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Chill Island
Motto It's not about why, it's about why not!
Anthem Guadeloupe Beach
Official languages English
Species Penguins, puffles
Demonym Freezonian
Currency Wiki-Buck$ (WB$)
Calling code 311, 128
Mayor Chill57181
2009 – Present
Originally established 1800s
Rediscovered by Chill June 3, 2009
Granted statehood September 24, 2011
2018 estimate 200
2018 census 204
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Chill Island, originally known and sometimes still referred to by other nations as Freezonia (not to be confused with Freezestonia), is a small island state just south of Shops Island, under the rule of Vice President Chill57181, who serves as its mayor. Often referred to as "the fun corner of Antarctica" by residents and visitors, it is also noted for seemingly being a magnet for strange events.


Early history[edit]

Centuries prior to Chill's arrival, the island was a haven for strange creatures of all kinds, who gradually developed their own society. Nobody knew what attracted them there, although it could have something to do with a certain zamboni.

Although the creatures were relatively friendly and welcoming to visitors, very few dared to sail near the island because of its residents. It became the subject of legends among sailors, gaining a false reputation as a horrid place filled with hostile monsters, although some were not deterred and explored it and studied its society anyway.

On Halloween night in 1879, a terrible storm ravaged the island, wiping out the entire population and leaving what establishments it didn't completely destroy in ruin, also leading to the extinction of many different species.

All records of this settlement were eventually lost, although dramatic warnings about the general area of Chill Island can sometimes be found on old maps and notes written by sailors.

In the early 2000's, the island was rediscovered by a kooky old prospector named Hilner who had been drifting across the ocean for several months at the time after setting off to discover "the lost kingdom of Beantopia". Although the island wasn't "Beantopia", he chose to live there anyway and built the mine shack, and began living in a scrapyard near the shack and scavenging the island.


In June 2009, Chill57181 briefly left Club Penguin Island to go on an expedition out of boredom with his best friends Penquino and LMGT. Finding nothing but a long abandoned house, an old mine, and scattered ruins, Chill decided to claim it for himself and called it Freezonia. Chill began working on building various settlements around the island, such as a house for himself and secret headquarters for the agency that would later become the Chill Island Protection Force to monitor key locations around Freezonia, although large amounts of the island remained untouched. More ambitious plans included various businesses, a hospital, and even an airport, but these would not come to be. After about a week, the three got bored and left, and the island fell into disrepair once again.

Further development[edit]

In September 2011, Chill discovered that Freezonia was in close proximity to Shops Island, inspiring him to return. Upon his return, he discovered that it had fallen into disrepair in the past 2 years, especially the mine shack, which was very unsafe and needed to be completely rebuilt. Following the completion of repairs, Chill renamed it Chill Island and declared it a state of Shops. Now equipped with more resources, the businesses Chill had envisioned back in 2009 finally became a reality, with Chill Island Retail, Wikibucks, and Mario's Fryz being opened by the end of that year. The Chill Island International Airport also became a reality, providing daily flights to Shops Island through shopJet. Work on the residential district also began, and continues to this day as the need arises.

By the end of 2012, 5-Starred, Prepostera Enterprises, Pao Bakery, and the Bank of Chill Island had opened, and Chill Island Retail was torn down and replaced with a Chill World location. Various types of puffles were introduced to the island to give it more wildlife. The Daily Egg, the island's official newspaper, began releasing bi-weekly, and even got its own local TV news station. Chill Island's own baseball team, the Chill Island Gnomes, was organized. Construction also began on the International Party Hat Museum.

In April 2013, Chill's original secret agency was reorganized into the Chill Island Protection Force, abbreviated as the CIPF, and began functioning as Chill Island's police force and military. Prepostera Enterprises closed when its owner, Professor Prepostera, was recruited to join the agency, and began working out of a lab in their headquarters instead. Inspired by the SIA's announcement of its own drone army, Prepostera began working on drones for the CIPF to function as the island's military. The first prototype, Tyler, was successfully brought online on July 7th, 2013.

