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Comedy is the best remedy!...Is that why I almost never get sick?
— Cheddarbox

A picture of the penguin prankster who also likes cheese holding a snowball that he's probably gonna throw at someone.
Born Aaron Arcturus Lagois
December 2, 1995 (1995-12-02) (age 24)
New Sandboro, Tropicalis
Residence Shiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula, United States of Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Tropicalis Flag.png Tropicalian
Other names Cheddarbox, CB, Cheese Prankster, or just Cheddar for short.
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
(Aptenodytes forsteri)
  • Prankster
  • Joke Shop Owner
  • Substitute South Pole Council Delegate
Years active 1990-present
Notable works Donating to charity, pranking various penguins, owning and managing Cheddarbox's Jokes and Pranks Shop
Home town Sandboro, Tropicalis
Height 4' 2" (127cm)
Weight 43.8kg
Known for Pranking various penguins
Title Penguin Prankster Who Also Likes Cheese
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Wikipenguino45 (cousin), Penguino Lagois IV (uncle), Dr. Infinity (uncle), Kenny Lagois (brother), William Lagois (cousin)

Not to be confused with Cheddar Ninja.
If you were looking for the relatives of this penguin, see Lagois Family.

Aaron Arcturus Lagois better known by his nickname and alias, Cheddarbox, or sometimes as The Penguin Prankster Who Likes Cheese is a prankster who is also the slightly lain-back relative of Wikipenguino45 and the brother of Kenny and Pablo Lagois. He loves to prank, trick, make jokes and puns. He's known for being a great snowball thrower and a famed prankster in his neighborhood. He's cheerful, funny, optimistic (even in pressured situation), and though he acts goofy to the point of being very immature at some times, he acts more serious if his friends and family are in a more dangerous situation than normal. He has some awareness of the fourth wall, and can occasionally 'hear the voices'. He also idolizes Explorer and admires the Troublesome Trio and tries to follow in their footsteps.

Cheddarbox is talkative, and isn't afraid to start a conversation with anyone. Even Mabel. He's almost never sad, and does his best to brighten up bad days or situations. He's not very good at fighting or using guns, but is excellent at aiming and uses his slingshot as his weapon of choice in which he fires all sorts of projectiles. He likes most types of cheese, except Stinky Cheese which he just can't stand or Snowzer Cheese which he actually is kinda afraid of. He has also been to see the 2016 Summer Olympics with his friends and family. Cheddarbox claims that he's pranked more than a hundred different victims, but this is unknown if it's true. Cheddarbox has agreed with Wikipenguino45 that when he becomes president, Cheddarbox will take his place as delegate representing Tropicalis.

He's currently living in an igloo in Shiverpool which he finds efficient since he can get to Club Penguin to see his uncle and Wikipenguino45. He also likes to explore, and is quite fearless. He gets in to big trouble sometimes, especially when he's pranking penguins who really hate jokes. One of his main victims are Mwa Mwa Penguins who usually fall for his trick presents and traps. The only weapons he knows how to properly use are slingshots and keeps one with him at all times. Cheddar likes comedies, sitcoms and cartoons or any type of TV show he thinks is funny. He also likes reading joke books, and sometimes, whenever he's having a conversation with someone, he'll try to put a pun in one of his sentences, regardless of whether or not it's a good pun or a bad one. He also likes random videos, as well as rickrolling others when they least expect it.



Cheddarbox was born in New Sandboro, Tropicalis. As a child, he was very curious and loved seeing funny stuff happen. He often entertained his brother, Kenny, when he was a chick and he was great at it. At some point, when he was around 5 years of age, he tasted something different, and found out it was cheddar. He liked it so much that he would have it nearly every day. He was unusually good at throwing snowballs, which made him excellent in snowball fights as proven on a trip to Gernomia to visit his relative, William Lagois. Cheddarbox, Kenny and William decided to play their very first prank which was on a bully who terrorized neighborhood chicks. They climbed up a tree with a large supply of snowballs and waited patiently. When he came to try and push over a young chick, they threw as much snowballs as they could until he was on the floor. Soon, others joined in the fight and the bully ran away. They bully hadn't returned to bully any of the chicks and they thanked him, Kenny and William for it.

Cheddarbox returned to New Sandboro and used this newfound talent to prank others. When others bullied him at school, he pranked them hard with every chance he got. Around this time, Cheddarbox created his nickname after mashing up the words "chatterbox" and "cheddar" and after decided to stick with it. Since then, he's used the nickname and convinced everyone else to call him that.

Life in Shiverpool[edit]

In 2012, Cheddarbox moved to Shiverpool. After saving up enough money, Cheddar opened up a joke shop in his neighbourhood. In time, it picked up and became a well-known shop in his local neighbourhood, especially among younger penguins. Cheddar continued to improve and expand his shop, while it's amount of customers continued to grow over time. Some time in mid-2013, Cheddar after being a little too curious, stumbled upon Shiverpool's EPF base, and after taking it's tests, passed and successfully joined the agency with fairly average test results (however he managed to score 100% accuracy).


