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The Circular Campaign of the Shadow of Culldrome
Part of Shadow of Culldrome
Date April 8, 2014 - May 17, 2014
(1 month, 1 week and 2 days)
Location Culldrome Isles and Snowinian islands
Result Confederate Culldrome falls and is dissolved. Snowiny gains military power but it's economic is in shambles. The war was also a shock to the world as Snowiny managed to resist Zhouese and Snoss conquests and after only 15 days of fighting managed to kick them off the island. Snowiny enters it's Reconstruction Period with many new economic and political reforms, including military reforms.
Casus belli War began between Culldrome and the Confederacy of Culldrome and Circular Powers intervene on the side of Culldrome Isles.
All Confederate holdings dissolved.
The Allies -
Circles.png Circular Powers
FlagROSn.png Snowiny
MAI.png Margate
Amataria Flag.png Amataria
Terra Federation flag.PNG Terra Federation
The Confederacy -
Cicflag.png Confederacy of Independent Culldrome Confederate Allies -
Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
Asaina flag.png Zhou
FlagROSn.png Robert Smith
MAI.png Long Lee
Terra Federation flag.PNG Iron Toto
Amataria Flag.png Amigopen
Cicflag.png Chairman Dux
Cicflag.png Gravity
Cicflag.png Chub 667X
Asaina flag.png Wu Jiao
Snowzerland Flag.png Swiss Ninja

The Circular Campaign of the Shadow of Culldrome was the, as the name says, campaign by the Circular Powers against the Confederacy of Culldrome, which was at the time at war against the Culldrome Isles. Circular Powers, a few hours after war was declared, declared war on the CIC and intervened on the side of Culldrome Isles. War operations between the two nations officially began April 8, 2014.

This war was a shocker for the Circular Powers cause they were also at war against the NNM, Puffalia, Puffarus, Meilor Polaris and a Puffalian-puppeted state of Penland at the same time as alone fighting a world superpower and another great power, Snowzerland and Zhou, and also had to fight against the Confederate Culldrome. Snowiny had to fight a war on 4 FRONTS, one in the Southern Front against Puffalia, Puffarus and Penland, one in the east Snowiny against Snowzerland and Zhou, another one in the north against Snowzerland alone and one in the northwest against Confederacy. Despite easy victories against the Confederacy, Snowiny didn't easily succeed against Snowzerland and Zhou until late April when they strenghten against Puffalia and Puffarus, and since then Puffalia isn't a big threat to them due to their decline, which means they can devote more time to fighting Snowzerland and Zhou. Snowinians easily kick off the Snoss and Zhouese off their islands by early May and on May 17, war is over.


See main article: Shadow of Culldrome (Prologue)

Tensions have began between CIC and Snowiny ever since the Culldrome Civil War. Snowiny refused to recognize the existence of the CIC, mainly due to ongoing issues in their homeland at the time. Snowiny never dared to recognize CIC as that would most likely provoke rebel movements in Snowinian territories to also attempt a war that would end with them dominating over "former Snowinian soil". Snowiny, although, refused to help Culldrome in their civil war in January, but Snowiny was provoked into the war after Confederate ships marched near the Snowinian coast and also destroyed Snowinian merchant trips heading to the Ninja Archipelago and Culldrome. Robert Smith was outraged by this, and, Robert Smith was already planning to possibly enter the war to help their Culldrome allies. CIC ignored the warning by Robert Smith and they knocked over another Snowinian merchant ship, and in response, Snowiny declared war on CIC and Snowiny immediately called it's Circular allies for help. The allies had accepted and all the allies immediately mobilized their forces. The war had begun.

The War[edit]

Snowinian Theatre[edit]

The first battle Snowiny had to face was against the Confederates. Confederates have thought crushing Snowiny would be easy and occupying it would take less than a week, but Snowinians arrived in thousands and easily crushed the Confederates in ease, also because they only brought less than 50,000 troops. Confederate ships retreated back to their lands as fast as they could, followed by hundreds of Snowinian ships shooting the Confederate ones. Snowiny had won within 4 days in the battle.

April 8 - 12

The Snoss eventually arrived in north Puffepelago, and the war got intense at this point on. Snowinians devoted almost their entire military and equipment into fighting the Snoss. The Snoss were coming in few hundred thousands, marching onto the coast of north Snowiny. Snowinians intensively failed to defeat the Snoss and their troops quickly started retreating south, only to eventually meet the Zhouese troops, who also, after 8 days of fighting, completely made the southern part of Snowiny destroyed. Snowinians south and north started to move into the mainland, moving together with the Snowinian troops who were also retreating.

April 13 - 24

Circular aid eventually came, and the Berlintz Front was made in the east. The Zhouese and Snoss troops fought there against the Snowinian, Margatian, Amatarian and Terran troops combined on April 19. The number of failures the Allies had within the few days of battle could not have been counted. Snowinians were unorganized and soldiers were starving. Unable to continue war efforts, Snowinians retreated west, leaving the entire east and south of their country occupied.

April 23 - May 2

Confederate Culldrome forces started losing in the Culldrome Isles by May 1 and the Snowinians used this chance to attack Confederates still stationed in Snowiny. Snowiny achieved easy victories over them and there were no more Confederates on Snowinian soil. Snowinians now had to battle Zhouese and Snoss troops. Amataria and Margate were already being invaded by Zhouese troops and all the allies didn't have access to each other. Terra Federation was still left unharmed due to it's position, however, it has no way to get to Snowiny other than passing by the battlezones in the Asiapelago or going up north and passing by areas where Snoss ships go through.

May 2 - May 17

The Snowinian government issued war posters in papers and invited all penguins, regardless of gender, race and age, to attempt to help their Snowinian motherland in the war. Thousands of Snowinians applied to get ready to die to save their motherland. More aid started coming to the Snowinians by Culldromes, Margatians and Ruscans by May the 5th and Snowinian troops with ease kicked off the Snoss and Zhouese troops out of the island by May 13. Snowinian troops advanced into the waters, and arrived to the Culldrome Isles to finally combat against Confederate forces around their territory. Snowinian navy knocked off hundreds of Snoss and Zhouese kids on it's eastern coast, and the war came to an end on May 17, after the Confederate Culldrome fell and the Circular Powers and Snowzerland and Zhou came to a peace agreement, after both nations failed miserably in conquering each other.

Margatian Theatre[edit]

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Amatarian Theatre[edit]

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Margate, under the New Margate Order regime led by the newly elected President Frederick Mueller, quickly restored relations with Snowzerland and Zhou by investing in both nations, allowing them to pay up for most of the losses the Zhouese and Snoss suffered from Margatian-inflicted damages. Under Mueller, who wanted Margate to act as the chief mediator of peace in Antarctica, Margatian-Snoss/Margatian-Zhouese relations reached an apex as all three nations promised peace with each other, although peace with the Snoss won't last for centuries as Mueller predicted when he later went with war against Snowzerland during The Last Stand. The new government also realized that maintaining good diplomatic relations with Archipelago Union nations is also important and set off improving relations with Castilla, Frankterre and most difficult of all, Rusca. Mueller vowed to bring peace to the AU, and for a while that goal was achieved.


  • This is the second major war involving many nations Snowiny fought in the last decade, the first being the Great Snowzerland War VI.

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