Evilositian Army takeover[edit]

See also: Rise of the Evilositian Army

On July 7th, 2013, the Evilositian Army led by Evil Pengy landed on Chill Island on a stolen fishing boat following a failed attempt to take over Shops Island and escaping from SIA custody. While regrouping, Evil Pengy decided to take over the island and use it as a base of operations before trying to take over Shops again. Considering the island essentially a dictatorship, they decided to eliminate Chill so they could rule unopposed and broke into his house. They were unable to find Chill however, as he was in the CIPF headquarters at the time. Assuming that he wasn't even on the island, they hijacked the Daily Egg's studio and announced their takeover on TV.

While Chill and Prepostera tried to figure out their next move, Tyler disobeyed orders and left headquarters to take the fight to the Evilositian Army using his glitchy weapons systems. He was able to trap them inside Chill World, where he ended up being deactivated with water balloons from the toy store. The confrontation between Tyler and the villains was able to buy the CIPF enough time to send in a squadron of agents personally led by Chill to arrest them. During the standoff, an EPF task force led by PSA to recapture Evil Pengy arrived and took most of the Evilositian Army members into custody.

Shortly after, Radztur, a former member of the Evilositian Army and self-proclaimed rival of Chill who escaped in the conflict, moved into a secret cave base on Chill Island and started causing trouble for the CIPF in an attempt to harass Chill.

Current day[edit]

On the night of August 21st, 2015, tragedy struck the island when the nefarious Carl the Fry Thief broke into Mario's Fryz and stole all of the french fries. The next morning, Chill made a public announcement regarding the theft, giving condolences to the citizens of Chill Island and promising that the thief would be brought to justice. As the CIPF began its investigation, Chill Island's residents were shocked when Mario's Fryz was broken into that very night and the fries were stolen again. When this happened yet again the next night, everyone realized they were now dealing with a serial fry thief. Carl continues to break into Mario's Fryz nearly every night and steal the french fries, and has never been caught despite the intensive efforts of the CIPF.

What Tambourine, along with his friends DJ Duke and Raveous, moved to Chill Island in early 2017 and the trio quickly became notorious for their excessively loud techno music playing. This continued until early May, when Tambourine's neighbors finally got fed up and called the CIPF, who fined him 100 WB$. This made him furious, prompting him to declare independence of his own house and get his friends to join him, forming his own independent state, the Techno State. Afterwards, they attempted to get recognition from Chill, but he just ignored them.

In early 2018, the vacant Prepostera Enterprises building was purchased by the Techno State and converted into the Techno Club.

Later in 2018, notorious businessman Donal Tenorio, having heard of the growing tourism on Chill Island over the past several years, personally visited Chill Island with the intent of building a hotel there. After surveying the island, an area near Banana Beach was selected to become the site of Tenorio Hotel. Construction began a few months afterward, and is expected to be finished by the end of 2019.


In 2025, Chill Island seceded from Shops Island and joined the United States of Shops Island because of Chill's involvement. During the Shops Civil War, the island was protected from the Shopper Empire by the combined efforts of Professor Prepostera, The Ed, Roger, and Doktor, who were able to harness the Meme Machine's energy to create a force field around the island. Following the end of the war in 2027, Chill Island joined the Shops Union with fellow former Shops Island states Moon Island and Freezestonia. Chill Island became a popular spot for former residents of Shops Island, including former President Lavender and Shopper Intelligence Agency Director LMGT.

In 2030, What Tambourine made his move and challenged Chill to a dance-off with his best dancer, Raveous, in a bid to become mayor by inciting the Dance-Off Code. Chill's practice in Dance Contest was no match for Raveous, who had his body augmented with cybernetic parts specifically designed for optimal dancing performance. One week later, Tyler challenged Tambourine himself to a dance battle and easily won. Rather than giving the position back to Chill, Tyler decided to be mayor, but had a short and disastrous run that ended with his memory of the event being wiped by Prepostera, all of Tyler's legislation being reverted, and the position being returned to Chill. Not wanting to cause an endless cycle of dance-offs, Tambourine began thinking of a different way to become mayor. Shortly after, Chill sold Little Island to the Techno State so they could have somewhere to listen to their techno music and not bother the other residents, and also be left alone.

