Cheddar Ninja Goes to Polaris

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Cheddar Ninja Goes To Polaris
Story information
Genre Adventure, Current Affairs, Politics, Light Comedy
Form Novel
Protagonist Cheddar Ninja
Antagonist Polaris City Council, Nathaniel B. Kratz, Michael Rockford

Chapter One:Welcome Aboard[edit]

It was a bright, mellow morning at Zurich Airport, the crisp smell of early-morning javas, and of checked baggage was visible around the South Satellite Terminal. As passengers wait for their flights, and check in, one unsuspecting brother of Swiss Ninja was holding up traffic at the Airport's East Parking Building.

"No, I want a parking spot, not a parking ticket." yelled Cheddar Ninja to the annoyed Parking Lady

"Sir, you will need to find a spot on your own." replied the exhausted Parking Attendant.

"NO! I WANT A SPOT!" exclaimed Cheddar Ninja, who was flailing within his dandelion, rusted old clunker.

"You are holding up the line. There are many cars that wish to proceed. If you will not abide by our Behaviour Plicy, we will have to call the Airport Security." answered the ticked-off Parking Attendant

Cheddar Ninja finally pulled ahead, all the drivers in the cars behind him groaned with a sigh of relief.

"Where the heck is the parking spot?" asked Cheddar Ninja, rhetorically

After a few minutes of driving in circles about the East Parking Lot Building, Cheddar Ninja happened to find a parking spot, facing the tarmac of the airport. Cheddar Ninja then drove his car at a high speed, in an effort to park his car.

But, it was no use, the car broke the concrete barrier separating the car from a six-storey fall.The car flew into the air like a majestic eagle, only to land on a passing baggage handler.

"Meh. Wasn't my car.It was Swiss Ninja's. Oh, how I love stealing from his fleet of expensive cars." said Cheddar Ninja to himself

Cheddar Ninja then crossed a pedestrian bridge connecting the Parking Building to the Airport's Check In area.

Cheddar Ninja dragged his large bags into the line to the SkyJet Airways check-in area.

After a few minutes of waiting, Cheddar Ninja greeted a Check-In Representative

"Hello, how may I help you today?" asked the short, squeaky Check-In Lady

"Yes, I am going to C-P-C." said Cheddar Ninja, reading his check-in papers

"Okay, let me have your check-in conformation numbers." replied the Lady, grabbing his check-in papers

The check-in lady put in his conformation numbers, and began to edit some of his information. By accident, the Check-in lady placed him on a flight to Polaris-City International Airport,after she put in the wrong airport code.

"Okay, here are your papers," said the Check-In Lady, "Please proceed to the Security Area in the left,"

The Lady then placed Baggage stickers on his bags.