Cheddarbox's joke shop (Cheddarbox's Jokes and Pranks Shop) often donates money to charity every year which Cheddarbox himself organizes. He also aids Wikipenguino45 on whatever missions he needs his help on. When Wikipenguino is away or cannot make it to the meetings at the South Pole Council, Cheddarbox himself will show up in his place. Cheddarbox does sometimes go on missions for the EPF, as well as goes on many adventures/misadventures with the Dynamic Trio in which he, William and Kenny usually gets into trouble, or end up finding S.H.A.R.K.'s latest plot to cause mischief and terror.


On a normal, ordinary day, Cheddar often finds time to prank others at least once, occasionally doing it an excessive amount of times just for fun and for the joy of watching other's reactions. Besides his mischievous antics, Cheddar has other hobbies such as playing video games, which he also does in his spare time when he's not running his shop and may sometimes do an unhealthy amount of. Cheddar also enjoys playing card games such as uno, or even stacking cards on top of each other and just seeing how far he gets before it falls. Like his cousin Wikipenguino, Cheddar enjoys solving crosswords, word searches and jigsaw puzzles which he and Wikipenguino would often play during their chick years whenever they met each other.


Cheddarbox is a lime green-feathered Emperor Penguin with somewhat untidy brown hair and dark brown eyes. Cheddar is normally seen wearing his favourite red shirt (on occasion, he may wear a different red shirt with shorter sleeves) and sporting blue face paint. He's slightly taller than the average Emperor Penguin, a trait commonly found in numerous members of Cheddar's Family. Cheddar normally goes about his everyday life with a smile on his face, primarily due to his carefree, happy-go-lucky personality and partially due to the many opportunities he finds to prank others. He can be seen carrying a water balloon around with him sometimes, making sure to keep at least one to throw at someone who least expects it or for some other method of pranking. During his early years, Cheddar wore a variety of different clothes and styles, always donning something different up until his late teenage years when he adopted his current appearance and slowly grew to stick with it.


Cheddar is talkative and friendly penguin however, he doesn't really act his age and hardly ever takes anything seriously. He is known to be a obsessive pranker, slipping his habit here and there in any way possible when, how and wherever he gets the chance (such as leaving buckets of water on top of slightly open doors, putting whoopee cushions on chairs, throwing water balloons). He is lively and playful most for the time, and has a habit of always being the troublemaker who is mostly responsible for any mischief wherever he goes. The only time he's ever serious is in times of sadness or grief. Cheddar doesn't get angry that often, and it's unknown what he's like when he does. Despite his sometimes reckless pranks, Cheddar never means to harm any of his friends or family (especially William) in a negative or unfriendly way, no matter what he does and still cares for them nevertheless.

Despite being a complete jokester, Cheddar still stands up to evil for the side of good, especially for his friends and family. Cheddar acts extra-joyful during April Fools' Day, and always makes sure to make the most of the day fooling others, and makes sure to wake up early to do so. Cheddar is slightly lazy, sometimes leaving things to the last minute. It's extremely rare for him to get angry, and probably never does, as most things are never able to wipe the smile off his face, unless it's something extremely tragic for him. Cheddar used to be shy as a chick, but after discovering his way of making others laugh, he started to become more confident.


He has excellent aim, a trait he discovered when he was a chick, and can usually hit the desired target either by throwing, or using his slingshot. He's terribly inexperienced when it comes to using firearms, and usually misses the target, loses control of the weapon or stumbles slightly. Cheddar is also bilingual, being able to fluently speak English and Spanish without difficulty and switch between the two languages easily. Like most penguins, Cheddar is also a great natural swimmer, and due to him being an Emperor Penguin, he's able to hold his breath for a rather lengthy period of time. Cheddarbox also owns a driver's license, and can drive most automobiles.


Cheddar is simply awful at using firearms no matter how hard he tries. Despite his skilful aim, the same thing doesn't apply to firearms. Cheddar also heavily relies on sight to guide the direction and the target he's aiming at and with little light, it's harder for him to land a perfect hit. Additionally, Cheddar has an extreme phobia of killer whales and absolutely refuses to go within a dozen feet of them. Despite not having that many other severe fears or phobias, when in extremely frightful situations, his aiming skills may also decrease due to Cheddar usually shaking when very frightened. It's possible for Cheddar to run for prolonged periods of time without having to catch his breath as much as a more average penguin however, he is slightly slower than some giving him a slight disadvantage when facing quick enemies.


As is quite common with penguins, Cheddar's diet mainly consists of fish, more specifically silverfish, fluffies and tuna. Cheddar also enjoys cheese, especially cheddar, though he tries to be careful to control just how much of it he eats. Cheddar does sometimes go to fast food restaurants every once in a while or goes to a pizza restaurant. As of currently, Cheddar does not suffer from Fat.