Relations between Chill Island and fellow Shops Union member Moon Island took a turn for the worse in 2036 when Penstubal was elected president. In the interest of preserving the Shops Union and preventing relations between the two islands from quickly deteriorating, the former Chancellor of the Shops Union, Pill, was hired to deal with relations between them. However, unbeknownst to anyone except Chill himself, "Pill" was actually Chill in disguise.


Chill is the mayor of the island, and there is no real government system in place. There are no other government officials, and elections are never held. Fortunately, nobody really cares. The mayor is given unlimited power on the island, and is basically allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't violate Shopper laws. The mayor also isn't allowed to violate any Freezonian laws, although this restriction exists purely on paper as the mayor can remove any law as they see fit.

The island is protected by the Chill Island Protection Force, a secret agency that also functions as a police force and the island's military. They don't have to do much thanks to the island's practically nonexistent crime rate, aside from a notorious french fry thief, excessively loud techno fans, and the occasional antics of Radztur. The island is also sometimes plagued by mr skeltal's skeletal minions who attempt to steal the Meme Machine from The Ed, however they completely ignore other citizens unless they get in their way.

Aside from Shops Island itself, Chill Island has little to no contact with the rest of Antarctica and sticks to their own business. In rare cases where Chill Island has relations with other countries, it is because those countries initiated contact.


All applicable Shopper laws apply on Chill Island, but Chill has added some of his own laws as well, either for things that personally annoy him or just out of boredom, which is where some of the more ridiculous laws come from.

  • Dance-Off Code - A document created by Chill in 2011 after it became a state of Shops Island. It states that if someone challenges the current mayor to a dance-off and wins, they become the rightful mayor of Chill Island. As no elections are ever held, this is the only way to replace the mayor.
  • Force User Plurality Law - Saying "Jedis" or "Siths" within earshot of Chill is punishable by a 50 WB$ fine.
  • Scrubbery Ban - The Penstubal Post was banned on Chill Island after it published an article slandering Kermit the Frog. Penstubal attempted to circumvent the ban by publishing it under a different name, but none of the issues ever made it to stores, and he eventually stopped sending them after realizing how much money he was losing.
  • Spaghetti Regretti Law - Walking backwards while holding a plate of spaghetti at 2:45 PM on a Wednesday is illegal and punishable by a fine of 4.50 WB$ and a kiwi.
  • Stealthy Veggie Ban - The presence of vegetables in a dish must be disclosed when serving. Failure to comply will result in a 25 WB$ fine if reported. This law was initially met with controversy by parents trying to get their chicks to eat healthier, but all complaints were ignored.
  • Vampire Watch - Anyone who doesn't have a reflection or cast a shadow will be arrested and questioned by the CIPF on suspicion of being a vampire. Technically, there is nothing in this law that accounts for cloudy days or nighttime, which caused havoc when the CIPF had to bring in practically everyone on the island for questioning, including their own agents and Chill himself. Although the law was never repealed, the CIPF ignores it as a result of the incident.


Chill Island's economy mainly revolves around a lucrative mining industry, thanks to the caves below the island being rich with valuable minerals. Because of Chill Island's small population, a large portion of these resources are exported to Shops Island. Tropical fruits, such as bananas and coconuts, are occasionally exported in small numbers, but Chill Island has not become an influential source of them due to the low crop sizes.

The economy is also heavily supported by the island's FreezeShop location. All profits from the store go back into supporting the island and its endeavors economically. As a result, the citizens don't have to pay taxes, instead spending money for things they want or need and having that money going to supporting the island.


