Christina van Guilera

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Christina van Guilera
Born Christina Agnia Grünberg
February 11th, 1985
München, South Alemania
Residence Seal Islands
Gender Female
Nationality Alemanian
Other names Xtina
Ethnicity Germanic Viking Penguin
Citizenship Sealien
Occupation President
Years active 2013-
Employer Self-Employed
Home town München, Alemania
Salary A lot.
Net worth A lot.
Height 4'9
Weight 98 lb
Known for Being the president of Seal Islands
Title President of Seal Islands
Term May 2013 -
Predecessor Aart van Houtkooper
Political party Sealien Conservatieve Volkspartij
The Federal Republic of the Seal Islands
Flag of the Seal Islands.svg
Seal Islands
Sealien History
Sealien Dark Thursday
Seal Islands presidential election, 2013
Verbazend Island
Hoektand Isles
Rivier Island
Zomer Island
Island of Ashes
Lange Jaar Island
Heatherstorm Islands
Onhandig Island
Seal Island
Doughnut Island
Klondike Island
Sealien Extraterrestrial Colonies
Sealien Sea
Christina van Guilera

Christina van Guilera, born Christina Agnia Grünberg, also known as Xtina in an Alemanian Viking Penguin that currently lives in the Seal Islands. Originally born in München, Alemania she moved to the Seal Islands in 2010. She joined the Sealien Conservatieve Volkspartij and ended up getting the spot of President in May 2013.


Christina is a very kind and nice person. She is also found very attractive by some. She had problems with her weight in the last few years, but she got it under control in the end of 2012. She likes wearing all kinds of different hats.


Christina was born February 11th, 1985 in München, South Alemania. She was a healthy child. Not much impressive happened in her life until June 11th, 2010 when she decided to move out of Alemania and to Seal Islands, as it was a new growing country. While there she set up a home and adapted a new Batavian name, Christina van Guilera, she has been criticised for picking Guilera as her last name, as it's not even Batavian, but she denied all the criticism and said that it was supposed to be her trademark. She joined the Sealien Conservative Volkspartij, and during the Presidential Elections of 2013 she won with 55.8% of the votes and so managed to gain position as President of the Seal Islands.


Living Spaces[edit]

Her official residence is the Presidential Castle of the Seal Islands, even though she has a house elsewhere, where she spends most of her time.


  • She is the first president of the Seal Islands to not originate from Batavia.
  • Her name and a few of her qualities are really loose parodies of Christina Aguilera.

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