Chill Island

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Chill Island
Flag of Chill Island
MottoIt's not about why, it's about why not!
AnthemGuadeloupe Beach
Royal anthemNever never never give up!
Location of Chill Island
The island photographed from an airplane.
Official languages English
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Freezonian
 -  Mayor Chill57181
 -  Originally established 1800's 
 -  Rediscovered by Chill June 3, 2009 
 -  Declared a state September 24, 2011 
 -  2018 estimate 200 
 -  2018 census 204 
Currency WikiBuck$ (WB$)
Calling code 311, 128
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Never never never give up!
States and Territories

Chill Island, originally known and sometimes still referred to by other nations as Freezonia (not to be confused with Freezestonia), is a small island state just south of Shops Island, under the rule of Vice President Chill57181, who serves as its mayor. Often referred to as "the fun corner of Antarctica" by residents and visitors, it is also noted for being an apparent magnet for strange events.


Early history[edit]

Centuries prior to Chill's arrival, the island was a haven for strange creatures of all kinds, who gradually developed their own society. Nobody knew what attracted them there, although it could have something to do with a certain zamboni.

Although the creatures were relatively friendly and welcoming to visitors, very few dared to sail near the island because of its residents. It became the subject of legends among sailors, gaining a false reputation as a horrid place filled with hostile monsters, although some were not deterred and explored it and studied its society anyway.

On Halloween night in 1879, a terrible storm ravaged the island, wiping out the entire population and leaving what establishments it didn't completely destroy in ruin, also leading to the extinction of many different species.

No records of this settlement exist, although dramatic warnings about the general area of Chill Island can sometimes be found on old maps and notes written by sailors.

At some point, the island was rediscovered by a kooky old prospector who had been drifting on a raft for several months at the time after setting off to discover "the lost kingdom of French Fronia". Although the island wasn't "French Fronia" he chose to live there anyway and built the mine shack, and began living in a scrapyard near the shack and scavenging the island.


In June 2009, Chill57181 briefly left Club Penguin Island to go on an expedition out of boredom with his best friends Penquino and LMGT. Finding nothing but a long abandoned house, an old mine, and scattered ruins, Chill decided to claim it for himself and called it Freezonia. Chill began working on building various settlements around the island, such as a house for himself and secret headquarters for the secret agency that would later become the Chill Island Protection Force to monitor key locations around Freezonia, although large amounts of the island remained untouched. More ambitious plans included various businesses, a hospital, and even an airport, but these would not come to be. In early July, the three got bored and left, and the island fell into disrepair once again.

Further development[edit]

In September 2011, Chill discovered that Freezonia was in close proximity to Shops Island, inspiring him to return. Upon his return, he discovered that it had fallen into disrepair in the past 2 years, especially the mine shack, which was very unsafe and needed to be completely rebuilt. Following the completion of repairs, Chill renamed it Chill Island and declared it a state of Shops. Now equipped with more resources, the businesses Chill had envisioned back in 2009 finally became a reality, with Chill Island Retail, WikiBucks, and Mario's Fryz being opened by the end of that year. The Chill Island International Airport also became a reality, providing daily flights to Shops Island through shopJet. Work on the residential district also began, and continues to this day as the need arises.

By the end of 2012, 5-Starred, Prepostera Enterprises, the Bakery, and the Freeze Bank had opened, and Chill Island Retail was torn down and replaced with a Chill World location. Project Green began, an effort to introduce more plant life around the island, and introduce various puffles to give the island more wildlife. The Daily Egg, the island's official newspaper, began releasing bi-weekly, and even got its own local TV news station.

In April 2013, Chill's original secret agency was reorganized into the Chill Island Protection Force, commonly known as the CIPF, and began functioning as Chill Island's police force and military. Prepostera Enterprises closed, as its owner Professor Prepostera was recruited to join the agency and began working out of a lab in their headquarters instead.


