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A typical orange cheesecracker puffle upon going mad.

Cheesecracker Puffles (Moschomicrotherium cheeskrakerus) are a large race of puffles found in the Dessert Zone. They usually sport a darkened back and really white teeth (which is pretty odd, as they live in a place full of sweets). They are extremely fat. Due to their name, penguins who don't know a thing about cheesecracker puffles wrongly think that cheesecracker puffles have something to do with dairy. They were found by LMGT in 2010, when he ventured deeper into the Dessert Zone. They were unknown to all penguins except LMGT till the Dessert Zone was discovered.

Personality of cheesecracker puffles[edit]

A comparison between a normal puffle and a cheesecracker puffle's size.
A comparison between a normal penguin and a cheesecracker puffle's size.

They are usually content, happy and cheerful, but sometimes go nuts and scream, not squeak. They are found in abundance and are sometimes are a hinderance to the progress of developing the pristine Box Dimension spinoff. They occasionally go mad and destroy construction sites.

What happens when they go insane[edit]

They jump like fleas and they try to eat anything that dares come in their way. It is totally unknown how something that fat can jump that high, but they can.

Name origin[edit]

Due to their aforementioned insanity, penguins in the Dessert Zone, being big fans of food, say that their cheese has slipped off their cracker, hence the name "cheesecracker puffles". Ironically, they hate cheese and crackers.

Puffles colors that can be of the cheesecracker type[edit]

A brown cheesecracker puffle.
  • Orange - Have a higher "crazy rate" than the other puffles.
  • Yellow - Nothing special.
  • Green - The smallest of the Cheesecracker Puffles. Use their propeller cap to go extra high into the air when they jump. Once again, how that cap can get something that big airborne is beyond anyone's reasoning. (Or something.)
  • Blue - Have a lower chance of becoming mad, but they have once or twice been spotted going mad.
  • Brown - When they jump, they think of ways to increase drag.
  • Purple - They dance in mid-air.
  • Black - They burst into flames and then jump, which makes them the most dangerous cheesecracker puffles.


  • A Cheesecracker puffle is about the size of twelve puffles. (Except for Green, which has the size of six puffles.)

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