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Island of Chi Con
Chi Con
Flag of Chi Con
MottoFun Fun Fun!
AnthemBa Ba Ba Ba Da
National Food
The Mullet
CapitalRoyal Town
Largest city Chi Conian Town
Official languages English, French
Species  Puffles, Chicks, Mwa Mwa Penguins and Petguins (prisoners), Penguins, Demon Penguins
Demonym Chi-Conian
Membership United Antarctic Nations
Government Autocracy (de jure),
Anarchy/ungoverned (de facto),
Failed state (by other nations)
 -  Ruler Corai
 -  2008 estimate
 -  2009 census 7649 
Currency Fish (F)
Drives on the N/A
Calling code 497
Footnotes Largely considered a failed state

Chi Con is a large ungoverned, developing country ruled sparingly by Corai. While its gated Royal Town is sparkling, well-protected, and boasts modern amenities and a decent police (and the military), the outside areas are a mixed mess of sprawling public housing, lush forests, some farms, and sandy beaches.

Chi Con is infamous for having one of the highest income disparities in Antarctica. This sweeping poverty, rich-poor gap, and the largely anarchic society has caused many to view Chi Con as a failed state. The lack of government has made Chi Con an international pariah.

Largely considered a failed state and an unstable regime, international observers are quick to warn that the ghettos could easily rise up, sack Royal Town, and instill their own rule, because Chi Con is, at present, too weak to defend itself. After all, they practically govern themselves already.



When Corai hatched, he just lived there. Later, he was getting lonely, and wanted to help ease stress of the population of Antarctica. He pitched his colonization program to the South Pole Council, and they liked what the heard. Chi Con was recognized by the USA as its own nation in 2 Many penguins, moved here, to get a clean slate, and a new life. The main town area was first built and then many other areas as well. In 2008, Corai, was crowned Ruler of Chi Con, when the new government system was introduced in 2008. The island's population was very scarce, only 103 creatures living on the island. The island also has a tropical climate.

Months later, the military of the island was built up, as the Royal Armed Forces of Chi Con managed to eek by with one hundred soldiers, dedicated to protecting Royal Town's now bustling population of 553 (including the soldiers and police).

Chi Conian Town[edit]

Corai was at first an active and attentive ruler, but as time went by, he slipped up and governed less and less, realizing that Chi Con was too large for one penguin. This laxing of all law and protection led to the collapse of the sparkling order found in Royal Town's gates. On one side, this induced an almost truly anarchic state in much of Chi Con, but on the other, it fulfilled Corai's dream of population and of relieving Antarctica's growing creatures to feed.

Chi Con soon received a second city charter and incorporated Chi Conian Town, a large rough-and-tumble ghetto made entirely out of tower block housing and cheaply built shops, slums, and alleyways. The poorly kept roads allowed a bus system to exist, and all in all, the place runs itself. Crime isn't rampant, but it is a problem.


Chi Con follows the Fish standard set by the USA, but more often club penguin coins. Either is good in truth. But many citizens prefer coins over fish. No one knows why.


The Chi Con Military is not that strong, as it consists of a mere 100 soldiers with Candy Swords. But its very hard to get rid of them, and they swarm. At one hundred strong, though, this does not accomplish much. On the bright side, though, the military is rumored to be immune to pain because they allegedly take a combination of Z-Virus and Ditto, formulated by Corai himself.


The two main languages of Chi Con appear to be English and French. Most of the first inhabitants of Chi Con either came from the USA, Calada, or Frankterre, who also took their languages with them.


Royal Town[edit]

The city of Royal Town is a gorgeous, sparkling, gated paradise. Police and well-off penguins call the place home, along with Corai's palace and the military. Corai has a second igloo in a peaceful suburb, and Dara, despite being better suited for the ghettos, lives here to be near Corai. Leez also takes up residence here, but he does so by mooching off of Corai.

Any penguin living here is probably wealthy and has a beautiful lawn. The creatures here are normally oblivious (or do not care) about the income disparity plaguing Chi Conian Town, and the citizens of Chi Conian Town do not care about it either. As such, all seems to work out so far.

Chi Conian Town[edit]

Chi Conian Town is a large, rough-and-tumble ghetto made entirely out of tower block housing and cheaply built shops, slums, and alleyways. The poorly kept roads allowed a bus system to exist, and all in all, the place runs itself. Crime isn't rampant, but it is a problem.

This sorry municipality is home to ninety five percent of all Chi Conians, and most of them are not very wealthy at all. The tenements are run down and the alleys are dirty and unkempt. Wreckage sometimes litters the streets (often because Dara blew something up) and unsuspecting tourists are usually mugged by the citizenry.

Corai didn't intend for this, and this isn't to say he is a bad ruler. Most Chi Conians of both cities do not care; the snobs of Royal Town are oblivious to it, and the creatures of Chi Conian Town enjoy their way of life. Anarchists adore this, and Libertarians see it as the best possible thing so far in Antarctica, although they believe that law and order should be maintained by some sort of government.

Chi Con's near-lack of rules outside of Royal Town has made it the haven for creeps and monster-like beings of all kinds, and the willingness of the creatures to build high-rise apartments for all that come is a stark and almost out of character contrast to their rough lifestyle.