As Chill was a former resident, Chill Island is heavily influenced by Club Penguin culture. This is particularly noticeable with Wikibucks, which is very similar to the Coffee Shop, and in the island's celebrated holidays and Club Penguin-styled parties.


Chill Island's cuisine, much like Chill's taste in foods, is very simple and doesn't really have much that stands out. When asked, most residents would say the "signature food" of Chill Island is the various specialty fries at Mario's Fryz.


Carl the Fry Thief, Chill Island's most infamous figure

As a result of Chill Island's tendency to seemingly attract strange and sometimes even supernatural events, lots of folklore has come up among the citizens over the years, some of it more based in truth than others. Mayor Chill keeps a personal database of all the folklore about the island that he comes across for future reference, separating them into three categories; verified, unverified, and "lolno".

One particular figure who has attracted much attention in this regard is Carl the Fry Thief, whose mysterious nature and years of evading capture have created many theories about who he really is and stories about his exploits. The CIPF doesn't particularly help in this matter, often covering up stories about Carl out of shame for their incompetence in dealing with him, making it hard to verify what is and isn't true about him. Because of this, in addition to theories about Carl himself, many stories have popped up regarding attempts the CIPF has made to capture him.

Unsurprisingly, a decent amount of Chill Island's folklore centers around Halloween, mostly involving the appearance of spooky figures. One of these figures, who has attracted a somewhat sizable following, is "the Great Jacko", a Santa Claus-like figure who visits Chill Island every Halloween and leaves toys for good chicks, while naughty chicks instead receive a whack on the head with his bag of toys. Despite his popularity, the CIPF has been unable to verify the existence of the Great Jacko.


Almost all of Chill Island's holidays that are officially recognized by the government are holidays that are celebrated on Club Penguin. Much like on Club Penguin, all of these holidays are celebrated with island-wide parties, with the exception of Orange Juice Appreciation Day, which is combined with the Kermit Party. These also coincide with FreezeShop's parties, with the exception of Founder's Day, although the local FreezeShop location offers lots of sales and free items during the Founder's Day Party.

Because of Chill Island's oddly tropical climate, Chill insists on covering the island in a synthetic snow-like substance created by Professor Prepostera every December to celebrate Christmas "properly".

New Year's Eve is celebrated with a fireworks display in the town central at midnight. Every year, something ends up going wrong either with the display itself or as a result of it, despite extensive attempts to prevent this from happening. After this happened for three years in a row, citizens caught on to the pattern and began betting with each other on what the next accident would be.

March 17th St. Patrick's Day
April 1st April Fools' Day
May 4th Orange Juice Appreciation Day
May 9th Kermit's Birthday/St. Kermit's Day
June 4th Founder's Day
October 31st Halloween
December 25th Christmas
December 31st New Year's Eve


What Tambourine, resident techno superfan

In contrast to Shops Island, which is often considered to have an unoriginal and behind-the-times taste in music, Chill Island's most popular music is much more modern, consisting of genres such as indie music and techno. "Weird" music, often called "memecore" or simply "meme music", is also very popular among Freezonians.

Techno is the most played genre of music on Chill Island. What Tambourine's techno soundtrack, consisting largely of compositions by DJ Duke, is the best-selling album on the island and receives more plays from Freezonians according to online streaming services than any other album. However, it is unknown how much this statistic is influenced by Tambourine himself, considering he has played it 24/7 since his arrival on the island.

Resident The Ed is also a very popular artist among Freezonians. His 2018 album Dab City, Population: (You) was met with critical acclaim and became the island's best-selling album for 8 minutes before What Tambourine's techno soundtrack took its spot back. The KD Band, featuring Chill, enjoys decent popularity which increased dramatically following the release of OOOOkay We're Back when its music went in a "memecore" direction and Ed joined the band.

In addition to these artists, an instrumental song called "funny skeleton song" uploaded to the internet by an unknown composer is also popular on Chill Island. It is especially popular around Halloween because of its apparent association with skeletons, even though it doesn't seem to have anything to do with them besides the name.


