Chris Chesterfield

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Chris Chesterfield

Awesome Jester: version 2.0
Born Chris Chesterfield
March 17, 1995
Zurich, Snowzerland
Residence Zhou
Gender Male
Nationality Snoss
Other names Chris
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Zhouese
Home town Zurich, Snowzerland
Height 2.8 feet
Weight 12 lb.

Chris Chesterfield (1995 - 2026) is a penguin of Snoss descent who has a wild and scary obsession with the famed jester, Clovis Hochstadt. However, he can't fully live out his obsession due to Snoss propaganda, spying, and oppression. Chris lives in the mountains of northern Zhou with monks he befriended. He's become an exceptionally experienced marital arts expert, but his trainers have refused him to learn the universal art of Card-Jitsu.


Chris was born in 1995, in Zurich Snowzerland. He lived a generally uneventful chickhood, fed and infested with constant propaganda about Swiss Ninja. However, as he became a teenager, he became skeptical of the Snoss regime. But, he was smart enough to keep his beak shut so he wouldn't get in trouble.

In 2010, after Clovis Hochstadt and Austin8310 landed on Mars during the Race to Mars, Clovis immediately caught the attention of Chris. There was something irresistible about him. If it weren't for Snoss oppression, he would have gotten an exact copy of Clovis' outfit. But, so he wouldn't get in trouble, Chris decided to settle on a jester outfit with different colors. To this day, he still holds a wild obsession with Clovis. This only grew as Clovis went on more and more heroic adventures over the years.

In 2012, he defected to Zhou. Unfortunately, the communist Zhou was almost just as oppressive as Snowzerland. After spending some time on the mainland, which he couldn't bare, he moved to Honk Gong. He, without his parents anymore, had to live life by himself. Chris soon made a living and a reputation as a salespenguin, and started living happily in his new country.

He soon moved from Honk Gong back to the Zhouese mainland. But, this time, he went and lived in the Hanjuria region, which was sparsely populated. There, he spent much time in the mountains, and befriended Zhouese monks. There, they taught him ancient Zhouese martial arts, and their ways of meditation. Chris kept his jester outfit, and continues to wear it as it's a distinguishing outfit for him, that separates him from his monk friends.



Chris is a slightly rebellious penguin, who is nonetheless very humble, thanks to the training he received from his monk teachers. He is very calm, due to living in such an isolated environment. Chris, like his fellow monks, are disgusted about how Zhou turned to communism so many years ago. He has an interest in ancient Zhouese literature, and an interest in the martial arts which have been long forgotten by the rest of Zhou, and the rest of Antarctica.


At the monastery where he lives, Chris' obsession with Clovis the famed jester often hinders his usefulness in the eyes of the monks. While living among them, Chris learned how to speak Chinese fluently, making him trilingual and able to speak in German, Chinese, and English. He is the youngest penguin staying in the monastery, making him a cutting edge martial arts warrior alongside his older monk counterparts.

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