Mister Icarius took advantage of Chi Con's anarchy by establishing his only branch of Icarius SadCorp Inc. in the country. There, he makes his strongest attempts to create products that cause misery on the creatures of Chi Con. He also makes a nice living collecting protection.

Royal Town versus Chi Conian Town[edit]

It goes without saying that the Townies and Royals (as they call each other) are sworn enemies.

Always isolated, the wealthy Royals tend to get their cars broken and stolen when they venture out of the gates. On buses, they tend to get bullied and pick-pocketed. Vice-versa, Townies always face discrimination and snobby remarks in Royal Town and usually end up in jail if they stay too long for "disturbing the peace".

The two factions hate each other. Dara is a true-blue Towny, but she puts up with the icky niceness of Royal Town to stalk Corai. She enjoys causing misery (and works for Mister Icarius for that very purpose) on her prim-and-proper neighbors and on her fellow Townies any time of the day.


Close to the shores and on the south side of the island, there is a somewhat medium-sized forest, that is wonderful for hide and seek. Unfortunately, though, Dara's experiments and other monsters occasionally prowl the area, scaring little chicks away after a little while. Chi Con's environment seems to have game benefits. The trees seem to be wonderful (yet dangerous) spots for hide and seek. The water makes for great swimming. Chi Conian Town's alleyways make for excellent scavenger hunting and hide and seek. Of course, the tennis courts of Royal Town are always open, and if Corai isn't busy, one might even get a few playful ideas from him.


Chi Con has a tropical climate, and experiences temperatures up to 29°c in the summertime and down to -3°c in the winter. The highest temperature ever recorded on the country was 34.9°c in the northern coasts and the lowest at -21°c in Royal Town.

The area is home to palm trees, and many tropical plants as well. The country is filled with many foothills and flat areas, with an average elevation of 22 m. Chi Conian Town's urban sprawl climbs up and down and all around these areas.

The highest point in the country is 490 m,on an unidentified hill. The area is filled with many minerals, and rocks, most igneous rock, which supposedly came from the creation of the island about 4.8 million years ago.


Back when Corai was an active ruler, his government was considered a highly dictatorship. Corai never gave orders without a vote, unless in war. This confused many at the time.

As Corai slipped from power and eventually stopped ruling all together, the population adapted quickly. Royal Town's police and military continued following Corai's basic orders without him even needing to tell them. Royal Town disputes and such were settled by the powers that be and the existing rules that were set before Corai left.

However, when Chi Conian Town was incorporated and the police were gutted from the area (and locked away with the Royals), the Townies began to rule themselves, almost like their own country, and were left alone by the Royals, who preferred to keep to themselves.

The result is, in all actuality, no government. Everyone pretty much lives on their own and the only rulers are those that can assert themselves better than others. Order builds itself without codification or legislation, and the situation is nearly anarchy in most Evey definition of the word. Excluding housing, the Townies in particular are impoverished, and the Royals refuse to share their food or give their wealth in charity to them.

Depending on the person, this is either libertarian paradise or lawless chaos. Without order, everyone is fending for themselves. At least there are no taxes!


  • Tropical Adelie Penguins (mainly rich and in Royal Town)
  • Other penguins (mainly poor and in Chi Conian Town)
  • Puffles
  • Dara's experiments
  • A few Demon Penguins
  • ...-and the others shown in the Infobox.

Notable inhabitants[edit]

  • Dara: a vicious Towny living in Royal Town, Dara is a mad inventor and loves to cause misery on behalf of her employer, Mister Icarius. Dara harbors a massive and stalking crush on Corai, though he is none the wiser. She lives down the street from his gleaming palace and directly next door to Corai's vacation igloo.
  • Corai: the ruler of the island and a Royal, Corai spends his days either in his palace, at home, or on some adventure in the projects with Leez. He is a fun and playful penguin that, quite often, accidentally counters the misery made by Dara and Mister Icarius.
  • Mister Icarius: a strange, tiny little Demon Penguin with a lot of money and evil motives, Mister Icarius visits Chi Con frequently to check up on his business' endeavors at inducing misery. His company, Icarius SadCo Incorporated, is the largest employer in Chi Con. Dara is her right hand (flipper?) penguin, and she serves him well, attempting to spread misery all over the country, except on Corai.
  • Leez: a lazy, mooching, gluttonous Demon Penguin, Leez lives in Corai's palace or his igloo and is one of Corai's closest friends. Though he normally doesn't do anything, when he does, it always brightens Corai's day and sends them both on some crazy adventure.


The villains of the country are mostly Mister Icarius and Dara. Xorai and his army chip in, as do other, garden-variety villains that include anyone that commits a crime, such as stealing or robbing.

Several citizens have complained about Flywish or Surray. Corai usually tells them that "Surray is to sweet and nice" and that Flywish is "a good guy, silly". People are sure that Corai is a Goodie-Two-Shoes because of such blissful assumptions.

Mister Icarius, in particular, uses Dara and a whole catalog of devious products to induce misery in the nation, and this has made him Chi Con's Public Enemy Number One. The underfunded and rather lazy police force do not persue him outside of Royal Town.


  • The ghettos, slums, and projects of Chi Conian Town, in addition to Mister Icarius and Dara's presence has effectively turned most of Chi Con into a parody of Jimmy Two Shoes' Misery Ville.

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