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Born Chill57181
December 1, 1999 (1999-12-01) (age 20)
ColonialAntarcticaFlag.png South Pole City, Colonial Antarctica
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'2"
Residence ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Nationality Antarctic
Occupation Vice President of Shops Island
Mayor of Chill Island
Director of the Chill Island Protection Force
Proprietor of FreezeShop
The KD Band keyboard player
Years Active 2009-present
Political Career
Mayor of Chill Island
June 3, 2009 – Present
President of Shops Island
February 25, 2012 – September 7, 2012
Ben 100022
Vice President Penquino (July 2011-March 6, 2012)
Brook (March 7, 2012-April 16, 2012)
Mario Arkay (April 17, 2012-September 7, 2012)
Vice President of Shops Island
February 16, 2013 – Present
Mario Arkay
President Mario Arkay (December 1, 2012-February 1, 2013)
Lavender (February 2, 2013-present)
Chill57181's signature

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It's not about why, it's about why not!
— Chill's life motto

Chill57181 is a party hat loving penguin. He is the current vice president of Shops Island, as well as its former president, and the mayor of Chill Island. Despite his involvement in the politics of one of Antarctica's most influential countries since its inception, he considers politics to be boring, and is often unknowledgable or incompetent when it comes to political affairs and events abroad. Aside from his political involvement, he also runs the FreezeShop mall chain across Shops Island, acts as the director of the Chill Island Protection Force, plays keyboard in The KD Band, and was formerly a frequent visitor of the Club Penguin Weekee.


Early life[edit]

Chill was hatched on December 1st, 1999 in South Pole City. His fascination with party hats began at his first birthday party. He later attended an average school where he became friends with LMGT and later Penquino. During the first few years of school, Chill was bored and uninterested in school so didn't try much, causing him to get bad grades. At one point he was even given a dunce cap by one of his teachers, although rather than being insulted, thought it was cool because it resembled a party hat. Later, the trio of friends managed to stop a rash of thefts caused by Jerk Penguins in the school.

Life on Club Penguin[edit]

Chill and his family moved to Club Penguin late in 2008, where they led fairly normal lives. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, the 3rd Anniversary Party had already ended and Chill missed out on the party hat, much to his dismay. On his 9th birthday, Chill decided to move out into his own igloo. In January 2009, he was recruited into the Penguin Secret Agency after an agent witnessed him throw a snowball directly in the middle of the Clock Tower's bullseye and noted his impeccable aim. In reality, Chill was actually attempting to hit a penguin who had annoyed him, but missed and hit the target by accident.

In February, Chill purchased an EBUL membership for the first time, which he would continue to renew even for years after he left the island. Using the coins he had saved up for the past few months, he went on a shopping spree at the Gift Shop, purchased and furnished a larger igloo, and bought several puffles, all of which ran away due to Chill's irresponsibility. He also visited the Stage for the first time and saw Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. The play left quite an impression on Chill, sparking his interest in superheroes, and he even purchased a Shadow Guy costume.

While wandering around Club Penguin during the first ever Penguin Play Awards, Chill bumped into Gary. Despite a short and uneventful meeting, Gary unknowingly became Chill's hero and inspired him to create his own inventions (with disastrous results), which was kind of ironic because he hated science. The two would later have multiple encounters due to Chill's membership in the PSA, all of which would result in Chill accidentally making Gary uncomfortable.

In the spring, Chill began training with Sensei and became a ninja a few months later.

Chill later overheard some penguins talking about the Club Penguin Weekee, which intrigued him. He made his first visit there on May 3, 2009, and soon became a frequent visitor. Chill preferred the social aspects of the Weekee, opting to talk to the other users and work on his UsaPaje more than actually editing the Weekee itself. Because of this, Chill became friends with many of the other editors and visitors, including Mario Arkay, Johnny 115, Hat Pop, and Snowman 1001.

One day in late May, Chill got bored and contacted his best friends Penquino and LMGT with the intent of going on an expedition in a boat he had made. They agreed to go with him and began sailing aimlessly in the hopes of finding something interesting. On June 3rd, they discovered and landed on a small desolate island. As it seemed to be uninhabited, Chill decided to claim it for himself and called it Freezonia. The three began building settlements, although after about a week they had become bored with the project and returned to Club Penguin.

Chill began training to become a Fire Ninja in November, but ended up procrastinating on it for a while. In the final days of 2009, Chill determined that he would complete his training and become a Fire Ninja before the new year. This ended up coming down to the wire, but he spent the majority of New Year's Eve training and accomplished his goal, earning his Fire Gem from Sensei.

