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Hello there!
Born Chill P. Beachball
December 7, 1999 (1999-12-07) (age 18)
Residence Shops Island
Chill Island
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Cheel
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Education He was asleep for a majority of it, actually
Occupation Vice-President of Shops Island
Mayor of Chill Island
Years active 2009-present
Employer Self-employed
Notable works Current Vice-President and former President of Shops Island, founder and mayor of Chill Island, member of The KD Band
Home town Chill Island
Height 4.7 feet
Known for Being crazy
Title Vice-President of Shops Island
Term February 16, 2013-present
Predecessor Mario Rk
Relatives One With The Salt

His presidential portrait, painted by Hat Pop.

2nd President of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
In office
February 25, 2012 – September 7, 2012
Vice President Penquino (2011-2012)
Brook (2012)
Mario Rk (2012-election)
Preceded by Ben 100022
Succeeded by Bro

4th Vice President of The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
In office
February 16, 2013 – Incumbent
President Lavender
Preceded by Mario Rk

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Chill57181's theme!

It's not about why, it's about why not!
— Chill's life motto

Chill57181 is the vice president of Shops Island and mayor of Chill Island. His best friends are Mario Rk, Penquino, LMGT, The Ed, Bro, and Johnny 115. He has an unusual affinity for party hats and is almost never seen without one, even in the most serious of situations. The only exception is when he goes on secret missions so he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. He owns the International Party Hat Museum to share his love of party hats with the world.


Early life[edit]

Chill was hatched on December 1st, 1999 in South Pole City. He attended an average school where he became friends with LMGT and later Penquino. During the first few years of school, Chill was bored and uninterested in school so didn't try much, causing him to get bad grades. At one point he was even given a dunce cap by one of his teachers, although rather than being insulted, wore it almost all the time because he thought it was neat. Later, the trio of friends managed to stop a rash of thefts caused by Jerk Penguins in the school.

Life on Club Penguin[edit]

He and his family moved to Club Penguin in 2008, where they led fairly normal lives. One day while wandering around Club Penguin, Chill bumped into Gary. Despite a short and uneventful meeting, Gary unknowingly became Chill's hero, which was kind of ironic because he hated science. In late 2008, Chill somehow managed to graduate early, despite not paying attention in class and procrastinating a lot.

In January 2009, he joined the PSA. In February, Chill purchased an EBUL membership for the first time, which he would continue to renew even for years after he left the island. One of the many things he did was visit the Stage for the first time and saw Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. The play left quite an impression on Chill, sparking his interest in superheroes, even purchasing a Shadow Guy costume. However, he criticized the updates made to the play a year later, preferring the original. In the spring, Chill began training with Sensei and became a Ninja a few months later.

On May 3, 2009, Chill discovered the Clubb Phengin Weekee and became a frequent visitor. He met many of his current friends here, including Mario Rk and Johnny 115. While on an expedition "just because" in June, Chill discovered Chill Island, at that time known as Freezonia, and settled it, but soon returned to Club Penguin Island. After a few months of training, Chill became a Fire Ninja on New Year's Eve. As a result of the PSA's destruction by Herbert in May 2010, Chill was transferred into the EPF.

Life on Shops Island[edit]

In August 2010, he moved to Shops Island at Ben's request to help lead by his side, unknown to himself that it was at the time a dictatorship. He opened his own mall, Chill World, soon after arriving. He tried to convince some of his friends to move to Shops Island, and finally succeeded in July 2011 when Penquino and LMGT moved to Shops Island. Ben slowly participated less and less in the management of Shops Island, and in late July, went away, effectively putting Chill in charge. Beginning to realize that Shops was a dictatorship, Chill began setting up a secret democracy, appointing Penquino as the governor of Southern Shops and later his unofficial vice president. Chill returned to Chill Island in September, discovering it in a state of disrepair after not being touched for nearly two years. Noticing its close proximity to Shops Island, he declared it a state of Shops. In November, Chill made a brief return to Club Penguin to become a Water Ninja.

In February 2012, Ben's regime was finally overthrown. Chill was elected president, and he selected Penquino to be his official vice president. However, Penquino took a day off in March, leaving the opportunity for Brookelas to trick Chill into thinking Penquino would become another Ben, taking extended leaves of absence, and that he wouldn't be a good vice president. Brook's manipulative tactics worked, and Chill replaced Penquino with Brook, who ordered the police to ban Penquino from Shops. In the summer, Chill lifted Penquino's exile and found out the truth about Brook, removing him from office.

Shortly after, he formed The KD Band with Mario Rk, Penquino, and LMGT. He resigned from his presidency in September due to being threatened with impeachment by Brook and a brainwashed Bro. In February 2013, he returned to Shops politics when he was elected to be Lavender's vice president.

He went on vacation to Calada in March with Mario, Penquino, and LMGT when Bro convinced them to. Unfortunately, Chill didn't enjoy the trip much. He wasn't very fond of learning about other cultures and mostly found the trip boring. Things only got worse when Chill witnessed Mario's apparent death, and was afterwards left out of an SIA mission by his friends. And that was before Bro's evil puffle and X-Antibody tried to kill them all. In May he returned to Club Penguin like he had a few years prior to become a Snow Ninja, finally completing his Amulet.

