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Chub 777

Chub (777) Cjord Antcarca Adelie

Agent Snowshovel
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Penguin
Health Excellent
Level 777
Status On an adventure
Location Club Penguin
Occupation EPF Agent, Astronaut, Test Pilot, Adventurer
Catchphrase "Onward to the horizon!
Hobbies Exploring and going on Adventures
Interests Space, spaceflight, aviation, flight, surfing, adventure
Friends Adelie Family, Many others
Enemies Chub 667X
Archetype Good

Chub "777" Adelie

Lowlaw Island Council

In office
May 18 2009 – June 12 2009

Nationality USA
Political party DotWC (Democracy of the Western Core)
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What if you try SCE to Aux?
Chub 777 during NoC

Chub "777" Cjord Antcara Adelie, also known as Agent Snowshovel, Chub 777 or just Chub (1990-), is an adventurer from Club Penguin Island that is known for his surfing skills, being the owner of the C-Pengaberg and discovering the Lowlaw Islands. Chub is also known for being an astronaut for PASA, secret agent of the EPF and CSIA as well as an adventurer and thrill-seeker. Chub is part of the Adelie Family, a highly influential and affluent lineage with strong ties to the Culldrome Isles, is married to Careflower and has a younger brother named Buhc 777. As part of his grand adventures, he has saved Club Penguin and Culldrome on three occasions. He is an Adelie Penguin; and the numbers at the back of his name is his colony number: 777.

He has several theme songs - This one being Chub's main theme, this one being the fast paced theme and this one being his peaceful theme.


Early years[edit]

Chub "777" Cjord Antcarca Adelie was born during Colonial Antarctica, on December 12th 1990, in what is now South Pole City. He was born to Matthias Adelie and Blowey Adelie. Chub is an heir to a million coin fortune. This was made during Matthias' time as an Abbottess, which was the leader of Bluetower Castle, Blowey's time as a newspaper editor and their collective family inheritance. As a result, he was brought up in an upper classed lifestyle and sometimes makes fun of those less fortunate than him.

Chub has a younger brother named Buhc 777, who was born a couple of years after him. Buhc later grew up to be an airline pilot and a professional hockey player. Chub is also a direct descendant of Mark the Warrior. Mark was a famed warrior who lived and founded a colony on the Culldrome Isles. He was known as a courageous and brave penguin, playing a big part in liberating the isles from Ninja occupation, which occurred during the late 1800s.

As a young chick, Chub was always interested in adventures. He liked to pretend that he was an adventurer going on expeditions. However, his wild imagination has often landed him in a spot of trouble. Chub was also a clever chick, who learned to talk and write at an early age. He liked to read books, and from this he developed an interest in spaceflight as well as things such as hiking.

Early USA[edit]

In 2005, a few years after the USA was founded, his family moved to the newly established Club Penguin. They moved there since they wanted to experience a new life in a quiet area. However, Club Penguin soon became larger and began to expand. Disliking this, his parents moved back to South Pole City in 2006 where the Adelie Manor is located. His brother and himself, stayed at Club Penguin because they thought it was "a good island" and they did not want to move. Despite a young age, the two managed to get along.

Since he had no job, Chub began to hunt for one. As he looked for a job that suited him, he came under the surveillance of the PSA. Chub was, unknowingly, a good candidate to be a recruit. He looked for a job around the island and on the way helped and aided many in practically simple ways. The PSA was impressed and soon Chub was in contact with them. The PSA invited Chub to join the ranks, to which he gladly accepted. Buhc was also found to be a good candidate, and was also accepted.

The two underwent basic PSA training. However they had both demonstrated exceptional skills, so they also underwent more extensive training. The PSA found that they had chosen two good candidates. The two then began to go out on small missions, keeping the peace on Club Penguin. Chub also began on going on his own adventures. He started to delve in around the Club Penguin Mines and the mountains and forests surrounding the area. Life was all well in Club Penguin.

Chub had an adventurous personality. He liked to run off for a while and pretend that he was discovering something new. During one of these explorations, he met the (would-be) famous Explorer 767. The two got on well and Chub was used to his pranks. Eventually, as time wore on, they both grew together to be good friends. They would later serve during the Great Darktonian Pie War.