As a result of the PSA's destruction by Herbert in May 2010, Chill was transferred into the Elite Penguin Force. However, Chill soon began to feel nostalgic for the simplicity of the PSA, though he was mostly just devastated that Gary's upgraded Spy Phone didn't have a comb on it. He decided that he could make a better secret agency to replace the PSA, and got together with some of his friends to create the "New Elite Penguin Force".

Moving to Shops Island[edit]

In August 2010, Chill was contacted by Ben 100022, who he had become friends with after meeting him in disguise on the Weekee the previous year. Ben told him that he had discovered a deserted island, which he established as Shops Island, and offered Chill a leadership position, saying he was one of the few penguins he could still trust. Chill was intrigued and accepted Ben's offer, not knowing that Shops was actually a dictatorship ruled by Ben's iron flipper.

After arriving, Ben invited Chill to see his mall, The Kur Mall. Chill decided he wanted to run his own mall too, and started the first Chill World location as a stand where he sold some items he brought with him from Club Penguin. It didn't take long for his stock to run out, but by then the building was ready and he had begun making his own items. Chill also tried to convince his friends to move to Shops, but didn't succeed until July 2011 when Penquino, LMGT, and Johnny agreed to move there.

As time went on, Ben slowly began participating less in the management of Shops Island, and left the island completely in late July for unknown reasons, effectively putting Chill in charge. By this time, Chill realized that Shops was a dictatorship, and without Ben's presence, he opted to start setting up a secret democracy, appointing Penquino as the governor of Southern Shops and later his unofficial vice president. Upon Ben's return, he was much more paranoid, criticizing decisions Chill had made by himself without consulting Ben despite his absence, and becoming suspicious of Chill's friends, worried that they were planning a rebellion against him.

In September, Chill noticed that Freezonia was in very close proximity to Shops Island, less than a day away from Shops by boat, and decided to return. He discovered it in a state of disrepair after not being touched for nearly two years, and decided to declare it a state of Shops and rename it to Chill Island. Chill continued to be invested in the further development of the island, and made it his second residence.

In November, Chill made a brief return to Club Penguin to become a Water Ninja.


Chill's presidential portrait, painted by Hat Pop.

In February 2012, Ben's regime was finally overthrown. Chill was elected president on the 25th, and he selected Penquino to be his official vice president. However, Penquino took a day off in early March, leaving the opportunity for Brook Edward LasVegas to swoop in and trick Chill into thinking Penquino would become another Ben, taking extended leaves of absence, and that he wouldn't be a good vice president. Unfortunately, Brook's manipulative tactics worked, and Chill replaced Penquino with Brook, who ordered the police to ban Penquino from Shops without Chill's knowledge. A little over a month after making him vice president, Chill discovered the truth about Brook and removed him from office, replacing him with Mario.

Later in March, LMGT decided to create the Shopper Intelligence Agency after he was hassled out of his donuts and wanted to protect Shops Island. Chill gave LMGT his full support in creating the agency, and even decided to join it since he thought being in a secret agency again could be fun, since he hadn't been in one since leaving Club Penguin.

In the summer, he found out about Penquino's exile, then contacted him to tell him that it was lifted and apologized for what had happened. Shortly after, Chill, Mario, Penquino, and LMGT formed The KD Band out of boredom, inspired by Penquino's attempted musical career during his exile. Although they had all fooled around with instruments before while living on Club Penguin, this was their first attempt at becoming professional musicians, although they wouldn't go on tour or release an album until 2013.

In September, Brook, along with his friend Bro, who had been collaborating in an effort to obtain the presidency, claimed they had uncovered evidence against Chill, and threatened him with impeachment. In actuality, they hadn't uncovered anything that would've hurt him, and had to resort with coming up with a pack of lies instead. Despite this, Chill worried that the public would've believed them, and ultimately chose to resign. Bro became president after rigging the election, and had a short-lived and disastrous presidency ending in his impeachment. Despite everything that had happened, Chill and Bro eventually reconciled and became friends again.

Vice Presidency[edit]

In December 2012, Chill returned to Shopper politics after he was chosen as Mario's vice president. After Mario's brief presidency, he continued in his role when he was elected separately to be Lavender's vice president, due to voter dissatisfaction with Lavender's running mate.

In March 2013, Chill, Mario, Penquino, and LMGT went on vacation to Calada when Bro convinced them to. Unfortunately, Chill didn't enjoy the trip much, as he wasn't very fond of learning about other cultures and mostly found the trip boring. Things only got worse when Chill witnessed Mario's apparent death, was left out of an SIA mission by his friends, and Bro's evil puffle and X-Antibody tried to kill them all.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Great Yowien War, Chill noted the increasing militarization of the SIA, and decided that it wasn't an organization he wanted to be a part of anymore. After personally handing in his resignation to LMGT, Chill wished him good luck with handling the agency's affairs before leaving.

