Chi Con Air Alliance

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Chi Con Air Alliance
File:Chi Con Air Alliance.png
Our Logo.
Motto We can fly you anywhere.
Headquarters 2867 Yellowford Lane, Con, Chi Con
Membership Airlines
Official languages English, Pengunian, German, other various languages
President Corai, Viking Emperor, Swiss Ninja

The Chi Con Air Alliance, Mainly called "Chi Con" after the country, is a small airline alliance and only competitor to SkyAlliance.


Having Pacifica Airlines being Created, the three countries of Chi Con, the Viking Empire, and Snowzerland, were to share this Airline as their Flag Carrier. Many believed that this already was an alliance, so the Chi Con Air Alliance was formed. Later, other smaller airline companines decided to join the alliance as well. In addition, they founded the PuffleNations Airways as an airline alliance for all puffle countries as well.


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