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Chitter, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Micro-blogging
Founded 2007
Headquarters South Pole/Teedal, USA/UTR
Area served Worldwide
Key people Flap Iggsey, Chairman
Nave Patricks, CEO
Nibz Snow, Creative Director
Revenue UTD; 1200 (2010)
Operating income UTD; 100,000 (2010)
Net income UTD; 12 (2010)
Employees 52

Chitter is a social-networking & micro-blogging service that lets users write a short message to anybody that's watching - unless they decide to make their Chitter private - up-to 180 words. If there are other Chitter users, they can chitter to the user. The users that chitter another are called addicts - also called followers and chitterers The cheeps (the short message) can be about anything the user that writes it wants it to be. Chitter is also available as an application for mobile phones.

Since Chitter is free, the employees do not get enough enough by anyone, but make it by another rich business group who handle social-networking, and then the founders get the money and share it out between all the employees. Though there are about 40-60 employees working for Chitter. This is because there is not much jobs to actually give because Chitter works by the user, not the workers. Currently, Chitter has over 654,000 users altogether, and about 245,000 active users.


Chitter was created in 2007, when the official founder, Flap Iggsey, created Chitter to share his thoughts to everyone. At the time, only 100 characters when it was created, and it was his own private site - meaning that no-one could register and have their own Chitter. On there, his first cheet was "Welcome to Flaps Chitter! I'll write some short messages. Cya!" Then after a few months, his designer & friend, Nave Patricks, suggested to let penguins register their own Chitter and do exactly the same thing Flap was doing at the time. Then Flap agreed and then his best friend, Nibz Snow, got the job for coding the site. The three all worked together, and within the next 3 months, Chitter had officially started it's success that it has today. Flap checked the registered users total the next month, and had over 200 active users, and then the cheettering started. Chitterers was enabled and soon Flaps Chitter had over 90,000 chitterers by the beginning of 2009. Soon Niz and Nave created Chitters in mid-2008, and got lots of addicts aswell.

Only a couple of dozen know how Chitter got successful. To the ones that don't know the actual history of Chitter, it got popular for them because lots of fan sites had links to their Chitter, and soon many created Chitters and addicted others. The actual way how Chitter got popular was that a letter to sent to many important penguins, such as TSP, Ninjinian, Mayor McFlapp, Administrator Kai, Mabel, Kalin, Speeddasher and a few others, and many of them created a Chitter. Then they told everybody else, and then many joined Chitter, addicted and the other things that are possible on Chitter.


Developer(s) Chitter Inc.
Initial release February 23, 2007
Written in Python, JavaScript
Operating system Web application
Platform Python on Planes
Type Microblogging
Website [1]


Other features on Chitter is "personal-messaging", when you can send a private message to a user that addicts you and you addict them - and is only visible to them. Another feature is "replying", and the way replying goes is that a user types in a Chitter username that you want to send the reply to, with an "at" symbol before the name. For example:

@Explorer 767

...then the user that is sending the reply sends it and is visible to everyone unless you tick a certain box before sending. Many even talk instead of replying, which is acceptable.


Also called "Cheets", they can be up to 180 words, they can be sent to any people in the Chitter community, and it needs to contain no obscenities. A cheep can be sent to someone by putting an @ before the name, as mentioned before. An example of a cheep is:

Example Penguin
Hi, I'm new to Chitter. So far, I think it's great. #AnotherAmazingDay
13:00 - 10 December 2017


Penguins need to set up their privacy settings before they log in. There is a neat little feature where followers can view a profile. Only hackers can get into profiles that require passwords.


Celebrities that refuse Chitter[edit]

Despite its popularity, many well-known or powerful penguins refuse to use Chitter.

Name Refusal
Reason Change their mind?
Captain Str00del Preference "t3h (H|tter d03s n0t 4LLoW sP3ci4L CHAr4ct3rz th4T i n33d 2 pr0perlY (OMMUnic4t3 w|f. t3h @ SIGn, 4 3xaMpl3, iz 0nl33 4 r3plYING, bUt noT 3verytHING 3lse. D4T iz WR0NG!!!11!!11!!!1111!!" Maybe
Cookie Jennings Puffle senses "I know that my family have a bunch of avid Chitter users nowadays. But... why bother typing in 180 characters when you have a lot more to say?" Maybe
Lollipop386 Preference "Um...Chitter is just plain boring, especially compared to Beakbook." Maybe
Professor Shroomsky Fear "The Chitter is not a secure item, nor is it safe from prying eyes. Anything you post there gets seen by everyone. In the interests of both my job and my private life, I recluse myself and updating online solely on the official AIA website. You can track my posts there." "Not now, not ever."
Radioactivechicken Preference "Only 180 characters are allowed and all its users ever do is act like their opinions matter on the internet." "Not now, not ever."
Slender Preference "While it’s all about personal preferences, Chitter is not suitable for me as a form of communication.” Maybe
Snow Puffle senses Yeah... Let's move on. "Not now, not ever."
Swiss Ninja Preference "Chitter is not worthy of my presence. How DARE they require me to constrict my glorious speeches to one hundred eighty characters?" Maybe
Terry Van Furry Preference "Simply put, I find its constraint on word count highly ineffective." "Not now, not ever."
TurtleShroom Preference "The Chitter is a pointless item. I can't fit anything I need to say into one hundred eighty characters, and even if I could, why bother? Those who wish to follow the political and social activities I choose to make public may subscribe to the official newsletter of the Mattress Village Board of Censors. It's mailed every fortnight and is only five pages long.... what's that? .....of course it's in print!" "Not now, not ever."

First Cheeps[edit]

Name Text Date
Ace I'm bored. What should I do? I know! I hate DJ Crow so, I will start a feud! June 29, 2018
Angie Hills What up every penguin? Check out my new single Superstar. #Music August 13, 2013
Chill57181 Hello there October 16, 2012
Donal Tenorio Spike Hike was NOT born in Antarctica - he's an illegitimate president! We cannot let this travesty continue! When will he release his birth certificate? January 5, 2016
Gary the Gaget Dude What's up, guys? My tour begins in a week, so buy tickets before they sell out! June 24, 2011
Isai This new Chiter looks nice July 4, 2008
Lavender new chitter who dis June 21, 2017
Mayor McFlapp Well, I guess it's time I try something bally new. 2011
Mcdonalds394 I was born for this. May 26, 2010
Meaghan What up y'all? This is your girl Meaghan, my new song has been released. #Silence
Motorbike Fred Penguinpuffdude's a scrub - her first post is so epic fail! Wait, Donal Tenorio is a loser too - spread the word! February 1, 2017
Mr Cow2 how do i send a chithow do i send a chit January 29, 2020
Penguinpuffdude Lulz December 20, 2016
Quackerpingu Is this the place where I have to write "quack"? I don't think it is. October 26, 2016
Rocket Slug What's up? I've got nothing better to do, so tra la la la la la la lololololol
Shadow Quackerpingu where do i have to click to post this April 1, 2017
Speeddasher @Tails6000: Fine, I'll try it, but I don't think I'll like it.
Tiny FEER ME November 22, 2016
Tortugadesetas "Este nuevo lo Chitter será duda matener y manten el Gente de Mavv más cercá de mís voluntad!" (Translation: "This new Chitter will certainly maintain and keep the Mavv people closer to my will!") May 30, 2011
Wikipenguino45 Well, I decided to give this Chitter thingy a try so, to me! March 19, 2014


  • It is sometimes flooded with "Raiders".
  • It's an obvious parody of Twitter.

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