On July 7th, Chill Island was taken over by the invading Evilositian Army, who landed there while aimlessly sailing in a stolen fishing boat after a botched attempt to take over Shops Island. At the time, Chill and Professor Prepostera were in the Chill Island Protection Force HQ after Prepostera had successfully created Tyler, their first drone. Tyler disobeyed Prepostera's orders and attempted to defeat the villains himself, trapping them inside Chill World. This provided the opportunity for Chill to lead a squadron of CIPF agents in, who arrested most of the villains and turned them over to the EPF, who had arrived to recapture Evil Pengy. During the standoff, Chill and Radztur, who had considered Chill his arch-enemy since arriving on Shops less than a year earlier, ended up battling in the stockroom. Although Radztur was defeated, he was ultimately able to escape from Chill.

Shortly after, Chill decided to take a vacation to Club Penguin and discovered many things had changed. Earlier in the year, Rainbow Puffles had finally been proven real, and Sensei had begun training Snow Ninjas. Excited at the prospect of finally completing his Amulet, Chill stayed longer than he had planned to train and earn his Snow Gem. After completing his training, Chill adopted two Rainbow Puffles before returning to Chill Island for them to meet their new siblings.

Chill decided to visit Club Penguin in March 2014, which happened to be during the World Tour Party. Because of his disinterest in learning about other cultures, he thought the party was boring and mostly ignored it, instead doing other stuff around the island. The highlight of this vacation was an encounter with Kermit the Frog, where Chill received his autograph.

In May 2018, Chill decided to revive The KD Band when he was bored after suddenly coming up with ideas for new songs. After convincing Penquino to join him, he asked Bro to rejoin, who refused. Chill decided he was just being "broring" and replaced him with his friend The Ed.

In September, Lavender and Violet decided to go on vacation and left Chill in charge of taking care of their twins, Red and Blue. Chill took them to Chill Island, but they escaped after Chill was distracted by Pilot crashing into his ceiling fan. It got worse after they managed to get on a flight off of Chill Island, sending Chill on a wild penguin chase across Antarctica along with Mario, Ed, and Bro for the next two weeks, finally ending in Frostize.

Beginning in late December and going into early January, Chill found himself involved in stopping Constantine from destroying Kermit after Ed, Penquino, and Mario all had Destruction Gems stolen from them by the villainous frog.

In February 2019, Chill decided to visit the newly opened nation of Achadia, and invited Ed, Penquino, Bro, and LMGT to come along.


Fall of Shops[edit]

In August of 2025, Chill was elected President of Shops Island once again by the Shops Island Council due to Lavender's failing health. However, he didn't have a Vice President, and announced that any current governor of Shops Island would be allowed to campaign for Vice President. Djf, governor of Moon Island, won by rigging the vote, beating out Bro who was expected to win. Chill's presidency was short-lived however, as he was once again forced out of office by Brook, who had returned and staged a coup with Djf, forcing him to fake a resignation after threatening the lives of both him and his friends.

After Bro was executed by Djf, Chill and Penquino began a rebellion against the new totalitarian dictatorship. Chill became the vice president of the newly formed United States of Shops Island after losing a coin toss for the presidency to Penquino. During the subsequent Shops Civil War, Chill was one of the key leaders of the rebels, and received keysaber training from Penquino.

After the end of the Civil War and the fall of Shops Island, Chill moved to Chill Island permanently.

Retirement to Chill Island[edit]

Chancellor Pill

In 2027, just after the end of the Shops Civil War, Chill got together with Dps04, his son Dps the Fifth, Snowstormer, and other dignitaries from other surviving territories and states of Shops on Chill Island, and formed a treaty to create the Shops Union.

Feeling that the Shops Union needed a strong leader to get them through these tough times and early stages, Chill became the first chancellor of the Shops Union as "Chancellor Pill". During Chancellor Pill's appearances, Chill himself would appear as a hologram, or, in a few cases, a cardboard cutout of himself. Despite the extremely flimsy disguise, no one, not even his closest friends or his political rival Penstubal, who was often dismissed as a "paranoid conspiracy theorist", ever found out the truth or even made the connection. In fact, Penstubal praised Chancellor Pill on more than one occasion. He also wrote a story in the Penstubal Post called "Chill and Pill Never in the Same Room", where he went on to say it was probably because Pill hated Chill and despised Da Illuminati, although Pill set the record straight the next day.

