Chuck von Injoface

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Charles "Chuck" von Injoface
Chuck von Injoface.jpg
Mabel's great uncle and Flywish's puffle
Title The first von Injoface in Flywish's Army
Gender Male
Race White Puffle
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level 21
Status With Flywish
Location Anywhere with Flywish
Birth date 1936

Chuck von Injoface is a puffle owned by Flywish. He joined Flywish's Army and was named the first von Injoface member in Flywish's Army and is the 2nd oldest living puffle after his father, General Puff.


Born January 18, 1906 to Beth and General Puff, Chuck von Injoface was considered one of the meanest puffles alive. Chuck started out nice until everyone bullied him because of his heritage. He grew very depressed, and had a hard time living his life. His twin sister, Emilia, told him that in order to stop getting bullied, he would have to become a mean puffle. He listened, but became too mean and never got out of the act, and became a bully himself. He even bullied his mother a lot. Eventually she got sick of it and she made him live with someone who would want him before General Puff moved to the Space Colony. However, nobody would keep him for long, and would give him to another owner. This went on for decades. He then met Flywish who was throwing darts at a picture of Darktan II. He asked if Flywish would be his owner and he said yes. He then joined Flywish's Army as well.

Chuck had a strong dislike for other puffles, and generally stayed away from them. He finally decided that he would have to start a family after becoming an uncle. He met a woman, and had a daughter named Label, a daughter named Mandy, and a son named Richard. Chuck didn't like pranks, so he found Rick annoying and grounded him a lot with his wife.

One day Flywish got a new Puffle named Gruff. Gruff was friendly and enjoyed pranks, which irritated Chuck. Gruff wanted to be Chuck's friend but Chuck refused. One day he saw his daughter Mandy flirting with Gruff, and he was enraged. He forbade Mandy from seeing Chuck, but she didn't listen, and eventually Gruff and Mandy got married, which was the worst day of Chuck's life, and he refused to go to their wedding. Gruff would call Chuck "Dad" after this event which bothered Chuck to no end.

Eventually after two decades, Gruff and Mandy felt like their relationship wasn't working out and got divorced. Chuck threw a party to celebrate it, and invited many of his family members, such as Tars O'vian, Mabel XVIII, and Paul. Mandy was offended by this and refused to talk to him for weeks.


In 2015, Tars, Mabel XVIII, and Chuck von Injoface decided to beat up Matthew for dating a red puffle. However, Roller Chain intervened and they beat him up instead. Roller Chain was hospitalized and the three puffles were arrested. They all got 10 years in prison. Chuck was eligible for parole in three years. He has been visited by his children, but Flywish has not visited him. Chuck managed to keep his nose clean and was paroled on July 15, 2018, he went to confront Flywish for not visiting him and was punted by Xinston into a Liguria forest where he lives in isolation to this day.




  • Winston (He usually screams stuff at Winston that should never be repeated)
  • Zenny (He hates Zenny because he's a red puffle)
  • Director Benny
  • You
  • Xorai
  • Penelope O'vian

Favorite Family Members[edit]

Least Favorite Family Members[edit]



  • He calls Zenny Mr. Joy like Flywish does.
  • He does everything Flywish does.
  • He loves X and the City because of Flywish being in it.
  • He tends to make Director Zenny cry.
  • His real name is Charles, and his great-nephew was named after him.
  • He has a son named Rick von Injoface
  • He has an X-Antibody
  • He and his family live in a huge room with Flywish
  • He hates Gruff and was very happy when he heard he and Mandy divorced
  • He is the most violent in the Von Injoface Family along with his daughter Mandy von Injoface and 2nd cousin Princesa.
  • He is a Mary Sue. A violent mary-sue.
  • He despises all orange puffles except for his cousin.
  • He does not miss his mother at all because of what she did to him.


  • "BATTER UP!"

Chuck: Hey Gruff what's going on?

Gruff: Chuck, I'm having a problem

Chuck: What is it?

Gruff: My father treated me poorly as a child and I want to experience having a better father

Chuck: I could do that. You wanna play some catch?

Gruff: Sure!

Chuck: Ha! Too bad! It's not my problem. Find someone else!

Rick: Daddy! go pick up that weird looking ball!

Chuck: What is this?


Rick: HA HA HA! *runs away*

Chuck: I'm gonna get you!!!!!!

Flywish: Hey Chuck, I got a letter from General Puff!

Chuck: Oh woo!

Flywish: It says your mother died

Chuck: So what?

Flywish O_O

Chuck: My mother sent me away for being rude!

Rick: TEE HEE! *replaces Label's make-up with garbage*

minutes later

Label: Aaaaaaaaaah!

Chuck: WHAT!

Rick: HA HA!

Label: I've had it with Rick! I'm leaving! Tell Rick I will not miss him but I will miss everyone else

Rick: I heard that!



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