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Chocolate is a type of edible food that comes from the cacao bean. The main ingredient, cocoa, has lots of flavonoids, a type of metabolite. A metabolite is an ingredient or item in the process of metabolism. The beans are first fermented and dried into which they go onto the processing plant where they roast the beans, and ground into a rich liquor. Milk, sugar and flavoring is added to give it a creamy texture, which is then poured into sweet bars or molded into a bar in its own and then wrapped. Variations include dark chocolate and white chocolate. Whilst penguins say dark chocolate has a secret power, doctors analyzed it and said the power is health, leading to the request for more dark chocolate. White chocolate may have caffeine but the Antarctic variation is decaffeinated.


The first chocolate was made by Indigenous Mayo natives from the island of Caltexico. They were taught this drink from using the native Cacao trees in the area around 300 AD (some pronounce this as 27,000 B.C.), They first thought as the bean to be bitter, but when they added sugar and cinnamon to it, it became sweet. They named this drink "Xocolātl", and the bean "Xoco". Xocolātl became a popular drink for the Aristrocrats of the Atztech Empire. When the Castillans conquered Caltexico island in the 1500's, the chocolate drink was discovered, and "Xocolātl" was romanized into "Chocolate". The Castillans eagerly brought the lovely drink to the Ninja Archipelago and High Penguin Confederacy, where it became popular everywhere. Several chefs from Alemania and Batavia were soon experimenting with the chocolate beans to create a solid version of chocolate. A deal was made that raw Cacao beans would mainly stay as a Castillan export, and that it would be sold to and fully produced in Batavia, Alemania, and later Liguria, Frankterre, HPC, and Rusca. Then, in 2002, Castilla made a deal with Snowzerland to sell 87% of all their raw cacao beans to them, giving Snowzerland huge control over the industry, and many Castillan cacao bean producing companies became rich. The remainder of modern Chocolate is made by Hersehee, Rusca, Batavia, and a few companies in Liguria that recieve their beans from the black market since the Castillans' contract with the Snoss forbid them to sell to them.


Since its discovery, Chocolate has been manufactured in many countries.

Hershee Chocolate[edit]

Hershee's Chocolate is one of the main Chocolate manufacturing companys in the world as it is also the biggest in the USA.


Yeah, they make chocolate too. :(

Snowzerland has a large chocolate business that is bigger than Hershee's. Snowzerland is in control of many Chocolate Farms and Factories, and makes high quality European Chocolate.