In 2030, Chill briefly lost control of Chill Island to What Tambourine, who had incited Chill's own Dance-Off Code. Chill was completely obliterated in the dance-off by Tambourine's good friend, the cyborg dancer Raveous. Tyler beat Tambourine himself in another dance-off and became mayor, although his brief and disastrous tenure caused Prepostera to wipe his memory of the incident and restore the position to Chill a few weeks later.

In 2031, Chill felt that his work as chancellor was finished, and Chancellor Pill stepped down, and supposedly moved to Chill Island. When one of Chill's best friends Ed chose to run for chancellor, he publicly supported him, and Pill resurfaced to praise Ed as a "worthy successor". This support easily won Ed the chancellorship with an overwhelming majority against Penstubal, who was running against Ed. This surprisingly didn't sour Penstubal's opinion of Pill, with him instead stating "sometimes people make mistakes, it's okay, most people make them".

In 2036, Pill returned after Penstubal was elected President of Moon Island. As a result of his past experiences with Penstubal, Chill knew that relations between Chill Island and Moon Island would most likely spiral into disaster very quickly. In the interest of preserving the Shops Union and taking the moral high ground, Chill "hired" Pill to be in charge of all relations with Moon Island.


  • Secret Agent - Chill is currently the director of the Chill Island Protection Force. While living on Club Penguin Island he was an agent in the PSA, and was transferred to Division Gamma of the EPF after the former agency was dissolved. He was also an elite and special agent in the SIA for its first year of existence, before resigning around the time of the Great Yowien War.
  • Waiter - Chill had brief jobs as a waiter at the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop in 2009 before quitting after a few days.
  • Tour Guide - Chill became a tour guide for a brief time in 2009, which he gave up on after a few weeks on the job. He still has the hat, though.
  • Ninja - Chill began training with Sensei to become a ninja in the spring of 2009, and successfully earned his black belt and ninja mask a few months later. He later became a Fire Ninja, and returned to Club Penguin to train as a Water Ninja and Snow Ninja after moving to Shops Island. By that point, he cared more about completing his Amulet than actually mastering the elements, because the empty spaces bothered him. He rarely uses his ninja skills and eventually forgot most of them.
  • Weekee Editor - Chill was a frequent visitor of the Club Penguin Weekee, although he spent more time socializing with the other visitors and working on his UsaPaje than contributing to the Weekee itself. A few years after moving to Shops Island, Chill's visits became less frequent, and he rarely visits now, although he still keeps in close contact with many of his old Weekee friends. Despite his lack of involvement with the Weekee in modern times, he still has a deep respect for Kermit.
  • Mall Owner - Chill opened the first Chill World after moving to Shops Island in August 2010, which soon became a chain of malls and one of the most successful businesses on Shops Island. Today, it is known as FreezeShop, and has locations all around Shops Island and an additional location on Chill Island.
  • Politician - Chill is the former president and current vice president of Shops Island, and was later rated as the #1 president in Shops Island's history by citizens. Despite being less than a year younger than Bro, he managed to dodge criticisms for being such a young government official, possibly because of his involvement with Shops from the beginning, or the fact that Shops wasn't nearly as developed and influential during Chill's presidency as it is today. In addition, he serves as the mayor of his own island, Chill Island, a state of Shops. He is also the governor of Central Shops, a fact which he constantly forgets.
  • Musical Artist - Chill was one of the founding members of The KD Band, and was the organizer behind its brief revival in 2018. He plays keyboard in the band.
  • Detective - Chill had a brief stint as an amateur detective in early 2013, purely motivated by boredom. Most of his detective "skills" came from what he remembered from watching Ruby and the Ruby. His career didn't last long and went about as well as you'd expect.
  • Museum Owner - In 2013, Chill opened the International Party Hat Museum to share his love of party hats with the world, and to preserve their history.
  • Actor - Chill has made numerous appearances in Hat Pop and Snowman 1001's skits.



Chill is generally a big goofball, joking around in most situations. This causes some people to think that he's immature and doesn't really take anything seriously, and as a result he has received some criticism for this. On the rare occasion that Chill stops joking around, something probably went horribly wrong. He also has a wild imagination and is very creative, although he sometimes ends up regretting his ideas years later upon looking back at them. When it comes to things Chill enjoys, he is often impatient when it comes to release dates. He has occasionally exploited his position as the owner of a large chain of malls to acquire video games and Armo sets before their intended release, "borrowing" them from the stock.

Chill has very little interest in learning about other cultures and their history, although party hats are a major exception to this. Additionally, despite his current position as Vice President and former President of Shops Island, he considers politics to be boring, avoiding political affairs as much as possible. Lavender occasionally catches Chill playing his Snowtendo 3DS in government meetings.