Chill Island's most popular sport by far is baseball. The island's baseball team is the Chill Island Gnomes, which was formed in 2012 shortly after the creation of the Shopper Baseball Association. Several names were suggested for the team, but ultimately Gnomes was chosen because of their pointy hats resembling party hats. The team's mascot is the Party Gnome, a gnome wearing a Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Hat. At first, the team merely played in an open field with some benches set up. Following the conclusion of the 2014 season, a proper baseball field was built where the Gnomes would play their games. It was named Penquino Field, in honor of Chill's best friend Penquino who was involved in the early promotion of the SBA.

Aside from baseball, soccer has been growing in popularity in recent years, despite lack of interest on Shops Island. Water sports, particularly surfing, are also popular for recreation. Interestingly, there is nearly no interest for hockey, Shops Island's most popular sport, despite Hockey Manlet's rising popularity among Freezonians.



There is no schoolhouse on the island since Chill considers education boring, forcing residents wishing to get an education to take online courses or travel elsewhere. At one point, Chill Island did have an official website containing a crash course teaching basic concepts of education, but it was considered woefully insufficient as a replacement for an actual education by critics, and later taken down when site data revealed barely anyone was using it.

In late 2013, a small boarding school was built on the southeastern coast of Southern Shops, which became popular with Freezonian chicks seeking education. Despite this, complaints about Chill Island not having a school continued, as many parents thought having to ferry their chicks to the Shops mainland everyday was inconvenient. These complaints went ignored until early 2017, when an independent group known as the Chill Island Society of Nerds took it upon themselves to make a complete educational system, able to be done entirely online and geared specifically toward Freezonians.


  • Allie N. - An alien from an unknown planet who accidentally crashed her spaceship on Chill Island. Despite her poor attempts at trying to fit into normal penguin society, constantly asking about spaceship parts in casual conversation, and making her first appearance in public almost immediately after the crash, nobody has caught on to her true nature yet.
  • Carl the Fry Thief - A notorious fry thief and the island's most wanted criminal. Despite breaking into and stealing fries from Mario's Fryz nearly every night since August 21st, 2015, he has never been brought to justice by the CIPF.
  • Chill57181 - The mayor and settler of the island, director of the Chill Island Protection Force, and vice president of Shops Island.
  • DJ Duke - The Grandmaster DJ of the Techno State.
  • The Ed - The operator and guardian of the Meme Machine, and an agent of EPF Antilles.
  • "Fishy" Moe - A fishing enthusiast and proprietor of Moe's Bait and Tackle.
  • Gem - A mining engineer in charge of all sanctioned mining operations on Chill Island.
  • Ghast Lee - The ghost of a researcher who was studying the island's society in the 1870s before being killed in the storm that devastated it. He now resides in the haunted house, scaring away any who dare enter.
  • James D. Beckson - An agent of the CIPF, and arguably their most well-known agent thanks to how much his father brags about him.
  • Java Jess - The barista at Wikibucks.
  • Jeral Lukewarm - The CIPF's extremely incompetent intern, notorious for spilling coffee and ruining paperwork and inventions.
  • John C. Beckson - The gruff editor-in-chief of Chill Island's newspaper, the Daily Egg.
  • Henchman - Radztur's loyal minion.
  • Hilner - A kooky old prospector with an affinity for beans. He came to the island in the early 2000's after drifting through the ocean attempting to discover the "lost kingdom of Beantopia".
  • Kalen - The top agent of the CIPF and Prepostera's personal favorite, although Chill doesn't really care for him.
  • Kalla Pao - The owner of the Pao Bakery. She also bakes all of the food, most of which are either her own creations or come from family recipes.
  • Kyle - The first CIPF tank model drone.
  • Mario Arkay - Chill's best friend, currently living off the books following his apparent death in 2013.
  • Night Terror - A bumbling vigilante disillusioned with the CIPF due to their failure to apprehend Carl. After deciding to take matters into his own flippers, he proved to be even more incompetent than the CIPF in dealing with Carl.
  • "Party Gnome" - The penguin who wears the Party Gnome mascot costume at all of the Chill Island Gnomes' baseball games. No one really knows, or cares, who they are under the costume.
  • Pensturu - A very honoru penguin and one of the island's coolest residents. He is very popular with the residents and known for spreading wise sayings he finds on fortune cookies.
  • Prawn - An eccentric art-loving penguin and the proprietor of the Museum of Underappreciated Works of Pure Art. He often finds deep artistic meaning in the most mundane of objects.
  • Professor Prepostera - An inventor, owner of Prepostera Enterprises, and the CIPF's tech lead.
  • Radztur - A supervillain and Chill's self-proclaimed arch-nemesis, plotting to ruin his life from his hideout in the island's sprawling tunnels.
  • Raveous - A cyborg who augmented his body specifically to improve his dancing skills. He is the Lord of the Dance of the Techno State.
  • Roger - A washed up Snoss War Bot repaired by The Ed.
  • Tyler - The first of the CIPF drones, later promoted to Drone Commander.
  • What Tambourine - A notorious techno superfan, infamous for constantly blaring techno music at volumes no one should be able to enjoy. He is the President of the Techno State, an unrecognized microstate within Chill Island.


