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Chlorine image1.png
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Evil Genius
Health Super-Powerful!
Level 800000
Status At Large
Location Varies

Chlorine is an evil penguin, enabled with super powers, who is a part of the Str00del Force.


Not much is known, except that he showed Str00del the Sanity Penguin website on a chat room. He is also very intelligent, and is a code cracker, and uses his powers for Evil! He is crazy too. He knows what he is doing, and is just psycotic.


Chlorine works as one of Sanity's henchmen in the Str00del Force. He uses chrlorinated or fluorinated snowballs and hydrochloric acid as weapons, but these can be easily countered with either antioxidants or bases (respectively).


  • He sees the Antics Brothers as a threat, because they both have figured out a way to beat his hydrochloric acid: NaOH.

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