When panicking, Chill often acts before he thinks, which causes him to try solutions that obviously wouldn't work, like looking for missing chicks under a rug in his house. Because of this, he's not very useful for coming up with ideas in tense situations unless someone else calms him down.

In his early years on Shops Island, Chill was heavily opposed to war and violence, sometimes even being physically sickened when hearing about it. This began to subside after Chill accidentally "killed" a robot, and eventually went away entirely.


Chill's most common outfits

Chill was hatched as a dark blue penguin, but later had his feathers dyed lime green when he got older. During the 2009 Color Vote, Chill voted for aqua, but didn't switch to it until he changed his outfit during the 4th Anniversary Party.

Chill's trademark outfit is his treasured 5th Year Party Hat, rarely replaced by The Side Swept, along with his Amulet, Orange Hoodie, and Orange Checkered Shoes. Although known for his love of party hats, Chill actually used to wear a Blue Propeller Cap, paired with a Blue CP Hoodie Outfit and Running Shoes. During Club Penguin's 4th Anniversary Party, he changed his outfit to the 4th Year Party Hat, Orange Hoodie, and Cloud Canvas Shoes, which remained as his outfit until he switched to his current outfit at the 5th Anniversary Party.

In colder weather, Chill wears the Candycane Scarf, Blue Winter Jacket, Blue Mittens, and Fuzzy Boots. In warmer weather, he trades his Orange Hoodie for a Star T-Shirt, and sometimes wears Gold Sunglasses.

On special missions, Chill wears The Side Swept, Hawkeye-wear, an H2O Pack, a Delta Suit, a Silver Watch, and Delta Sneaks.

Chill has made it a tradition for himself to dress up as Frankenpenguin every Halloween.


Chill is a Class IV Fourth Wall breaker, and claims he can sometimes hear the Fourth Wall complaining whenever he breaks it. His ability to break the Fourth Wall also gives him another ability that he calls "death immunity". Chill describes death immunity as the inability for someone to die, simply because they have to exist in the future. This sometimes causes him to pull reckless stunts, because he somehow knows he'll survive them. He claims that his death immunity is valid until 2025 at least.

Chill is skilled at voice acting, although he has never done it professionally. He can mimic a variety of accents (although most, if not all of his impressions are very stereotypical and would probably be considered offensive) as well as characters from his favorite video games, movies, and TV shows. He once imitated Red on the spot with no practice, but still managed to fool his own mother with the impression anyway.

Chill is strong-minded enough to resist Jedi mind tricks.

Chill is able to make very quick mouse movements, a skill he has mastered by having to minimize video games or WaddleTube when he's supposed to be working before Lavender can see him. This has also helped improve his skills in Blockcraft PvP minigames.


Despite being heavily involved in the government of Shops Island for much of its history, Chill finds politics boring and secretly doesn't entirely understand all the processes that go into making the government work. He often avoids his political duties, either by procrastinating on them and playing video games, doodling, or watching WaddleTube videos instead, or delegating them to someone else entirely. A majority of the time, his speeches are written by someone else entirely, which he later reads off of a teleprompter. He also doesn't keep up on news and is usually oblivious of events elsewhere on the continent, which can sometimes cause problems considering he is the Vice President of one of the most powerful countries in Antarctica.

In the past, he was very naive, leaving himself open to others with malicious agendas like Brookelas, which nearly caused disaster for Shops several times. Chill has since learned from his mistakes and is now more cautious with new people.

Personal life[edit]


Chill's favorite hobby is playing video games, most notably Blockcraft and Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R.. Other games he enjoys include Kermit Quest. He has owned every Snowtendo console since the DS. He maintains the opinion that the Swap is their best console so far, but still has some nostalgia for the DS and Vii. He originally used Herbert and Klutzy as his main in Super Smash Mates for Vii N, but switched to Kermit in U.B.E.R.. Aside from video games, he also enjoys playing board games like Shopopoly and participating in Professor Prepostera's Terns & Taverns sessions.

A crude doodle of Lavender that hangs in Chill's office

He is also very creative and enjoys drawing. He often doodles and keeps a notebook at his desk. He also enjoys writing stories, but often suffers from bad writer's block, which causes him to procrastinate and usually give up. He also enjoys collecting and building Armo sets. He occasionally attempts to invent things like his childhood hero Gary by watching WaddleTube tutorials, but he's not very good at it and they usually just explode in his face.