The majority of the island is flat and barren in the south, making it ideal for development.

The northeast region contains a mountain range on the edge of the island with nature trails through them, the tallest of which is Mount Yorkie. There is also a volcano in this mountain range, although Professor Prepostera estimates it won't erupt anytime soon and poses no threat to the current citizens of Chill Island.

The northwest region is heavily forested and has been left mostly untouched. This forest has been dubbed the Creepy Forest because of the thick vegetation, allowing very little amounts of sunlight to make it through the trees in the daytime and making it nearly pitch black at nighttime, occasionally illuminated by fireflies. The landmarks in the area are also somewhat unsettling, as it contains the haunted house, various other ruins of the original civilization, and a dark cave that leads into Chill Island's complex tunnels, although the entrance has been fenced off. Despite all this, Chill says there is no danger in entering the forest, as the only other creatures on the island are harmless puffles. The only real "danger" is getting lost, although as the island itself is so small, waddling in a straight direction will lead back to either civilization or the edge of the island within a day. However, some campers have reported strange and frightening noises in the forest, particularly near the haunted house.

The southeast region is home to Banana Beach, a highly popular spot for both Freezonians and tourists. It received its name because of the banana trees scattered around the area, and also because Chill thought it looked banana-shaped when seeing what it looked like from above. Scrubbypingu always comes here when he vacations on Chill Island and tries to claim that it's his private beach.

In contrast to the relative simplicity on the surface, underground there is a complex network of tunnels sprawling throughout the entire island. Due to the complexity of the tunnels, citizens are not allowed to enter for their own safety, and only miners and emergency workers are permitted in. There are legends of rooms deep in the tunnels filled with treasure, a "magic cave", and even interdimensional portals, but these have not been verified by any of the miners who have traveled through them. The CIPF headquarters used to be located in a large natural room, but the entrance was sealed off following renovations in 2013.


In sharp contrast to Shops Island, which is often colder than the majority of Antarctica during the winter, Chill Island has a relatively tropical climate year-round, averaging in the low to mid 50s, often creeping into the low 60s during the summer months. The highest recorded temperature on Chill Island is 66 degrees Fahrenheit, reached in the middle of a heatwave on July 22nd, 2012.

It is unknown exactly why the climate is this way, though it is believed that Chill Island's volcano plays a major role in heating up the island. Some scientists have theorized that the climate is actually a result of a combination of the influence of the volcano with currently undiscovered factors underground.