In July 2013, Evil Pengy launched an attack on Shops Island after breaking out of EPF custody and forming the Evilositian Army. Before they could do anything, they were shot down by the SIA and taken into custody, but escaped and made their way to Chill Island to regroup. After breaking into the Daily Egg's headquarters, they went on TV and announced their takeover of Chill Island. This was short-lived however, as Tyler, the first of the CIPF drones, disobeyed orders and chased them into FreezeShop. Although he was disabled in the battle, the Evilositian Army was ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of the CIPF and EPF, who had sent a task force led by PSA to recapture Evil Pengy.

Shortly after, Radztur, a former member of the Evilositian Army and Chill's rival who escaped in the conflict, moved into a secret cave base on Chill Island and started causing trouble for the CIPF to harass Chill.

In August 2015, tragedy struck the island when Carl the Fry Thief broke into Mario's Fryz and stole all of the french fries. Carl continues to break in every day and steal french fries to this day, and has never been caught despite the CIPF's best efforts.

In early 2017, What Tambourine moved to Chill Island and quickly became notorious for his excessively loud techno music playing. Eventually, his neighbors called the CIPF, who fined him 100 WB$. This made Tambourine furious, who declared independence of his own house and got his friends DJ Duke and Raveous to join him, forming his own independent state, the Techno State. They continue to try to get recognition from Chill, but he just ignores them. In 2018, they purchased the vacant Prepostera Enterprises building and turned it into the Techno Club.


In 2025, Chill Island seceded from Shops Island and joined the United States of Shops Island because of Chill's involvement. During the Shops Civil War, the island was protected from the Shopper Empire by the combined efforts of Professor Prepostera, The Ed, Roger, and Doktor, who were able to harness the Meme Machine's energy to create a force field around the island. Following the end of the war in 2027, Chill Island joined the Shops Union with fellow former Shops Island states Moon Island and Freezestonia. Chill Island became a popular spot for former residents of Shops Island, including former President Lavender and SIA Director LMGT.

In 2030, What Tambourine made his move and challenged Chill to a dance-off with his best dancer, Raveous, in a bid to become mayor by inciting the Dance-Off Code. Chill's practice in Dance Contest was no match for Raveous, who had his body augmented with cybernetic parts specifically designed for optimal dancing performance. Two weeks later, Tyler challenged Tambourine himself to a battle and won, giving the position of mayor back to Chill. Not wanting to cause an endless cycle of dance-offs, Tambourine began thinking of a different way to become mayor. Not long after this, Chill sold Little Island to the Techno State so they could have somewhere to listen to their techno music and not bother the other residents, and also be left alone.

Relations between Chill Island and fellow Shops Union member Moon Island took a turn for the worse in 2036 when Penstubal was elected president. In the interest of preserving the Shops Union and preventing relations between the two islands from quickly deteriorating, the former Chancellor of the Shops Union, Pill, was hired to deal with relations between them. However, unbeknownst to anyone except Chill himself, "Pill" was actually Chill in disguise.


Chill is the mayor of the island, and there is no real government system in place. There are no other government officials, and elections are never held. Fortunately, nobody really cares. The mayor is given unlimited power on the island, and is basically allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't violate Shopper laws. The mayor also isn't allowed to violate any Freezonian laws, although this restriction exists purely on paper as the mayor can remove any law as they see fit.

The island is protected by the Chill Island Protection Force, a secret agency that also functions as a police force and the island's military. They don't have to do much thanks to the island's practically nonexistent crime rate, aside from a notorious french fry thief and excessively loud techno fans. The island is also sometimes plagued by mr skeltal's skeletal minions who attempt to steal the Meme Machine from The Ed, however they completely ignore other citizens unless they get in their way.

Aside from Shops Island itself, Chill Island has little to no contact with the rest of Antarctica and sticks to their own business. In rare cases where Chill Island has relations with other countries, it is because those countries initiated contact.


All applicable Shopper laws apply on Chill Island, but Chill has added some of his own laws as well, either out of boredom or for things that personally annoy him.

Saying "Jedis" or "Siths" within earshot of Chill is punishable by a 50 WB$ fine.

Dance-Off Code[edit]

The Dance-Off Code is a document created by Chill in 2011 after it became a state of Shops Island. It states that if someone challenges the current mayor to a dance-off and wins, they become the rightful mayor of Chill Island. Nobody knows why Chill made it, but the most likely answer is that he was bored.