He is fascinated by the Jedi and Sith, and dreams of owning a keysaber. He also has a similar, though less prevalent, fascination with superheroes, sparked by seeing Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal vs. Squidzoid. He considers himself an expert on memes, and has knowledge of various individuals he considers "memey" like Hockey Manlet, Bernie the Tour Guide, and Donal Tenorio. He enjoys media considered bad such as WHAT?!? ironically. Similarly, he also enjoys weird media such as Bananaphone, and owns a copy of Tha Bananaphone. He also likes going Quad-racing from time to time with Bro, and riding his Hover Board.

While living on Club Penguin, he often visited the Stage and watched the plays, with his favorite being Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal vs. Squidzoid, although he criticized the updates made to the play in 2010, preferring the original and disliking the addition of Melmonst.

After moving from Club Penguin to Shops Island in 2010, Chill began making yearly trips back to Club Penguin during their Anniversary Parties to collect the new party hats. He also sometimes takes vacations there other times of the year, either to take a break from his work or just for nostalgic reasons. Even though he hasn't lived on Club Penguin in years, he still owns his old igloo and makes annual payments for his EBUL membership.


Chill's favorite food is hamburgers, his favorite dessert is pie, and his favorite drink is lemonade. He also likes pizza, french fries, sandwiches, Pop-Tarts (his favorite flavor is raspberry), ice cream, chocolate milk, and orange juice, which he began drinking much more often after it was discovered to be one of Kermit's favorite beverages.

He absolutely hates most vegetables and therefore, salads as well. He has never had any kind of soft drink, because he considers them off-putting for reasons he doesn't really know. Despite this, Bro claims that the two of them tried cream soda while they were on vacation in Calada, although it should be noted that Bro had drank several glasses of cream soda and was found passed out on a ship by the others.


Chill's main residence is his house on Chill Island. His puffles live here with him, and it is where he keeps most of his stuff. Whenever he is away, Professor Prepostera takes care of his puffles and keeps the house tidy.

As his vice presidency very frequently requires him to be on Shops Island, he also has a house there.

In February 2009, Chill purchased a split level igloo after signing up for an EBUL membership, where he lived for the rest of his time on Club Penguin before moving to Shops Island. He still owns the igloo and keeps it fully furnished for his trips back to Club Penguin, although he has to vacuum it every time he returns thanks to all the dust that accumulates while he's gone.


Orangey, Chill's oldest and favorite pet
  • Orangey - Adopted in February 2010 after the discovery of Orange Puffles. Orangey is Chill's oldest and favorite puffle. He gets into more trouble than any of Chill's other puffles, and often gets Pilot, Sunburst, and Crumbs involved in his antics.
  • Pilot - Adopted in March 2010. Pilot is also a troublemaker, although not to the same degree as Orangey, and often gets convinced to participate in his antics. He enjoys flying around with his propeller cap, even indoors despite Chill telling him not to, which usually ends with him hitting his head on the ceiling or crashing into a ceiling fan.
  • Speedy - Adopted in October 2010. Speedy is a no-nonsense puffle and gets annoyed by the shenanigans of Orangey and the others. In some extreme cases, he has gotten so angry that he set some of Chill's furniture on fire. He prefers the dark and can often be found in his puffle bed with a blanket over him. He also enjoys exploring caves.
  • Blizzard - Adopted in December 2010.
  • Arrr - Adopted in January 2011.
  • Bubbles - Adopted in January 2011.
  • Pudding - Adopted in January 2011. Pudding is very adept with technology and enjoys inventing, and often helps Chill when he tries to invent things. Although Pudding is much more skilled at this than Chill, he usually isn't able to stop them from exploding in time. On the rare occasions that Pudding is able to stop an explosion, Chill does something else later that causes it to explode anyway. Although he was named after chocolate pudding, he is actually allergic to chocolate. His favorite dessert is butterscotch pudding.
  • Sunshine - Adopted in February 2011.
  • Jumpy - Adopted in February 2011.
  • Blueberry - Adopted in February 2011.
  • Sunburst - Adopted in February 2011.
  • Shamrocker - Adopted in March 2011.
  • Crumbs - Adopted in October 2011.
  • Penny - Adopted in November 2011.
  • Roy - Adopted in March 2012.
  • Prism - Adopted in July 2013.
  • Skittles - Adopted in July 2013.
  • Nugget - Adopted in November 2013.
  • Haunter - Adopted in October 2014. Haunter enjoys playing pranks on Chill and the other puffles, and haunting Chill's kitchen appliances.


