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Connor "Chipbit" Kanders
The Future is in the Future, silly!
Title The Digital Hero, the Prodigy of Technology
Gender Male
Race Formerly Emperor Penguin, now a Digital Emperor-Penguin
Faction PSA, USA
Health Virus-free
Status Alive in his digital home
Location All of your bases
Birth date February 19th, 1978 (uploaded February 21st, 2014)
Occupation Hero/Defender of viruses on the computer systems
Interests Defending the cyber world, creating codes and algorithms
Friends Allies of the USA, Gary the Gadget Guy anyone not wanting to infectonate him
Enemies Herbert P. Bear,
Archetype Protagonist

Chipguin, formerly known as Connor "Chipbit" Kanders, is a penguin who's personality, likeness, and intellect was uploaded onto a database to defend it from virus attacks caused by villains, bad guys, and other scum that seek to cause mayhem to both the USA, The Axle Powers, and the PSA data centers. Originally an ordinary penguin, he devoted his life to finding a way to bring himself onto the digital world, until his eventual death due to war.



The life of Connor is relatively well known with his peers and the PSA/USA, as most of his records are on file regarding his research into a database full of the personalities of top military officials, as well as their likeness, intellect, and consciousness. He designed and nearly perfected a method in which the DNA was coded into a script which ran in a database, being able to use the internet as a means of "highway" communication. Text bubbles/sound files of their basic voices provide their accents, way of speaking, etc.

Early life and developing interests[edit]

When Connor was born, he was raised into a household filled with the latest gadgets, gizmos, and widgets. His father, a renowned inventor and student of Gary the Gadget Guy, was gifted in his inventions and pioneering of electronic devices.


Devotion to the cause[edit]


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