Freezonian-Evilositian Army Conflict[edit]


In August of 2025, Chill was elected President of Shops Island once again by the Shops Island Council due to Lavender's failing health. However, he didn't have a Vice President, and announced that any current governor of Shops Island would be allowed to campaign for Vice President. Djf, governor of Moon Island, won by rigging the vote. In December 2025, Brook and Djf staged a coup, forcing Chill to give up his position and fake a resignation. After Bro was executed by Djf, Chill and Penquino began a rebellion against the new totalitarian dictatorship. During the Shops Civil War, Penquino gave Chill keysaber training. After the end of the Civil War and the fall of Shops Island, Chill moved to Chill Island permanently.

In 2030, Chill lost control of Chill Island to What Tambourine, who had incited Chill's own Dance-Off Code. Chill was completely obliterated in the dance-off by the cyborg dancer Raveous. Chill became the mayor again two weeks later when Tyler beat Tambourine himself in another dance-off.


Chill is generally a big goofball, joking around in most situations. This causes some people to think that he's immature and doesn't really take anything seriously. On the rare occasion that Chill stops joking around, something probably went horribly wrong.

Chill was very little interest in learning about other cultures and their history. Additionally, despite his current position as Vice President and former President of Shops Island, he considers politics to be boring, avoiding political affairs as much as possible. Lavender occasionally catches Chill playing his Snowtendo 3DS in government meetings.

In his early years on Shops Island, Chill was heavily opposed to war and violence, sometimes even being physically sickened when hearing about it. This began to subside after Chill accidentally "killed" a robot, and eventually went away entirely, allowing him to have an instrumental role in the Shops Civil War.


Chill is the former president and current vice president of Shops Island, and was later rated as the #1 president in Shops Island's history by citizens. However, he has not been criticized on being a young government official as Bro has, because he kept his real age a secret for years. He is the mayor of his own island, Chill Island, which is also a state of Shops Island. He currently operates FreezeShop, formerly known as Chill World.

He is the director of the CIPF, and is also an elite and special agent in the SIA. While living on Club Penguin Island he was an agent in Division Gamma of the EPF, as well as the PSA before its destruction. He also often picked up odd jobs that he gave up on after a few weeks, such as working as a tour guide, or serving food at the Pizza Parlor or Coffee Shop.


Chill's favorite hobby is playing video games, particularly the Super Antics games, Jokemon, Super Smash Mates, and Snowcraft. He is also very creative and enjoys drawing and writing stories, but often suffers from bad writer's block, which causes him to procrastinate and usually give up. He occasionally attempts to invent things like his childhood hero Gary, but he's not very good at it and they usually just explode in his face. He likes going Quad-racing from time to time with Bro, and riding his Hover Board.

He is fascinated by the Jedi and Sith, and owns a keysaber just to pretend he's a Jedi. He considers himself an expert on memes. He enjoys media considered bad such as WHAT?!? ironically. At one point, he even owned 1,000 copies of WHAT?!?, before selling most of them to clean out space and earn money.


Chill's favorite food is hamburgers, his favorite dessert is pie, and his favorite drink is lemonade. He also likes pizza, french fries, ice cream, and chocolate milk. He absolutely hates most vegetables and therefore, salads as well. His favorite restaurant is McDoodle's.

It's no wonder that he caught Fat.


Color Name (gender) Adoption date Notes
Orange Orangey (M) February 2010
Green Pilot (M) March 2010
Black Speedy (M) October 2010
White Blizzard (M) December 2010
Red Arrr (M) January 2011
Purple Bubbles (F) January 2011
Brown Pudding (M) January 2011
Yellow Sunshine (M) February 2011
Pink Jumpy (F) February 2011
Blue Blueberry (M) February 2011
Orange Sunburst (M) February 2011
Green Shamrocker (M) March 2011
Orange Crumbs (M) October 2011
Yellow Penny (F) November 2011
Black Roy (M) March 2012
Rainbow Prism (M) March 2013
Rainbow Skittles (F) March 2013
Gold Nugget (M) November 2013




  • Ben 100022 - Despite Ben's bad reputation nowadays, Chill still has some respect for him because without him, there would probably be no Shops Island.
  • Brant
  • Mcdonalds394
  • Slender


  • Brook
  • Carl the Fry Thief - Chill is horrified by Carl's despicable actions and wants him off his island as soon as possible.
  • Evil Pengy
  • Glitterpants - Chill has never met Glitterpants, but hates him anyway.
  • Herbert
  • Penstubal - Chill and Penstubal have been rivals since 2015 for various complicated reasons. They often disagree with each other about almost everything, and Penstubal thinks he should never have any political power.
  • Protobot
  • Quackerpingu - Chill is annoyed by Quackerpingu and considers him a nuisance.
  • Radztur


  • He is a Class IV Fourth Wall breaker.
  • He once got squeezed by Winston for 15 minutes. It took him a few days to recover from the trauma.
  • He was originally dark blue, but later changed his color to lime green. Over time the paint wore off, causing his present aqua color.
  • He seems to be very prone to viruses. He has the Nookularix Virus, and in the past caught Fat.
  • He is a big fan of Bananaphone and owns several copies of Tha Bananaphone.
  • He always carries around a bottle of pills with his face engraved on them just so he can tell people to "take a Chill pill". Not even Chill knows what would happen if you actually took one.


  • "Hello there!"
  • "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
  • "We didn't come here to learn about history!" (Calada, Eh?)