stand up to the bullies once and for all. He played pranks on most of the bullies, and quickly and quietly left without them noticing. He even started to stand up to those who bullied other penguins. He was quite hard to catch, for being quick and sometimes good at hiding, and managed to land some of them in detention. Though he was beaten up a few times, his classmates still acknowledged the fact that he saved them from being bullied. His popularity increased slightly because of this, and slowly, most chicks looked up to him for whenever someone was getting bullied. Soon, most penguins got bored of telling each other that Chase's father was stuck behind bars.

After making it through most of his educational life, Chase had a hard time trying to find a job, while college took away almost all of his pocket money and a lot of his aunt and uncle's money. He decided to go to Club Penguin and buy himself some new items. He first visited the Sports Shop, where he accidentally uncovered the PSA hideout. After learning of it's secrets, and reading F.I.S.H., he was allowed to join. After the PSA was destroyed in the popcorn bomb, he joined the EPF after the cleanup and achieved his rank after training hard and trying to prove to everyone that he was not like his father at all. He was promoted after fighting in Operation: Blackout and helping to lead agents through Herbert's base.


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