In 2007, Chub attended the Penguin University for his tertiary education. There, he learned many things. He learned how to survive in the wild and developed sailing skills. He also learned how to invent simple gadgets, just like his father. Chub achieved quite well in his education, especially in areas like science and math. After graduating, Chub wanted to continue his adventuring interest, as well as obtaining a job. At first he contemplated on becoming a sailor. Then he found out that he could become an astronaut, due to his credentials and skills.

At once Chub eagerly enlisted to become an astronaut at PASA. There were only a few who actually enlisted and an even smaller number actually qualified for being an astronaut. He learned how to fly before hand, being taught by his brother. Chub eventually successfully passed the rigerous tests with flying colours. His excellent skills, personality, traits and ties to the PSA were all large contributing factors to his application. He was then allowed to fly a Space Shuttle soon after; flying his first space mission in 2010.

Discovery of Lowlaw Island[edit]

Since Chub's family is rich, he used the large wealth and built a ship called the C-Pengaberg. Originally built to be sailed as a hobby, it discovered new land during it's maiden voyage. Chub discovered and named Lowlaw Island, in homage to Highlaw Island, where the ship was built. He founded a small colony and reported back to the mainland. Within a few months, the small colony started to grow, turning into a large port island and a via point for many ships. As he discovered the island, Chub became president and ruled the island. With his leadership, the island continued to expand and became a very thriving island. After several more sailing expeditions, it was later revealed that Lowlaw Island is actually part of an island chain.

On the 12th of May 2009, Chub resigned his job as a president, citing that he wanted to go on more adventures. He had done a great job and turned Lowlaw Island into the thriving port island it is today. With this, he set off, bound for new horizons.

The Great Darktonian Pie War[edit]

When The Great Darktonian Pie War broke out, Chub enlisted to join the cause and help in the fray. His assistance was not needed until during the later stages of the war. Chub was dropped into Ternville to assist with the battle there. His mission - to protect Ternville and, most importantly, the Narrator's Organ. Should the organ have broken, it would have severely changed the outcome of the war. Nevertheless, Chub aided the Good Guys, flinging Pies at enemies and defending the city.

After defending the city, Chub flies over to the Darktonian Realm to battle with other creatures and capture the place one and for all, defeating Darktan in the process.

The Epic Adelie Story[edit]

See Involvement.


Chub became an astronaut recently and flies missions for PASA. He is a good surfer and often surfs with his red puffle, Daniel Highwater. Even now, Chub travels around the Antarctica having adventures and discovering new things. One of his animal friends is Oh-Ho, a magical phoenix that comes from far away. Oh-Ho accompanies Chub during most of his adventures. Chub is also a highly ranked EPF and CSIA elite agent, performing missions for them on occasion.


Chub and his brother became involved in a long series of adventures, dubbed The Epic Adelie Story.

Club Penguin Super Villain Crisis[edit]

When Chub sneezed out an antibody, named Chub 667X, the antibody started attacking Club Penguin. The first attempt was actually an attempt to take over South Pole City that went wrong. It was attempted with the help of Herbert, Klutzy and a few other antibodies. A large laser was used to fire a laser at the capital of the USA, South Pole City, which was foiled by Chub and Buhc. Deletion Missiles were also hijacked to cause general havoc and distractions around Club Penguin.

Nightmare of Culldrome[edit]

During this second time, nicknamed Nightmare of Culldrome, Chub 667X enlists the help of the ninjas from Skulldrome and even the famed Swiss Ninja from Snowzerland. They all plan to attack the Culldrome Isles on the 10th anniversary of the Porcyal War. Their mission - find Porcyals and take over the world. Chub and Buhc then travel around the continent searching for information during the lead up to the attack. Afterwards, the two travel to the Culldrome Isles and are aided by Sonic Boom, an agent of the Culldrome Secret Intelligence Agency. Their journey not only takes them on a wild adventure, but also on a trip down memory lane, as their father explains their large and important family history. Along the way, Chub and Buhc also discover their future destinies; Chub was to be the Warrior of Bluetower Castle (just like his ancestor, Mark the Warrior) and Buhc was to be the Abbottess (just like his father). In the end, a large ninja assault rocks Culldrome City. Chub, Buhc and Sonic, along with some others successfully foil the evil plot, thanks to luck and Porcyals. In the adventure, Chub meets Careflower and falls in love with her.