Points of interest[edit]

  • Haunted House - An old, decrepit house, and the last remnant of the island's original society. It is haunted by Ghast Lee, who was living there at the time of his death.
  • Mine Shack - A mining shack originally built by the prospector Hilner shortly after his arrival on the island. By the time Chill Island became a state of Shops, it had fallen into heavy disrepair and was completely rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Mayor's House - Chill's residence whenever he isn't on Shops. His puffles live here full-time as well. It is somewhat small, but has two stories; the first floor contains a foyer, living room, and kitchen, and the second floor contains a bathroom and Chill's bedroom, which doubles as his office. Below the house is what Chill refers to as the "basement of doom", getting its name from the unorganized mess and sheer amount of stuff Chill stores down there. There is also a secret attic inside the giant party hat on the roof. There are multiple cameras connected to the CIPF's surveillance system throughout the house, although these remain inactive unless personally toggled by Chill, because he's paranoid that Agent Kalen is watching him.
  • CIPF Headquarters - The base of operations of the Chill Island Protection Force, located underneath the island. It was originally a large natural room within Chill Island's tunnels, which merely housed the agency's surveillance system, but was renovated in 2013 as a proper headquarters. These renovations also added Professor Prepostera's laboratory.
  • Docks
  • Wikibucks - A typical coffee shop, heavily influenced by the one on Club Penguin. As a joke, Wikibucks sells "Excessively Overpriced Coffee", which is exactly the same as its normal coffee but comes with a special foam cup and "the feeling that you wasted your money". Much like Club Penguin's Coffee Shop, Wikibucks has a book room on the second floor. Its name is a pun on the Snowbucks chain and Wiki-Buck$, the currency of Shops Island.
  • Mario's Fryz - A fast food restaurant best known for its signature fries. Other items on the menu include hamburgers, hot dogs, shakes, and other typical fast food fare. Since August 2015, it has been robbed by Carl the Fry Thief on a nightly basis, despite countless attempts to apprehend him. It is named after Chill's best friend Mario Arkay, but he has never actually worked at the restaurant nor was he involved in its establishment.
  • FreezeShop - A standard FreezeShop location, providing Freezonians with their shopping needs.
  • Moe's Bait and Tackle
  • Chill Island International Airport
  • Bank of Chill Island
  • Daily Egg Headquarters
  • Pao Bakery - A bakery ran by Kalla Pao. Every day, the store sells a new batch of freshly-made bread, pies, donuts, muffins, cakes, bagels, and more. It is a popular stop for Freezonians in the morning to pick up something for breakfast just after it came out of the oven. LMGT became their number one customer after buying the entire day's supply of donuts while visiting Chill Island once.
  • Techno Club - A night club operated by the Techno State, where they often host loud parties. It occupies the former Prepostera Enterprises building.
  • 5-Starred
  • International Party Hat Museum - A museum dedicated to party hats throughout Antarctica's history, personally operated by Chill.
  • Radztur's Lair - The secret base of the villainous Radztur, somewhere inside Mount Yorkie and accessed through the island's tunnels. From here, Radztur plots his evil schemes, mass produces DoomBots, and watches TV.
  • Pizza Time
  • Penquino Field - A baseball field and the home field of the Chill Island Gnomes. Because Penquino was involved in the early promotion of the Shopper Baseball Association, it was decided that the field would be named in his honor.
  • Mystery Pyramid
  • Museum of Underappreciated Works of Pure Art - A museum showcasing many pieces of abstract art operated by Prawn.
  • Tenorio Hotel - One of Donal Tenorio's many business ventures. It is located near Banana Beach. Construction began in late 2018, and is currently in progress.


Because of the island itself being rather small, cars are not used. Citizens usually just walk where they need to go, though use of conventional items for short-term travel, such as skateboards, hoverboards, and roller skates are often used.

Boats are frequently used outside the island, either for transportation or recreational purposes, and it isn't uncommon to see boaters near Banana Beach. Because there is very little water on the island itself however, it is impossible to use boats on the island. Airplanes are also used to enter and leave the island.


Main article: Chill Island Protection Force

Because of the island's small size and the lack of major threats to their safety, the CIPF's Military Division fills the role of its military.

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