Some members of the Lagois Family.

Main article: Lagois Family

Cheddarbox is part of a vast family spanning countless generations over hundreds of years. Cheddar's family is also known to have originated Tropicalis and has played a crucial role in impacting the country altogether. The family has retained it's influence over the country to the present day and still continues to shape it and improve it however possible. Cheddar is part of the most recent generations of the family, and belongs to a family of five with his parents being Steve Lagois II and Helen Lagois and his two brothers Kenny and Pablo Lagois. Cheddar has several different cousins some of which are known for their innumerable adventures around the Antarctican continent including William Lagois (who is married to Alayne Stark, Cassandra Lagois, Wikipenguino45 and Cheddar's adopted cousin Wikipengal45.

Cheddar's Themes[edit]

Theme Songs
Normal Battle



  • William Lagois - Cheddar and William, despite the latter sometimes getting furious at the former's pranks, are still cousins, and still care for each other either way. Cheddar takes a slightly scornful approach at William, possibly due to his attitude, and always has a habit of usually greeting William by jumpscaring him, and almost always choosing to prank him, just because he thinks William's reaction is the funniest out of all of them, and because he least expects it. Though William sometimes enjoys Cheddar's jokes or puns whenever he feels like it, Cheddar does sometimes get on William's nerves.
  • Wikipenguino45 - Both Wikipenguino and Cheddar have been on the best of terms since a very young age. In fact, Cheddar was the person who had introduced the use of blue face paint to Wikipenguino in the first place. Since their early chickhood to the present day, the two have played countless games together, exchanged and laughed at innumerable jokes and built a healthy friendship over several other things. Cheddar has also accompanied his cousin on his many adventures once or twice.
  • Falco - Another one of Cheddar's good friends, the two of them often laugh at the same jokes or sometimes poke fun at or playfully tease Terry and his nerdy personality.


  • Wikipenguino X - Wikipenguino X has grown to despise the Lagois Family and it's allies, especially Cheddar, for repeatedly interfering with his evil and sinister plots. Cheddar's constant pranking and somewhat bad puns or annoying jokes irritate Wikipenguino X immensely.
  • Darktan II
  • Negative Wikipenguino
  • Mabel - No explanation needed.


  • Incoming! (throws water balloon)
  • Welp...
  • Comedy is the best remedy!
  • (When entering room) The Penguin Prankster Who Also Likes Cheese has entered the premises!
  • Know what time it is?
  • What the moldy cheese...?
  • FIRE IN THE HOLE! (throws Hashbang)
  • Now that's something you don't see every day...
  • Anything can look prehistoric if you just add a pair of tusk-like fangs to it.
  • No idea is a bad idea...except the bad ones.

(Cheddar enters a room with a bucket of water and some water filled balloons.)

Cheddar: Welp, there's still some leftover water here...I wonder what I could use it for?

(He sees an open door and smirks mischievously.)

Cheddar: Heh, heh...this'll be fun...

(Later, William is waddling down the corridor.)

William: Cheddar...? Are you in here?

(He pushes the slightly open door, oblivious of the bucket above him.)

William: Where ar-AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

(The bucket falls on his head, drenching him in water and covering him in ice cubes and rubber ducks. He pulls the bucket off of his head angrily while a distant muffled laughter can be heard.)

William: CHEDDAR!

Cheddar: Sooooooo, Wikipenguino, how exactly do you become a higher-classed fourth-wall breaker?

Wikipenguino: Well, first I guess you probably wanna start fully accepting that you're being controlled or watched by someone.

Cheddar: Okay...Then what?

Wikipenguino: Try and address the reader who's probably watching us.

Cheddar: Alright, let me try!

(Cheddar looks at somewhere)

Cheddar: Hey, reader! I know you're-

Wikipenguino: You, uh, probably wanna look at them when you're talking to them.

Cheddar: Oh. Right!

(Cheddar turns with his back facing the audience and continues his speech.)

Wikipenguino: Uh...alright. Why don't you try look upwards and tell me what the previous line says?

(Cheddar looks up.)

Cheddar: But I only see the sky...?

Wikipenguino: Maybe try address the Narrator who's probably even narrating this sentence. Ask him a question.

Cheddar: But I don't hear anybody apart from us saying anything.

Wikipenguino: This could take a while...


  • He likes throwing cream pies, water balloons or firing random stuff from his slingshot as an alternative to snowballs.
  • Cheddar has stated his nickname is a mashup of the words "cheddar", for his love of cheese and "chatterbox".
  • Lao is by far his favourite holiday destination.
  • He loves to jumpscare William whenever he meets him.
  • Cheddar is also a fan of Bananaphone's famous song.
  • He has a phobia of killer whales.
  • His favourite colour is red.
  • Cheddar's Blockcraft nickname is also called Cheddarbox.
  • His favourite day is April Fools'.
  • Cheddar owns a green puffle named Mike who is easily identifiable by his Purple Propeller Cap instead of the usual red.


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