Chill Island's economy is very good, mostly because of the mineshafts and caves below the island rich with valuable minerals, creating a lucrative mining industry.

All profits from the island's FreezeShop location go back into supporting the island and their endeavors economically. As a result, the citizens don't have to pay taxes, instead spending money for things they want or need and having that money going to supporting the island.


As Chill was a former resident, Chill Island is heavily influenced by Club Penguin culture. This is particularly noticeable with WikiBucks, which is very similar to the Coffee Shop, and in the island's celebrated holidays and Club Penguin-styled parties.


Chill Island has a variety of foods to eat. The fast food restaurant Mario's Fryz has food similar to what places like McDoodle's would have. WikiBucks serves coffee and other beverages. 5-Starred is a fancy restaurant that serves pizza, spaghetti, fish, and other things. Pie is a very popular dessert sold at the Pao Bakery.


Chill Island has very few holidays that are officially recognized by the government, mostly holidays that are celebrated on Club Penguin. Because of Chill Island's oddly tropical climate, Chill insists on covering the island in a synthetic snow-like substance created by Professor Prepostera every December to celebrate Christmas "properly".

Much like on Club Penguin, all of these holidays are celebrated with island-wide parties, with the exception of Orange Juice Appreciation Day, which is combined with the Kermit Party. These also coincide with FreezeShop's parties, except for Founder's Day, although the local FreezeShop location offers lots of sales and free items during the Founder's Day Party.

March 17th St. Patrick's Day
April 1st April Fools' Day
May 4th Orange Juice Appreciation Day
May 9th Kermit's Birthday/St. Kermit's Day
June 4th Founder's Day
October 31st Halloween
December 25th Christmas


The majority of the island is flat and barren in the south, making it ideal for development.

The northeast region contains a mountain range on the edge of the island with nature trails through them, the tallest of which is Mount Yorkie. There is also a volcano in this mountain range, although Professor Prepostera estimates it won't erupt for at least 1,000 years and poses no threat to the current citizens of Chill Island.

The northwest region is heavily forested and has been left mostly untouched. This forest has been dubbed the Creepy Forest because of the thick vegetation, allowing very little amounts of sunlight to make it through the trees in the daytime and making it nearly pitch black at nighttime, occasionally illuminated by fireflies. The landmarks in the area are also somewhat unsettling, as it contains the old Kroogar house, various other ruins of the original civilization, and a dark cave that leads into Chill Island's complex tunnels, although the entrance has been fenced off. Despite all this, Chill says there is no danger in entering the forest, as the only other creatures on the island are harmless puffles. The only real "danger" is getting lost, although as the island itself is so small, waddling in a straight direction will lead back to either civilization or the edge of the island within a day. However, some campers have reported strange and frightening noises in the forest, particularly near the Kroogar mansion.

In contrast to the simplicity on the surface, underground there is a complex network of tunnels sprawling throughout the entire island. Due to the complexity of the tunnels, citizens are not allowed to enter for their own safety, and only miners and emergency workers are permitted in. There are legends of rooms deep in the tunnels filled with treasure, a "magic cave", and even interdimensional portals, but these have not been verified by any of the miners who have traveled through them. There used to be an entrance to the CIPF headquarters in here, but it was sealed off.


There is no schoolhouse whatsoever, so all residents wishing to get an education must take online courses or travel elsewhere. Chill Island does have an official website containing a crash course teaching the basics, such as spelling, math, and the like.

In late 2013, a small boarding school was built on the Southeast coast of Southern Shops, so that Freezonian chicks seeking an education can take a ferry back and forth.


Because of the island itself being rather small, cars are not used. Citizens usually just walk where they need to go, though use of conventional items for short-term travel, such as skateboards, hoverboards, and roller skates aren't uncommon.

Airplanes and boats are also used, but only to leave and enter the island.


Main article: Chill Island Protection Force

Because of the island's small size and the lack of major threats to their safety, the CIPF's Military Division fills the role of its military.


In sharp contrast to Shops Island, which is often colder than the majority of Antarctica during the winter, Chill Island has an oddly tropical climate, but the penguins are able to survive in it just fine. Nobody knows how this happened.


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