Winter's Tide[edit]

Chub and Buhc both decide to go on a holiday to the Ninja Archipelago. The two go on a cruise bound for Castilla, which is unexpectedly taken over by pirates, lead by Cutlass and his gang. After failing to stop them, Chub and Buhc eventually reach Castilla and meet up with the Hochstadt Gang. They all stumble upon Daniel Highwater and Duncan Mistrol, two puffles who have escaped from the pirates before. They are soon captured again, but are then followed by the Adelie brothers and Hochstadt Gang, who team up, hoping to stop the pirates and rescue the two puffles. After many pirate battles on the seas, and after embarking with the C-Pengaberg, Chub, Buhc and the rest of the gang rescue the puffles. Chub's personal clipper ship is destroyed and sunk as the pirates escape. They are all eventually rescued, after which Dan chooses to become Chub's pet, and Duncan becoming Buhc's pet.

Battle of Culldrome[edit]

Chub, Buhc, Careflower, Dan and Duncan set off on their first quest together, looking for the mysterious swords of the Twin Heroes, the sons of Mark the Warrior. Hoping to complete the trio of the fabled swords, they travel across Culldrome and meet Joseph Andreev, a strong Ruscan miner in the Mossroam Forest. As this happens, the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome is formed and a civil war breaks out in the country. As the group venture to Snelten Island, they get embroiled in the political and military battles and find themselves delivering a powerful Porcyal bomb to Shadow City. At the last minute, they reroute to Culldrome City and drop the bomb, stopping a large scale Confederate mainland invasion and destroying half the city. Their bomber crashes and the group are captured by Chub 667X and Gravity as the Culldrom government is forced into exile and a ceasefire is put into place.

Shadow of Culldrome[edit]

Chub and his friends are forced to be pitted against each other in a battle to the death for the entertainment of the Confederacy but are soon rescued by Sonic Boom and several others, ending the ceasefire between Culldrome and the Confederacy. The war continues to escalate, necessitating the influence of other countries as the rest of Antarctica continue fighting the concurrent Frosian War. Chub, Buhc, Careflower, Dan, Duncan, Joseph and Sonic are placed into a top secret group, named the Super Seven, and embark on a series of heists and missions to turn the tide of the war. Their adventure culminates in a battle with Gravity, Chairman Dux, Solir Ryne'n, Chub 667X and Dr. Blowhole at the console of a Confederate mind control superweapon. Chub and Gravity duel against each other and (at first) Chub is wounded and activates the superweapon destroying all of Antarctica. Chub then learns of the secrets of the Culldrome Isles and Gravity from his ancestor, Mark the Warrior, before finding himself back in the duel, finally defeating Gravity and ending the war. Afterwards, Chub marries Careflower in Bluetower Castle.



Chub's iconic appearance has him wearing a black hoodie, a green and cream colored cap and a messenger bag. His natural colour is red but could sometimes be seen in black or blue. During formal occasions and other circumstances, he wears other clothes. Chub has hair growing on his head and can be seen when his hat is taken off. He claims the hairstyle was stolen from a rumored human in a far off land.


Chub 777's full inventory has too many items to be shown here. These are only the items in Chub's messenger bag and his pockets.

Chub 777's Pets[edit]

Chub has many pets, from puffles to phoenixes:

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


As an adventurer, Chub needs to know many things. This includes survival. Chub has enough "now-how" to be dropped in the wilderness and survive for a month. Part of being an adventurer is sailing. As a sailor, Chub has a wide knowledge of nautical terms and just general sailing. He also knows how to reef, furl and adjust the sails. Along with this, Chub also knows many knots and their uses.

