ChuX von Injoface

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Chuck X
Chuck X.jpg
That is a headband plus his eyebrows are what makes him an X-Creature
Title Chuck's X antibody that is good
Gender Male
Race Puffles
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Perfect
Level 65
Status Helping Flywish try to destroy villains
Location Nightmare

ChuX is the X Antibody of Chuck von Injoface. He is evil.


He was born when WishFlyX bit Chuck. Then Chuck passed out and Chuck X was born. He then helped Flywish beat up WishFlyX for biting his favorite puffle. Then Chuck woke up and beat up WishFlyX. Then they went to beat up Jenni to hurt WishFlyX emotionaly.

He later turned evil. He went to join Nightmare and acted nice so he could torture other puffles. Chuck hated this and always beat him up with his baseball bat. Flywish also decided to make him a target for that. Chuck X was actually slightly evil the whole time.


He works for Nightmare as a chef and fighter. He also serves Darktan X and Degeneration X. He is one of those who WishFlyX failed to make join him.


  • He has laser eyes.
  • Wocker spied on im which ended with him getting pushed out of a tree by Chuck X.
  • He has a headband.

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