Cheddar Ninja

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Cheddar Ninja
Cheddar Ninja.png
He is a n00b dispite the moustashe
Title Oi, you!
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction his own
Health Great
Level Grand Master (so he wants you to think)
Status Anoyed
Location His tiny apartment in a Downtown Zurich Flat.
Not to be confused with Cheddarbox

Cheddar Ninja is a total n00b, egomaniac "cousin" of Swiss Ninja. He was hatched from his egg on July 9, 2009. His father was said to be Warning von Brown, a missing brother of Red River 2 and Jock Hochstadt (The truth is that Red River 2 is his actual father, but doesn't know). His Grandfather is Yilk, who finds him annoying and neglects him.


Cheddar was born in Club Penguin. His parents were Red River 2 and Tammyfeih, who accidentally had him hatched. Because his parents didn't want him from day one, he was sent to the Dojo to train to become a ninja. He failed epicly to become a ninja. Luckilly, Sensei took pity on him and allowed him to win. After he became a Ninja, he tried to join the PSA but was rejected. He was told that his father was a penguin named Warning von Brown, not Red River 2, who was his real father. Red River 2 and Tammyfeih found Cheddar to be extremely annoying, and banished their son from their household. Cheddar moved to Zurich, in a search to find a better life.


Ever since he arrived, Cheddar Ninja was known in Zürich as the City Idiot and in honor of him, they made a statue of him in the City Square. Well, it's actually a statue of Swiss Ninja, but he doesn't know that. Cheddar, dispite being Swiss Ninja's biological brother, has been mocked, scorned, and beaten for fun by city folk, who regularly do this after their trips from the Cream Soda bars.


Uhhh... none.


Cheddar Ninja did come into little importance in The Adventures of Piper and Leonardo, when he was asked by his uncle, Jock Hochstadt, to create a diversion for Swiss Ninja and the soldiers so that they could rescue Piper and Leonardo.

His Military[edit]

His Military consists of his imaginary friend, Pickles, and a amall pebble. However, no description can match his own:

Every soldier has pledged to stay loyal to his fellow soldiers and especially to pledge loyalty to ME. They call ME The Grand General!! THEY GIVE ME RESPECT!!! THEY OBAY ME!!!!!
— Cheddar Ninja


Cheddar Ninja is most known by the public because of his Ego.

Cheddar Ninja, though he actually has no accomplishments, let them go to his head. Characters have mockingly referred to him as "perfect" for years, though he's never done anything to denounce it.

He's a frequent boaster of all of his mighty accomplishments, reminding everyone how he once beat sensi in Card-Jitsu (no-one had the heart to tell him that Sensei took pity on him), and how he owns a NON-MEMBER IGLOO (bigger than yours)!

Because of characters mocking him, he usually threatens them in some way with his soldiers, although Maggiore's military has not been sent out to dispatch any mockers as of now.

Cheddar Ninja's Puffles[edit]

Cheddar Ninja has no puffles.


  • Swiss ninja is Cheddar's "cousin". However, Cheddar is really Swiss Ninja's biological brother, who is younger than Clovis. No one knows this, though, except for his real biological parents.
  • Cheddar Ninja's worst enemy is Swiss Ninja.
    • His other worst enemy is Mabel, which is odd, considering their egos rival each other.
  • He is very bad at Origami (The Art of paper folding).
  • He is very bad at rapping.
  • He is bad at long jump.
  • He has a secret crush on Maddieworld. This is another reason he hates his brother.
  • He has attempted to have a Harem like his brother, but failed miserably...well sort of. The only penguin he was able to woo was his flat's landlady, who is an ugly, fat penguin who is much older than him. Funny enough, she is the only penguin in Zurich that likes Cheddar. Strangely enough, Cheddar likes her back.


  • Where is my pie?
  • (to his students)

Cheddar Ninja: Welcome to my class...

Student: Where is the new teacher?

Cheddar Ninja: Huh?

Student: You aren't the penguin that's been hired by Sensei?

Cheddar Ninja: Are you talking about Swiss Ninja? My name is Cheddar Ninja.

Student: Uh oh, I must have signed in the wrong class... (Walks out the door)

Cheddar Ninja: (Chasing after the student) Wait!! I am So much cooler than him!! Why are you leaving?!!! Come back!!!!

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