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Childpengu1 image.PNG
A yellow puffle painting of Childpengu1.
Title Childpengu1
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction ?
Health Good
Level ?
Status Living
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Former King of Tel Ah Phon, Director, Actor, Singer, Territory Representative of Tel Ah Phon
Interests Have fun with friends
Friends Many...


King of Tel Ah Phon
In office

Nationality Club Penguinite
This article is about a character, Childpengu1. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.

Childpengu1 is a penguin living in Club Penguin Island. He is the territory representative of Tel Ah Phon and former king of Tel Ah Phon. His favorite puffle is named Smallie, he has other puffle named Prankster!, and he has many other puffles. He has produced all the songs from the album "Camouflage" of his friend Meaghan.

Early Days[edit]

First, he tried to make an album, then he started making videos, and as he liked it so much, he still makes them. In his early days he wore his trademark outfit: Winged Helmet, Halloween Scarf, Ninja mask and green color.

Events and Parties[edit]

He has organized many parties, events and many meeting like things. One of them are The Penguin Oscars, in which there are nominations like "Best Friend" and "Best Painter".

Involvement in Music and The Telephone Arena[edit]

He tried to make an album by 2009. He named it "Symbols" and was in standby, later in 2010 he decided to re-release it with more artists. He started producing all the music from Telahphonian singer, DJ and dancer Meaghan. He said he did this because he really wanted to help her in her begginings. He specially created the Telephone Arena for Meaghan's upcoming tour: The Camouflage Tour. The arena has the latest technology in all Tel Ah Phon.


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