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Clank likes thinking.
Title Clank
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Mechanical Engineer
Health Good
Status Building
Location Shops Island
Birth date July 27, 1996
Occupation Inventor
Interests Science, Building, Inventing
Friends LMGT, Warning von Brown, John
Enemies People ignorant to science
Archetype Good

Clank van Nijmigen, more commonly known as just Clank, is an SIA builder, engineer and inventor who was born in Batavia. He has great interest in building and inventing new products. Clank also loves anything to do with science, frequently quoting scientific minds from long ago and doing scientific experiments for fun. He is good friends with LMGT, Warning von Brown, and John, all of whom are scientific personnel in the SIA. After Mito's departure from the SIA, Clank took over as one of the SIA's head inventors and scientists.


Clank was born to the van Nijmigen family on July 27, 1996, in a small village between Legendam and Schipol. As a chick, he took a keen interest in any and all types of machinery such as cars, trains and airplanes. He would spend lots of time on the internet researching all different types of mechanical devices and learning their inner workings in his spare time. During his time in elementary school, Clank would rather play with his toy machines in the sandbox than fool around and socialize with other chicks. His family was fairly well off, so Clank got to explore much of the Ninja Archipelago with his family, especially Frankterre, Puffle'and and Alemania, where over time he would learn to speak many foreign languages, most notably English.

After graduating from high school, Clank attended Club Penguin University to gain a bachelor's of science in Mechanical Engineering While he was at school, Clank managed to broaden his horizons and gained a great appreciation for and interest in computer science, taking as many programming classes as possible. Once he was done school, he returned to Batavia and worked for a shipbuilding company as an engine and propeller designer until 2014, when his talents were noticed by the SIA and he was given a job offer.

In 2014, during the height of the Frosian War, the Shopper government provided funding allowing Clank to move to Shops Island to become one of the head engineers in charge of machine design for the SIA. He spent his first months designing tanks, airplanes, and new ships for all branches of the military. His cunning and innovation did not go unnoticed, and after the war he ended up falling into good favor with many of the SIA's top personnel, namely Warning von Brown and John.

In the aftermath of the Frosian War, Clank was able to get himself transferred from a job specifically focused on engineering to a job more focused on general science and invention; this is what he currently does for a living. His innovations were key to assisting in the Liberation of Planet 1984, and his efforts since then have been greatly praised throughout the SIA's ranks, even in cases by Lavender himself.


Clank is a mild-mannered and generally quiet penguin who is often deep in his own thoughts about inventing new equipment or trying to figure out how things work. He prefers to work alone on engineering projects, and has stated multiple times that he does not enjoy being in charge of group projects. Clank owns one brown Puffle whom he affectionately calls "Ratchet", who diligently helps his owner work on projects in his spare time.


Clank's inventiveness and intelligence has proven invaluable to the SIA in pivotal conflicts such as the Frosian War and the Liberation of Planet 1984, where his innovative thinking was largely responsible for some of Shops Island's more creative military equipment which was very helpful in winning these conflicts in unique ways.


  • Clank can speak fluent Dutch, German, and French.
  • He hates the Governance for some reason.
  • He builds robots in his pastime.

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