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Chill Island Protection Force
The agency's logo
Agency overview
Formed June 2009
April 2013 (reorganized into the CIPF)
Jurisdiction Chill Island
Headquarters The tunnels under Chill Island
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Agency executives Chill57181, Director of the CIPF
Professor Prepostera, Technology Lead
Tyler, Drone Commander
Parent Agency Shopper Intelligence Agency

The Chill Island Protection Force (commonly abbreviated to the CIPF) is an agency operating on Chill Island, and a child agency of the Shopper Intelligence Agency. They normally specialize in protection and function as Chill Island's police force and military, but are rarely needed for these purposes because of Chill Island's virtually non-existent crime rate. The CIPF was originally a secret, but after its reorganization in 2013 began to take a more public role in the day-to-day affairs of the island. Like much of Chill Island's culture, the CIPF is heavily influenced by Club Penguin, particularly the Penguin Secret Agency, which Chill was an agent of prior to its dissolution.


The agency in its earliest form was founded by Chill in June 2009. At the time, it was unnamed and mostly just supervised key locations around Chill Island. Its headquarters was originally simply a large natural room located deep in the complex tunnels sprawling under the island.

In April 2013, the agency was reorganized and given a name, the Chill Island Protection Force. The headquarters were heavily renovated and turned into a proper room, and the old entrance to the headquarters in the tunnels was sealed off and replaced with proper secret entrances for security purposes. Additionally, as Chill Island was now a state of Shops Island, the CIPF became a child agency of the Shopper Intelligence Agency and received a relatively small annual budget from them, rather than the money coming out of Chill's own pocket as it had done before.

Professor Prepostera began working on drones for use by the CIPF, although his efforts were fruitless for the first few months of his research. On July 7th, 2013, he successfully created the CIPF's first working drone, code-named Tyler. Unfortunately, the budget was blown and production was halted for nearly a year, although Prepostera drew designs for more potential drones in the meantime, and figured out a way to make them more cost-effective.

Shortly after Tyler's activation, Evil Pengy and the Evilositian Army conquered Chill Island following a botched attempt to conquer Shops. Prepostera, who was watching the situation unfold on the CIPF's surveillance system, ordered all available agents to the HQ to plan how to take back their island. Ultimately, Tyler disobeyed orders in an attempt to drive them off the island himself, and chased them into Chill World. Although he was deactivated, this bought the CIPF enough time to rush the mall and corner them. Most of the villains were arrested in the standoff and turned over to the Elite Penguin Force, who had arrived to recapture Evil Pengy.

During the confrontation with the Evilositian Army, Radztur managed to escape and established a hideout within Chill Island's tunnels and began causing trouble for the CIPF with his villainous schemes.

On August 21, 2015, tragedy struck when Carl the Fry Thief broke into Mario's Fryz and stole its entire supply of fries. As the weeks went on and the investigation continued, Carl continued to make heists on Mario's Fryz every day right under the beaks of the CIPF. In March 2016, the SIA was called to Chill Island in the hopes that they would be able to capture him, and made progress in record time, before being reassigned by President Lavender. All the progress the SIA had made in the investigation was later lost when integral CIPF databases were destroyed by a malfunctioning drone. By November 2017, the reward for Carl's capture had increased from its initial 500 WB$ to 1,250,000 WB$, attracting the attention of bounty hunters who were only met with similar failure.

Following Halloween 2017, the CIPF's Ghostbusting Division was formed to deal with ghosts and other supernatural threats.


Following Chill Island's secession from Shops Island and joining the United States of Shops Island in 2025, the CIPF broke away from the SIA, which was still loyal to Shops. During the Shops Civil War, Prepostera was put in charge of the CIPF by Chill, and tasked with defending the island at all costs. They were also allied with an EPF Antilles team led by The Ed, who were deployed on the island at Chill's request in case of an evacuation. With their combined forces, they were able to harness the energy of the Meme Machine to create a force field around the island, which protected it from the Shopper Empire during the war.


Police Division[edit]

The Police Division is the agency's largest division. They are encouraged to patrol the island, although it's not required thanks to Chill Island's naturally low crime rate. They often help with various issues around the island, similar to the PSA in its early years. A small amount of these agents are trained as riot police, given special riot batons (called "whappity sticks" by Chill) and protective gear.

Military Division[edit]

Unlike the other divisions of the agency, the Military Division has no penguin members, instead consisting entirely of CIPF drones, although they may be assisted by the Police Division's riot police. When not in use, the drones making up the Military Division remain dormant in a heavily restricted area of the CIPF headquarters, ready to be activated if the need arises.

Ghostbusting Division[edit]

The Ghostbusting Division is the smallest division in the agency, consisting of only 4 agents specially trained in the containment and disposal of ghosts. They are equipped with ghost catching equipment, Ghost Goggles, and Anti-Skeleton© Spray in case they run into any of mr skeltal's minions. This division was created after a particularly spooky Halloween which led to the realization that nobody on Chill Island knew how to capture ghosts.


Chill57181, the director of the CIPF
  • Chill57181 - The director of the CIPF. He keeps everything in check, organizing operations and making sure operation runs smoothly. He occasionally goes out on field missions as well when necessary.
  • Professor Prepostera - The CIPF's inventor and technology lead. He has created most of the gadgets used by the agency. Due to vastly different approaches to tense situations, Prepostera often does more work than Chill himself and takes charge. During Chill's absence, Prepostera is also the interim director of the CIPF.
  • Tyler - The first of the CIPF drones. Originally used as a janitor and secondary intern, he was later upgraded to his full potential and is now the commander of all CIPF drones.