  • Ben 100022 - Although the two used to be friends, Chill recognizes Ben as the tyrannical dictator he was and is glad he's gone. Despite this, he still has some small amount of respect for him since he was responsible for Shops Island as it exists today.
  • Brant - Chill and Brant have met a few times for diplomatic reasons, although Brant had trouble adjusting to his sense of humor and taking him seriously at first. Their relations have improved since then, although Chill considers Brant a scrub for his anti-Kermit stance and avid readership of the Penstubal Post.
  • Bro - Chill and Bro are good friends, despite having many disagreements politically and a bumpy start thanks to Bro's association with Brook. Bro often pokes fun at Chill for various reasons, although Chill takes it well and often does the same back to him. Chill also sometimes calls him "broring" whenever he does something that Chill considers boring or acts like a stick in the mud. The two also go Quad racing from time to time, although Bro usually wins. In response, Chill once stole Bro's Quad as a prank.
  • Brook - Chill was originally tricked by Brook's seemingly friendly facade, which allowed Brook to easily manipulate him and even become his Vice President for a short time. He currently has nothing but disdain for him after learning of his true intentions. When they were still friends, Chill often mistook him for a girl as a result of his strange fashion choices.
  • Carl the Fry Thief - Chill is horrified by Carl's despicable actions and wants him off his island as soon as possible, spending a relatively high amount of WB$ in the CIPF's attempts to capture him. Carl also apparently haunts Chill's worst nightmares.
  • Constantine - As one of Kermit's biggest fans, Chill naturally hates Constantine.
  • The Ed - Chill and The Ed have been good friends since Ed moved to Shops Island in 2011. Chill enjoys hearing about Ed's various antics and seeing him drive the Meme Machine around Chill Island (and listening to its special horn as it drives by).
  • Evil Pengy - Chill and Evil Pengy first met when he briefly conquered Chill Island with his army after escaping from a failed takeover of Shops. Chill personally lead the CIPF squadron to take them down, which resulted in Evil Pengy being arrested and turned over to the EPF.
  • Future-Bro - Chill's first and only encounter with "Bro's grandpa", as he refers to him, was during his vacation to Calada, in which Future-Bro attempted to kill him and his friends. Needless to say, Chill doesn't like him.
  • Gary the Gadget Guy - Despite his dislike for science, Gary unknowingly became Chill's hero at a young age, and inspired him to attempt to invent his own gadgets, with little success. After joining the PSA, Chill was ecstatic to learn Gary also worked for them, and often accidentally made him uncomfortable whenever they met.
  • Glitterpants - Chill has never met Glitterpants, but hates him anyway.
  • Hat Pop - Chill and Hat Pop have been friends since they met on the Club Penguin Weekee. A recurring joke between the two in the past was Chill stealing her bunny ears and pretending to eat them. He has appeared in some of her WaddleTube skits. She also painted his presidential portrait.
  • Hockey Manlet - Chill views Hockey Manlet as a living meme after he got on Chill's radar following his popularity surge during the Achadia Crisis and the many memes surrounding him.
  • Johnny 115 - Chill and Johnny have been very good friends since meeting at the Club Penguin Weekee. Johnny later moved to Shops in 2011, but in recent years the two rarely interact, which Chill hopes to fix at some point.
  • Kermit - Although Chill was lucky enough to receive Kermit's autograph in 2014, they did not get to talk much. Nevertheless, Chill has immense respect for Kermit thanks to his heroics on the Weekee, opening Kermit-themed stores in all FreezeShop locations, and even declaring his birthday an official Chill Island holiday. Chill also heavily pushed for Kermit's recognition as a saint on Shops Island, a country where no other saints were recognized prior to Kermit.
  • Lavender - As Lavender's vice-president, Chill naturally gets along well with him and the two collaborate often. Lavender trusts Chill to fulfill important duties in his absence, despite his proven political incompetence. Chill has noted that Lavender changed since the attempt on his life and worries about some of his decisions, but has chosen to stay quiet about his concerns for the time being.
  • LMGT - LMGT is one of Chill's oldest friends, and remains one of his best friends to this day.
  • Mario Arkay - Mario has been one of Chill's best friends since they met on the Club Penguin Weekee and later served as his vice president. The two get along very well thanks to their nearly identical personalities and interests. While living on Club Penguin, the two often got into lots of antics and went on several adventures. After witnessing his apparent death in Calada, Chill was heavily shaken, although somehow knew he was okay somewhere. Since his return, Chill has let Mario live on Chill Island off the radar for free.
  • Merry Walrus - Chill hates both the Merry Walrus holiday and its mascot, considering it an "insult to everything" and another example of the PDC's disastrous ideas in recent years.
  • Penquino - Although their relationship began with a rocky start when they were kids, Penquino is now one of Chill's best friends. He was one of the first of his friends that Chill invited to move to Shops Island, and he trusted him enough to make him part of his secret democracy, and later his vice president. Chill is currently one of the few to know that Penquino is a Jedi.
  • Penstubal - Chill and Penstubal don't get along well at all, and Chill now just ignores him and avoids contact with him as much as possible. They disagree with each other about almost everything, and Penstubal thinks he should never have any political power and has criticized his vice-presidency. Despite his stance, "Chill" often seem to provide comment on the things Stubal says about him, which is speculated to be Stubal in an attempt to feel better about himself, or his supporters impersonating Chill.
  • Pensturu - Chill thinks Pensturu is very cool and honoru, and often asks to hear one of his wise sayings whenever they meet.
  • Professor Prepostera - Chill and Prepostera first met at a Chill World location in 2012 after the latter moved to Shops, and became friends after a conversation about inventing. Chill trusts Prepostera to deal with protecting Chill Island and taking care of anything that needs to be done while he's away.
  • Radztur - Radztur considers himself Chill's greatest nemesis and has been a thorn in his side since he arrived on Shops. Chill doesn't really know why Radztur hates him, although unbeknownst to him it's nothing more than Radztur being petty.
  • Red and Blue - Being Lavender's twins, Chill has taken care of them on several occasions when Lavender and Violet are busy and views them as nephews. He's probably somewhat of a bad influence on them though, as he often assists them in their antics and provides suggestions on how to improve their shenanigans.
  • Slender - Chill and Slender have a cordial relationship as their countries enjoy great diplomatic relations with each other, but the two do not interact much aside from official functions. Chill does perceive Slender to be egotistical, which has dampened his view towards him.
  • Snowman 1001 - Chill and Snowman have been friends since they met on the Club Penguin Weekee. Chill greatly enjoys Snowman's trolls, either being the target of them or just watching them unfold on other unsuspecting penguins, and has appeared on some of his WaddleTube skits.
  • Tyler - Chill often interacts with Tyler in the CIPF headquarters, and they get along well thanks to their similar senses of humor. Unlike Professor Prepostera, Chill finds Tyler's snarkiness and heavy sarcasm amusing.
  • WATuDOIN - Chill first encountered WATuDOIN in 2010 while he was working for Herbert, and helped to foil their scheme.
  • What Tambourine - Despite his best efforts, Chill has not actually acknowledged that What Tambourine or the Techno State exist.
  • Yorkay Porkay - Chill was good friends with York during his first year on the Club Penguin Weekee, but the two lost contact and haven't spoken in years.



