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Chub667X image.PNG
Title Chub667X
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction EVIL!!!
Health Unfotunately, alive!
Level 667X
Status Eating Ditto
Location His seceret lair in Pingko

Chub 667X is Chub 777's X-Antibody. Known far and wide for being ruthless and evil, he is also resistant and an experienced fighter. He is also known as Chub X or 667X. Chub 667X is strange compared to any Antibody (any body, in fact) due to the fact that he ingests Ditto without being harmed and harnesses its powers for fighting.


Chub 667X was created one, sunny morning. Chub 777 was working on a Cream Soda Root plantation, located at Lowlaw Island. He was harvesting a batch of roots for a Cream Soda Factory located nearby when he began sneezing violently until he fell down a hill. On his last sneeze, blue goo shot out of his nose. The goo began to swirl into a vortex and then turned into a figure of a penguin. The penguin looked exactly like him, besides a giant, red "X" on his forehead.

667X: Hello, Chub 777... *cackles*

777: "Wh-wh-who are you?"

667X: You don't know? Well I'm your X-Antibody, Chub 667X *points to the 'X' on his forehead*

777: "So...umm...I guess...SURRENDER!" *pulls out Banana Blaster and shoots*

667X: *falls down a hill*Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I'll be back and you know thaaaaaaaat!! *disappears*

777: "Boy...that I should tell the guys at the warehouse."

*runs off to the Soda Root storage warehouse*

Since then Chub 777 has met his Antibody many times.

Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis[edit]

In 2010, Chub 667X teamed up with Herbert, Klutzy and several other antibodies, to wreak havoc and distress in Club Penguin. The team hijacked Deletion Missiles, sending them to Club Penguin as a distraction as they arrived, along with the SUP-R LAZ-R, a giant laser. The plan was to destroy South Pole City using the laser, but the plan was foiled by Chub 777 and Buhc 777. With this failure in mind, Chub 667X went into exile in Pingko. While in exile, he built A-Hub, a robot who would serve as a tactical commander and planner.

Nightmare of Culldrome[edit]

Chub found out after his defeat, that a new approach had to be had. Since he appeared like a ninja, he blended into the Skulldrome Isles. Eventually he sought out the leader of a resistance movement, Gravity. Chub 667X was then told about the plot to invade the Culldrome Isles on the 10th anniversary of the Porcyal War breaking out. He was given a small Porcyal to try out, since he had no knowledge of it. That same Porcyal would power his Ray-Booster 3000 in the future. Chub decided that he would join the ninjas in a battle to reclaim "their" Porcyals. With Gravity and Swiss Ninja's help, they manage to invade the capital. However, the plan is foiled by Chub, Buhc and Sonic Boom a CSIA agent. In the final battle, A-Hub is destroyed and Chub 667X is knocked out and injured. The invasion is stopped and the enemy forces started to retreat.


Chub 667X wears a full ninja suit, complete with a black belt and a ninja mask. Above his face, on his forehead, is a giant red "X". This signals that he is an X-Antibody. The "X" is said to glow yellow Chub is in deep thought. Chub also wears a piece of body armor called the "Ray-Booster 3000". The Ray-Booster is powered by a Porcyal/Ditto solution and can be seen from the glass window in the middle. The Ray-Booster can be activated by concentrating very hard on your target. After a while, you release your thoughts and a large blue ray is shot out from the middle. The ray can burn items and even delete things; it is unknown how it functions. It is held in place via four, black, leather straps. This results in Chub 667X wearing it like a backpack. To take advantage of this, pockets have been made at the back where his staff and other items (food, water, etc) can fit in.

Chub also carries around a staff. The staff is made from (stolen) gold and a diamond. These properties allow it to channel Chub 667X's power though the staff and out of it. It is like a weaker, but more simpler and easier to aim version of the Ray-Booster 3000.


Somehow, Chub 667X eats Ditto. It is unknown why the substance doesn't harm him. He is the only X-Antibody (perhaps even the only being) immune to Ditto. Since he needs Ditto to live, Chub 667X lives in the inhospitable, uninhabitable, barren landscape of Pingko. Due to the abundance of Ditto here, however, Chub stocks it up and stores it. This extra Ditto is used in battle. Chub 667X has also "inherited" Ninja and Card-Jitsu skills from Chub 777, being able to incorporate Ditto into this fighting style.

Chub 667X also has a knack for inventing. So far, he has entirely re-constructed a destroyed robot and invented the Ray-Booster 3000, a powerful weapon.

A blueprint of the Ray-Booster 3000.


Chub 667X possesses a number of powers, able to be amplified by his staff and Ray-Booster "suit". His powers need Ditto and after a while of fighting, his Ditto reserves run out, weakening him. However, with a constant supply of Ditto, Chub 667X can fight for days on end. His Card-Jistu skills, coupled with the Ditto gives him the ability to manipulate the elements on a small scale and use them during fighting.

  • Ditto Ball

An orb consisting of a glowing mix of all the Ditto types is hurled at you.

  • Plus Ball

A ball of Ditto Plus is sent flying towards you.

  • Fire Blast

An orb of fire flies towards the target.

  • Water Orb

An orb of water that is very cold is shot

  • Ice Shot

Freezes an opponent and gives a ray of soft snow.

  • Earth Beam

A vortex of leaves, rocks and dirt are hurl at you.

  • Wind Ray

Creates a mini tornado that can push you back.

  • Elemental Orb

A combination of Wind Ray, Earth Beam, Ice Shot, Water Orb and Fire Blast. This powerful attack is a "one-off", as it weakens Chub 667X.

  • Ray-Booster 3000 Mega Ray

This powerful, Porcyal powered ray can (and will) destroy anything in its path. However, use of it requires utter most concentration and thus is not really suitable while in the middle of a battle.

To-do list[edit]


This to-do list was found lying around in Pingko (circa 2008).

  • Steal coins
  • Find Ditto
  • Eat Ditto
  • Find info about Ditto
  • Find water
  • Fix up lair
  • Find wood
  • Try out a burger at McDoodle's
  • Join the Str00del Force


This to-do list was found on the tarmac at Club Penguin City Airport, believed to be left during the Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis.

Emergency Procedure[edit]

In 2008 a small article was published in the Penguin Times by Aunt Arctic. The article was about emergency procedures on what to do if Chub 667X was spotted.

In Pingko[edit]

  1. Find a Ditto puddle
  2. Throw some Ditto
  3. Run away and hide
    1. If he follows you repeat step 2
    2. If he doesn't follow you continue running and call the PSA

Anywhere else[edit]

  1. Run away
  2. Throw snowballs or use weapon(s) of choice
  3. Continue running until you find a place to hide
  4. Hide and hope he doesn't find you
    1. If he does find do keep running away and hiding
    2. If he doesn't find you call Chub 777 (02-777-777) and follow the prompts



  • Unlike any other Antibody, Chub667X is immune to all types of Ditto.
  • Chub X sometimes tends to float rather than walking.
  • Chub 667X now lives in his lair in Pingko, feeding on the Ditto (which cleans the place up!).
  • He hand crafted his staff from stolen gold coins that come from Club Penguin.
    • He is also an excellent craftspenguin.

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