Chibi Pengu

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Chibi Pengu
Chibi Pengu
Created Chibi Pengu
September 27, 2012 (2012-09-27) (age 7)
EvilositianLogo.png Lair of Evilosity
Species Mwa Mwa Penguin plush
Gender Male
Height 6"
Residence EvilositianLogo.png Lair of Evilosity
Parents Dr. Warp?
Occupation Evilositian Army member
Employer Evil Pengy
Years Active 2013-present

Chibi Pengu is a living Mwa Mwa Penguin plush toy created by Dr. Warp in one of his mad science experiments. Aside from sharing the typical speech of Mwa Mwas, he acts more like a normal chick.


Prior to Chibi Pengu's creation, Warp had previously brought a chair and a potted plant to life in his experiments. The chair ended up dying when Evil Pengy sat on it, attempting to use it as a vehicle, and the potted plant immediately left the Lair of Evilosity, planning to become a pro wrestler. In 2012, Warp wanted to attempt it on a penguin plush toy to see what it would be like if it was alive. The result was Chibi Pengu, and Warp decided to raise him as his son.

When Evil Pengy broke out of jail in 2013 and returned to the Lair of Evilosity, he was horrified by Chibi Pengu, caused by his intense fear of Mwa Mwas from when he was given to one as a petguin by Corai a few years prior. Nevertheless, he forced Chibi Pengu to join the Evilositian Army along with Warp, despite not knowing what his use could be.

He tagged along on their attempted conquest of Shops Island and takeover of Chill Island, but ultimately was of little use. During a confrontation with Tyler, Parf used Chibi Pengu as a weapon at Evil Pengy's suggestion, which caused him to get tossed away onto the beach. This allowed him to avoid the standoff inside Chill World, and as a result he was not arrested. After the dust settled, he returned to the Lair of Evilosity with Dr. Warp and Parf.


  • Evilositian Army member - Chibi Pengu was forced to join the Evilositian Army by Evil Pengy, but doesn't really do anything.




  • Evil Pengy - Chibi Pengu is offended by Evil Pengy's constant insults toward him, as well as Evil Pengy's frequent suggestions to throw him at things, and often insults him back. Of course, because Evil Pengy is terrified of him, Chibi Pengu has the upper flipper and can easily scare him off.