As an astronaut for PASA, Chub knows many terms about spacecraft and space in general. Having also flown the Space Shuttle, Chub needs to know about RTLS aborts, pressing to ATO and flying the HAC. Chub has also passed strenuous tests in the shuttle simulator, passing higher than any other astronaut.


In addition to being good at his skills, Chub knows above-average science, astronomy and math. Even so, his knowledge is out weighed by Dorkugese penguins. Chub can think well, even in sticky situations. This allows him to do very well in EPF missions. It is believed that he inherited this trait from his father, who is also good at thinking. Chub is also a self-proclaimed "Master Gamer", having done well and beat high scores in many games.


Chub has a tendency to zone out when something gets boring. This includes long lectures and sitting on the launch pad, waiting for the Space Shuttle to launch. Due to this, Chub doesn't remember important aviation skills, including landing patterns at airports.

During long periods of work, Chub cannot go for long without drinking a hot beverage. This ranges from coffee to hot chocolate. Chub is usually seen drinking a hot drink while he is filing flight plans or studying information for EPF missions. Chub is often compared to Gary because of this.

Family Tree[edit]


Main article: Adelie Family


One Liners[edit]

  • What if you try SCE to Aux?
    • SCE to Aux anyone?
    • SCE. To. Aux. Now.
  • Onward to the horizon!
  • WHAT WHAT?!?
  • Good pancake batter, what happened?
  • (war cry) ADELIE POWAH!!! AHHH!!! *throws snowballs*
  • I punz you!
  • Er.. *turns to wall* Uh *turns to another wall* Umm *turns to audence* There we are! Hello!


  • Chub 777 (about to eat a pie):Ahhh..
Fred 676 DON'T!!!
Chub: Why?
Fred: You can't eat a mathematical figure!
*Chub looks at pie*
Chub: There's an air picture of Dorkugal on my pi (under breath:Happy now?)
*Fred nonds* Fred: My point.
*Chub bites pie, chews then swallows*
*Freds face turns red*
Chub: Uh o-
*Fred starts shouting out unsolvable mathematical questions*

  • Chub is in the Snowforts at Club Penguin caught in the middle of a snowball fight
Penguin 1: TAKE THIS!
Chub: Hey!
Penguin 2: TAKE THAT!
Chub: What's going o-
Penguin 1: EAT SNOWBALL!
Chub: Someone tell me whats-
*Chub is frozen by the Ditto*

  • Chub is discussing quotes with Buhc
Chub: See? *points to line above*
Buhc: We're not discussing quotes, we're discussing holiday suggestions!
Chub: We are now.
Buhc: ARGH. Give me that! *grabs Chub's IcePad and edits quote section*
<insert redirect here>

  • Chub is discussing holiday suggestions with Buhc*
Chub: You can't just edit that!
Buhc: I just did.
Chub: Fine then. *grabs IcePad and reverts edit*

<insert redirect here>

  • Chub is discussing quotes with Buhc
Chub: See? *points to line above*
Buhc: We're not discussing quotes, we're discussing holiday suggestions!
Chub: We are now.
Buhc: ARGH. Give me that! *attempts to grab IcePad*
Buhc: I thought you reverted the edit.
Chub: Yeah *smirk* I did.
Buhc: I'm going to the Travel Agency...



  • Chub claims his theme songs originate from far off lands:
    • Chub's main theme comes from a land called Sinnoh.
    • His fast paced/secondary theme originates from Johto.
    • And his peaceful theme comes from Unova.
  • When Chub 777 sees Mabel, he has a strong urge to throw a water balloon at her.
  • Chub prefers (and uses) Doors 7 rather than Peach OS
  • His codename used to be Agent Pie until Fred 676 got very angry at him. His new codename is Agent Snowshovel.
    • He now carries a snow shovel because of his namesake.
  • When Chub swings his shovel around very fast, lightning appears and anyone who touches the shovel is electrocuted. It is unknown how or why this happens.
  • He is a Type 4 Fourth Wall breaker.
  • Chub is very good at handling animals, be Puffles or birds.
  • He is a member of the Rollback Task Force
  • He has dual citizenship between the USA and the Culldrome Isles.

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