  • James D. Beckson - The son of Daily Egg editor-in-chief John C. Beckson. He is arguably the most well-known member of the CIPF because of how much his father brags about him, which has lead to him being jokingly referred to as an "unsecret agent".
  • Jeral Lukewarm - An incompetent agent who has been assigned to intern duty. He has accidentally ruined important papers and Prepostera's inventions on multiple occasions by spilling coffee on them.
  • Kalen - One of the top agents of the CIPF. He is Prepostera's personal favorite and often sent on the most important missions.
  • Kyle - The first CIPF tank drone. He has developed a rivalry with Tyler.

  • The Ed - Given the title of honorary CIPF agent by Chill as a result of his EPF Antilles experience. He has clearance to access the HQ, is allowed to know important information, and may participate in missions.


Surveillance System[edit]

A set of cameras in the CIPF headquarters used for monitoring key locations around Chill Island, nearly identical to the PSA's I.S.E.E.U. system. Because funding is usually diverted towards other projects, the system is a bit of an awkward hybrid of the original cameras originally put up by Chill in 2009, and newer cameras installed since 2013. The inside of Chill's house contains multiple cameras, although all of them remain inactive unless Chill toggles them, because he's paranoid that Kalen is watching him.

CIPF Spy Phone[edit]

Heavily based off of the phones used by the PSA and EPF, the CIPF Spy Phone has most of the functionality of the PSA Spy Phone while using a modern design similar to the Phone of the Elite and Privileged Few. Spy Phones can be remotely disabled by Professor Prepostera in case of an agent going rogue, or having their phone stolen. It was created by Prepostera in 2013 shortly after the expansion of the agency.

  • Teleportation - Using the Spy Phone, agents can teleport to various key locations around Chill Island, including the CIPF headquarters.
  • Communication - All Spy Phones can be contacted by Chill or Professor Prepostera at any time, and vice-versa. Agents may add other agents into their Spy Phone to contact them as well. Chill and Prepostera's Spy Phones can also directly contact CIPF drones, and have a video camera which will display the message on the drone's screen.
  • HQ Access - Aside from a special ID card possessed by only high-ranking members of the agency, the Spy Phone is the only way to open the secret entrance to the CIPF headquarters.

The Spy Phone does not include a comb, much to Chill's disappointment. Prepostera's reason for this is that he considers it a waste of resources.

CIPF Drones[edit]

Tyler, the first CIPF Drone

These drones are created by Professor Prepostera and designed to function as Chill Island's military. Work on these drones began in April 2013 under the codename Project Marvel, following the SIA's announcement of construction of their own drone army. The first successful prototype, Tyler, was created in July 2013. However, Prepostera's previous attempts had blown the budget for the project at this point, and further development was halted until May 2014.

All drones, regardless of model, have certain basic features. Drones can receive messages from CIPF command, which are either relayed directly to the drone or group of drones, or can be displayed on the screen on their face for others around them to hear. These messages can be received anywhere on the island, including underground, and a short distance out at sea.

Standard model[edit]

Standard model drones are the most basic and plentiful. The first of the CIPF drones and first standard model, Tyler, was built and activated in July 2013, after several months of failures. Further production on these models began in May 2014.

Standard models are equipped with rocket boots which allow them to fly for up to 5 hours of flight time before needing to return to headquarters to recharge. For offensive capabilities, standard models have laser blasters in both of their palms. When Tyler was created, these lasers were steady beams which shot indefinitely at the drone's disposal, but for full production this was changed to laser bolts instead, both for safety and more efficient energy consumption.

Tank model[edit]

Tank model drones are designed to be durable and bulky. Development began in early 2015 and the first prototype was put online that July.

Offensive capabilities of tank models are strictly melee based, as they have no lasers unlike standard models. They mainly use their fists to attack. Their punches are somewhat slow, but very powerful.

Stealth model[edit]

Stealth model drones are obviously designed for stealth, sacrificing offensive and defensive capabilities for agility and quietness.

Compared to standard models, stealth models have very little armor and no weapons systems. Their only offensive capabilities are melee based. As a result, this makes them pushovers in combat, but the idea is that they wouldn't be spotted and therefore wouldn't have to engage in combat.

Prepostera originally planned for stealth models to have a special camouflaging ability, but this proved to be too expensive and was scrapped.

Riot Baton[edit]

A non-lethal weapon used by the CIPF riot police. It possesses an electrical current that can render a target unconscious if necessary. Chill likes to call them "whappity sticks".

War Bots[edit]

The CIPF owns a small company of Snoss War Bots, which were found washed up on Banana Beach under unknown circumstances, although their commander Roger is in The Ed's possession. The remaining bots were repaired and reprogrammed by Prepostera. Due to the expendable nature of the War Bots and their cheap construction, Prepostera has often had to make repairs despite relatively little usage. Some of them have become a bit mismatched as a result of certain parts failing entirely and Prepostera having to improvise to make repairs.

Wanted List[edit]

  • Carl the Fry Thief - Wanted for unbelievably despicable acts including breaking and entering and routine french fry thievery. A reward of 1,250,000 WB$ is offered for his capture.
  • Radztur - Wanted for destruction of property and general villainy. A reward of 10,000 WB$ is offered for his capture.
  • What Tambourine - Wanted for refusal to pay fines issued by the CIPF. A reward of 1 WB$ is offered for his capture.


  • If they show their badge at checkout, CIPF agents get a 25% discount on their purchase at all FreezeShop locations.

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