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Type Retail Business, Manufacturer
Predecessor Chill World
Founded August 2010
Founder(s) Chill57181
Headquarters Central Shops, Shops Island
Area served Shops Island, Chill Island
Key people Chill57181
Products Clothing, furniture, toys, food, video games, pets, etc.
Revenue 150,000 WB$
Operating income 50,000 WB$
Net income 100,000 WB$
Owner(s) Chill57181
Employees 500+

FreezeShop (originally known as Chill World before being rebranded in 2013) is one of the most successful businesses on Shops Island, owned and operated by Vice President Chill57181. FreezeShop is well known across Shops for its range of high quality items and parties, and spends more WB$ annually than any other mall chain on Shops to maintain these standards.


The original Chill World location.

When Chill moved to Shops Island in August 2010, he was invited to see Ben 100022's mall, The Kur Mall. This inspired Chill to run his own mall, and he opened the first Chill World location shortly after. It had humble beginnings as merely a stand where Chill would sell some items he had brought from Club Penguin, although this stock didn't take long to run out. By that time, the building was completed, and Chill started to make his own items to sell.

Soon more Chill World locations opened up across Shops Island, including mini-stores in other malls such as Bro Mall. In 2012, Chill Island Retail was torn down and replaced with another Chill World location, making it the only Chill World to be located off mainland Shops.

In October 2013, as a result of declining sales and interest in running the mall, Chill decided to freshen things up by rebranding the mall into FreezeShop. With the new name came a new color scheme, replacing the orange of Chill World with a more neutral light blue. By the summer of 2014, all Chill World locations had been renovated into FreezeShop.

After months of planning, in February 2018 Kermit stores were added to all FreezeShop locations to sell a wide variety of Kermit-themed merchandise.


After the formation of the United States of Shops Island, only the FreezeShop locations there continued operating, while those in the Shopper Empire's territory were abandoned and fell into disrepair. As the Shops Civil War continued, many of the FreezeShop locations were either destroyed, heavily looted, or both. At the end of the war, all remaining FreezeShop locations were destroyed along with Shops Island itself, except for the one on Chill Island.

Running a single mall was arguably a good thing, because Chill was able to focus on operating only that location, lowering his stress levels. This lead to more new items on a monthly basis and better parties, both of which had been declining in quality for years.


  • Stylez - A clothing store. Most of the items are custom-made and based off items sold in Penguin Style.
  • IglooGoods - A furniture store.
  • Time 4 Toys - A toy store which sells plushes, action figures, and Armos.
  • Food Haven - The mall's food court. The selection varies depending on the location, but usually includes McDoodle's, Pizza 7, Taco Ball, EFF, and Snowbucks Coffee.
  • The Companion Company - A pet shop which sells puffles, pet supplies, and accessories like hats.
  • Amplify - An electronics store, although its main focus is on Snowtendo products.
  • KermitShop - A store dedicated to Kermit, selling many different varieties of Kermit merchandise. Every purchase comes with a complementary cup of orange juice.
  • Epic Spin - A wheel which can be spun by customers to win various items. Each customer is limited to one spin of the wheel per day.
  • Radztur Evil Inc. - An unofficial shop, operated by Radztur and his DoomBots without Chill's knowledge. It sells Radztur's villainous gadgetry, along with merchandise of himself.


  • Anniversary Party (2011-present) - Held annually in the middle of August to celebrate the anniversary of FreezeShop opening. A unique party hat is given out at each of these parties, and it is often accompanied by large discounts across the mall.
  • Party Hat Carnival (2011-2013)
  • Halloween Party (2011-present)
  • Christmas Party (2011-present)
  • New Years' Celebration (2011-present)
  • April Fools' Party (2012-present)
  • Easter Egg Hunt (2012-present)
  • Medieval Party (2012-2013)
  • Superhero Party (2012)
  • Pirate Party (2012, 2016)
  • Water Park Party (2012)
  • Music Jam (2012-2013)
  • Winter Party (2012)
  • Valentine's Day Celebration (2013-present)
  • Sports Party (2013)
  • St. Patrick's Day Celebration (2013-present)
  • Puffle Party (2013, 2015)
  • Adventure Party (2013)
  • Summer Break Party (2014)
  • Harvest Festival (2014)
  • Space Party (2016)
  • Kermit Party (2018-present)


The chain's flagship store and headquarters is located in Central Shops, on the very site of the original Chill World item stand.

Chill Island is the only area outside of mainland Shops to have a FreezeShop location. Unlike Eggnog Emporium, owned by Chill's best friend Penquino, Chill has expressed no desire to expand FreezeShop's reach into other countries. Talks to expand the FreezeShop chain to Moon Island began in mid-2019, but Chill has hesitated in opening FreezeShop locations there due to it increasingly gaining a perception as a "scrub haven".


  • Chill sometimes "borrows" from FreezeShop's stock to get certain video games and Armo sets before they're supposed to be released.
  • As a joking response to the ridiculous claims perpetuated by the Penstubal Post, FreezeShop began selling "Ask Me About My Chillist Agenda" shirts in late 2019.

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