  • "Hello there!"
  • "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
  • "Well you see..."
  • "TO be fair..."
  • "It's not about why, it's about why not!"
  • "Hey look, a package!"
  • "I have an important question for you."
  • "Take a Chill pill."
  • "We didn't come here to learn about history!" (Calada, Eh?)
  • "Either the fry thief haunts your darkest thoughts and most horrifying nightmares, or you've never heard of him."
  • "If Red is too uncivilized to eat Pop Tarts there's no way he'd try pizza!" (The Adventures of Red and Blue)


Chill @HeyItsChill • 16 October 2012
Hello there

Chill @HeyItsChill • 16 October 2012
@thebromaster stop telling me to change my avatar, it's fine

Chill @HeyItsChill • 21 October 2012
Time for my yearly trip back to Club Penguin, your party hat will make a fine addition to my collection

Chill @HeyItsChill • 1 March 2013
@thebromaster is dragging me to calada tomorrow but i wanna stay home and play video games :( why did i agree to this

Chill @HeyItsChill • 7 July 2013
i need like 27 hours of sleep

Chill @HeyItsChill • 24 November 2014
Merry Walrus, more like... Borey Walrus (nailed it)

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glitterpants sucks, that's all

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Happy birthday @KermitTheFrog! Best of luck saving the weekee!

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how do you git gud 🤔

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country roads

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Guess I'm in charge while @POSI5 is on vacation, what could possibly go wrong? :D

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@KermitTheFrog is the coolest frog in Antarctica, change my mind. Protip: You can't

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why do i keep seeing a funny skeleton man


  • He always carries around a bottle of pills with his face engraved on them just so he can tell people to "take a Chill pill". Not even Chill knows what would happen if you actually took one.
  • During his presidency, he wrote "Chill W/H" on the side of his desk in the Triangle Office. It remains there to this day.
  • Chill currently uses All Star as his ringtone.
  • Radztur and Penstubal both consider Chill their arch-nemesis, and incorrectly think that the feeling is mutual; Chill's true arch-nemesis is Carl the Fry Thief.

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