Circular Defense Pact

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The Circular Defense Treaty
Author Snowiny
Country Snowiny, Rusca, Terra Federation
Language English
Genre Treaty and Proclamation
Publisher Snowiny
Published December 2013
Media type Defense
Followed by Moon Colonization Treaty

The Western Union
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Western Union
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The Circular Defense Treaty is a documented treaty written and published in December 2013 that promised partnership with Snowiny, Rusca and the Terra Federation stating that Rusca, Snowiny and Terra Federation "will act as protectors of each other", with Snowiny giving oil, gold, nickel and iron in return, as well as aiding the two countries in war. The treaty was signed and agreed upon by Robert Smith, Dmitri Smirnof and Iron Toto. Despite its early publishing it was not immediately effective as compromises still had to be negotiated - with the powers finally coming to final agreements in March 2014. It was rumoured that other countries wanted to involve themselves into the treaty after its sudden and surprise announcements, however it had been settled that the treaty would only apply to and between the three countries. However, that rule was removed after the Circular Powers were formed.

The treaty is revolutionary in the sense that Snowiny had gained massive defensive partnership that would secure their safety, whilst Rusca and Terra Federation benefited massively as well. Through the treaty, relationships between the three countries improved more positively than they already were and impacted neighbouring countries as well.


Robert Smith gave the treaty its simple name that calmly personifies how the countries in the treaty protect each other. The use of the word circular indicate an alliance in the form of a 'group', as groups typically huddle up to discuss matters in a circle. It also refers to the unmistakable shape of UnitedTerra, where Terra Federation is located.


The following negotiations were agreed upon by the three powers;


  • This pact served as the short-lived precursor to the new and much bigger Circular Powers (now known as the Western Union).
  • Rusca left the Circular Powers after they were formed. Sandila, however, later joined.