Circuit Valley

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Circuit Valley
A monument in Circuit Park, in the middle of Circuit Valley.
Map of Circuit Valley
Key details
Type Region
Level 1000
Location Southern Golden City
Inhabitants Penguins and puffles

Circuit Valley is a small region in Golden City's Business District, located in it's south. It is home to many regional offices and factories of different electronic companies. The area is named after the electronic circuits that are produced here. Circuit Valley is known for these offices and factories. The region has helped to dramatically boost the economy of Culldrome Yow and the Culldrome Isles after the Partition of Yow.


Beginnings and Losses[edit]

In 2002 a small area in Golden City's Business District was dedicated towards processor factories. This was phase one of a government initiative to turn Yow into a large electronics producing nation. The project also aimed to experiment with trading about in the electronics sector, which was a first for Yow. Although this would mean fierce competition from countries like Japaland, it would better improve on the economy of Yow. The original plan, nicknamed "Project Circuit", had 3 phases:

  • Phase One - The construction of an electronics manufacturing area in southern Golden City. This would laid down the ground work and see if the project was profitable. This phase was to be completed by 2005.
  • Phase Two - The construction of another electronics manufacturing area, but in northern Golden City. It was also to incorporate a large warehouse complex to store the electronics. This phase was to be completed by 2010.
  • Phase Three - The upgrade of the two existing manufacturing areas and the construction of a new one. An office that handled everything would also be built. This phase was to be completed by 2020.

If everything went well, there were more phases that were planned to be added.

The first area, mentioned in phase one, was named Circuit Valley, in honour of the circuits that were to be produced there and the project name. Several factories were built in Circuit Valley. The factories produced processors that were then exported to other countries. The factories also produced other electronics such as computers and phones. Although there were a few factories, it did not generate as much revenue as intended. In 2003, after a year of production, many financial groups indicated a very low profit, with some reports indicating a profit of only 2 million coins. Compared to the estimated goal of 500 million coins, with was very low.

The government was criticized for establishing Circuit Valley. Protests occurred, with many angry citizens stating that the land could be better used as a large residential area. Under pressure, the government decided the eventual closing of the area in 2020. However, after more complaints, the closure date was moved forward to 2015, and then eventually 2007. Many plans existed to convert the land to a large city block, consisting of many offices and towering skyscrapers. Project Circuit was also canceled, leaving behind phase one.

In the mean time, the factories operated at loss. However, when the Yowien debt crisis arrived, things started to look very grim. The factories, nevertheless, continued operating. Through the next few years, Circuit Valley managed to produce a stable amount of income. Eventually, profits were being made and many changed their opinion on Circuit Valley. It was believed that it would help Yow out of it's debt crisis, so the 2007 closure was canceled. Future plans existed of constructing large office blocks in Circuit Valley, which would be owned by many electronic companies.

Post Yowien War[edit]

By early 2013, Circuit Valley was very stable and normal. It produced many electronics, which were then shipped out to many countries. By now Yow had a tiny share of the electronics manufacturing industry; it produced 3.4% of Antarctica's electronics. The industry faced a lot of competition from other countries, but fared well. However, Yow was soon plunged into The Great Yowien War. Golden City was the first major target in the war. During the assault, most of the city was burned down and destroyed, including Circuit Valley. For the rest of the war, Circuit Valley was left untouched and lying in ruins.

Culldrome Yow was soon established over the former area and Circuit Valley was soon rebuilt. During the restoration, Circuit Valley was restored to it's former glory. Many new factory complexes were established. In mid-June 2013, plans were found in a nearby warehouse, which had been destroyed. The plans detailed the office blocks that were to be future installments in Circuit Valley. Culldrome Yow decided that it would be a good idea to continue with the future plans, so it went ahead. Many blocks of land were opened up for sale. Soon, regional offices of many large companies (including Peach and Snowtendo) began to open up.

Soon, the new factories and offices began to help the region economically. Not only did it match the same profits as before, but it exceeded by a large margin. Circuit Valley began to make an astonishing amount of money. This has helped the economy of Culldrome Yow and in turn the Culldrome Isles. Today, Circuit Valley is larger than it ever was and electronics production is now the major industry in Culldrome Yow.




  • Circuit Valley Factory Complex
    • Factory A - It is the same size as Factory B. It is a massive processor factory that makes important electrical components.
    • Factory B - It is the same size as Factory A. It produces devices and gadgets such as computers, phones and gaming consoles.
    • Factory C - This factory produces processors and electrical components.
    • Factory D - This factory produces hardware such as cables, wires and simple accessories.
    • Factory E - This factory produces devices like televisions, home systems and accessories.
    • Factory F - The newest factory, constructed in 2013. This factory produces electronic devices and gadgets. It also manufactures prototypes for many companies.
    • Management - This is a small, 20 floor building that contains offices that maintain and manage the factory complex.
  • Circuit Valley Central Management - A large 17 floor skyscraper. It houses the main offices for the area. It helps to manage and maintain the area and ensure that business is all well.
  • Circuit Park - A park located in the heart of Circuit Valley. It has a fountain in the middle and a sculpture of an electronic circuit.
  • Computer Block
    • Pentel - A 60 floor cylindrical skyscraper that houses Pentel's regional office.
    • ABC - The regional office of Antarctic Business Computers, or ABC. It stands 48 floors high and has a triangular shape when viewed from above.
    • PP - The regional office of Paulson-Penguin, or PP. It is 62 floors high.
  • Gaming Block
    • Snowtendo - The regional offices of Snowtendo. The massive video game manufacturer occupies a large office block that is 35 floors high.
    • ICEGA - The regional office of iCEGA stands at 35 floors high. The skyscraper is circular in shape when viewed from above.
  • Peach Inc. - This massive building houses the regional office of Peach. It is only 12 floors high, but the office occupies a whole street block and is the largest office in the area.
  • Micro Hard and Soft - The Micro Hard and Soft regional offices occupy two skyscrapers. The first building is 20 floors high and the next building is 45 floors high.
  • Sony Antarctica - The regional offices of Sony Antarctica. It stands at 62 floors high and rivals the Peach offices in size. The skyscraper also contains the regional offices of it's many divisions, such as games and household electronics.
  • iConnect - The regional offices of iConnect, the massive technological corporation. The offices occupy one long building. The building stands at 10 floors high, although there is a section which reaches up to 30 floors.
  • TEWT - This Circuit Valley TEWT office stands at 70 floors high and is the tallest skyscraper in the area. Lots of top secret technological developments and advancements are made here, with rumors of ultra speed internet being one of them.

Future Plans[edit]

There are currently plans to expand Circuit Valley. One plan in particular aims to turn Circuit Valley into something similar to a business park. The plan, which has been planned by the Culldrom government, aims to expand Circuit Valley's total land area by 30 square miles. It includes a plan for five more electronic factories (Factories E-I) to dramatically increase production of electronic devices and components. Many companies and businesses also want to purchase blocks of land for their offices. A block of land for a normal skyscraper costs around 1,250,000 coins, which is expensive compared to other parts of the city. In addition, the current Circuit Valley Management offices and Circuit Park are planned to be upgraded. The upgrades include expansions and environmentally friendly changes. In total, the whole plan is projected to cost 30 million coins, with at least 15 million coins paid by those who want to build office blocks. The plan is set to be enacted in 2016, with the whole project complete by 2022.

There are also several plans to construct two very large meeting halls. The halls are planned to be constructed by 2015. Circuit Valley management wishes to hold all kinds of conferences and meetings at the new venues in the future.


  • It is a loose parody of Silicon Valley.
  • There actually isn't a valley in Circuit Valley, with the surrounding land being flat.